1,000 SP Delegation Writing Contest Winner (Plus 3 Runners-Up Get 100 SP Each)

in contest •  7 months ago

There was an overwhelming amount of entries for the contest to answer the question "why is truth important?"

I didn't expect so many people to enter. There were over 40 entries, so it took me some time to get through, then evaluate and pick a winner.

Winner of 1,000 SP Delegation


Entry: The importance of TRUTH

There were other good entries, some of which are:

I've decided to award some additional SP to those three entries. Each will get 100SP.

SP will be delegated for at least week as I originally said.

Thank you all for entering. Enjoy the delegation for those who got it :) Peace.

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Amazing contest. I like your idea about sharing knowledge. Thanks a lot.

Sp is important on steemit. Very good idea.

Hi @krnel, your time and consideration towards taking positive actions for #steemit's growth and promoting quality is very much appreciated. We definitely need more people like you, with a hands-on approach towards progression.

It's great to see the winners, but as any contest, there should be transparency for why the winners, won i believe.

For that, there is no mention whatsoever for why you think the entries were that good and what from that made you select them for the winning position? And neither what made the other entries to qualify under the standards of the winner position?

You see, i read all 4 winning entries, and the most relevant from all 4 as per 'Why is truth important' is @baah's entry. He's clearly talking and referring to the title and keeps his post relevant to the topic, but it's not deemed as good.

On the other hand, @blackliberal's entry, presents a lot about what truth is (and what it isn’t) , a bit of history and who promoted/wrote about it(Protagoras, Socrates, Plato ect), and in what ways they did so, and just few lines about what actually should be the main of his topic: Why is truth important . -- why is it? His answer is the following, i quote: ''All truths are absolute. The truth will always be the truth. And its importance is the most fundamental element of our society'' (why? i don't know, it's still not mentioned yet, but at this point he's much closer to the topic than he is in the whole post);

''In this post-truth era, it is said that objective truth does not exist and that it is only a product of one person's culture. The truth itself has a transcendental value and is beyond human understanding, that is why we seek to get as close as we can to the truth, that is, we follow it. ) -- @baah continues. -- Here, if the truth is not objective, and has a transcendental value (which means it's always changing, thus it doesn't have a set in stone set of rules that is governed by) then the truth will almost never be the same for everyone, and more than that Not all truths are absolute therefore, then he contradicts himself in his own written paragraph.

Not to mention that the following paragraph is written twice in his post: ''In this post-truth era, it is said that objective truth does not exist and that it is only a product of one person's culture. The truth itself has a transcendental value and is beyond human understanding, that is why we seek to get as close as we can to the truth, that is, we follow it. We spend trillions and trillions of dollars on research to find out the truth. Whether through the scientific method, through reasoning and the use of logic, through religion, you name it. Unlike this, lies and misrepresentation of concepts are free and easy to use. Everyone has a lie to tell, not everyone will always tell the truth.'' . Or should i say copy-pasted? Cause here all i see are things copied from the bibliography he mentioned at the end of the post, but not really his thinking, his opinion.

So, why did this post even won the first place ?

And the other posts are mainly about the fact the lies are happening and and that certain actions/entities (which at the end of the post are broadly advertised) were created in order to try to do something about that. But the relevance of why it is important is almost diminished.

With the all the above mentioned, showing that the qualified entries could be better suited for a different approach of the truth topic, and perhaps there are better entries out there from all those 40, could you please tell me why The post i submitted for the contest, isn't related to the topic and what criteria doesn't meet to be a winner?
Thank you; and If you really took the time to read the comment till the end, please reply to it by writing the number ''37'' at the beginning of the comment. Thank you.

Edit: I upvoted this post for visibility.


Honestly, I liked yours, but you buy votes, and I don't support posts or users that buy votes. I should have mentioned that criteria, but forgot. It's still my choice to pick someone to delegate to, and people who buy votes are not in my book for getting my SP delegated to them.


I appreciate honesty, thank you for that. If you say I buy upvotes, then you refer that i do that on a current basis. Though if you'd look just a bit closer, you'll notice that this post (about the cop and the mentos) is the only one out of my posts i used bots; and that only time was yesterday at about 3am when nobody's really alive at that time, and burnt 0.6 sbd to see how things are working and to make a post about the insignificance of ROI at bots as it's not worthy anymore and people should get in line with focusing on their point of interest and start making some damn quality content. This is no cliche; please look through all of my posts, and especially through the comments i left to see what kind of person i am. There, you'll also see my advocacy against bidbots and of course against they ways Jerry Banfield is misleading everyone by trying to sell tap water and free peanuts. I'm against the type of people you despise as well, and more than that. If after going through all that you still think i'm that kind of person, then with all the honesty, please flag the shit out of my posts and bring my reputation to -5 (sorry for bad language). But if you see it's not the case, and i'm actually they type of person similar to the values you have, then adjust your position please, and give the post i wrote, the credit it deserves and to continue to make the right thing on steemit.

Why the truth important?

Because telling the truth helps create and consolidate relationships; because doing so you put yourself open and vulnerable for others to point a finger at you! But that, that makes you twice the man you are. Such people and truth, as i said: can steer societies. What i wrote in my post, is how i think, how i am, i didn't take that from a book or internet; but that's the man you're saying he's not worthy. But maybe he is, look through my posts, my comments.

And yes, it's entirely your choice to delegate and do what you feel with your influence. But this contest would be best if relied on merit and promoting quality so that you further set an example of good character for others to see.

Congratulations to the winner and the runners up! Thanks @krnel for hosting contests such as this. I will make sure to read each of the posts and give them a follow if I like it.

Wow amazing rewards! Great contest too, with great content:)

Congratulations to the winner!
It is the great post indeed.

Thank you so much!!!

This was a great contest also I would like to congratulate other entries such as @baah @practicalthought @commonlaw they were really great :D


Congrats for winning, I will check out your post.

I am smacking myself for missing this one! Congrats to the winners!! I know @practicalthought is on a steemcation of sorts right now FYI if you don't hear from him about this. Just wondering, will you be holding any more contests?

Congratulations to all the winners and i hope and wish that these one week delegations can bring effectivity to some extent to you'll. @krnel i want to appreciate you for this kind of work and keep up the great work.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

A good opportunity to earn some sp. Thank you @krnel