Writing Contest for 1,000 SP Delegation

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I powered up 2,000 SP recently, and decided to delegate some more to people who share similar goals. I will pick some topics and make writing contests for them. If you win, you get 1,000 SP for at least a week.


The first topic will be...

Why is truth important?

Write as long or short as you want. The more you explain a topic well and accurately, the more chances you have at winning as I see it.

You can add whatever tags you want.

Make sure to add your post entry as a link in a comment below, or else I won't know about your entry ;)

Contest entries will get an upvote from me, but the percentage will vary on the quality of the information and work done.

You have 1 week to enter, until the end of Friday night, June 15th 2018.

You can resteem this post to get the word out and allow more people to enter, if you want to.

You can optionally add the tag #krnelcontest, but it's not required.

Good luck everyone!

Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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Best wishes @krnel
Here is my link posting in order to participate in your contest:


Hi, bud :) this is my entry! It was a challenging one since I love this topic with all my heart hope you enjoy reading mine!


Hi @krnel, thank you for giving us the chance to think and to filter our values. This is my opinion about why truth is meaningful and important in our lives. I'd appreciate your critical thoughts about it. Thank you. https://steemit.com/krnelcontest/@viog37/why-is-truth-important

Resteemed and will promote in week 11's Pay it Forward Curation Contest Post in a couple days. Would love to see one of the curators of the PIF contest win this.

Thanks, all entries are welcome ;) I will have my work cut out for me lol

My entry for this contest is https://steemit.com/freedom/@akdx/why-is-truth-important-or-philosophy-of-life.
I hope you will consider it.

I see what you did there = )

Uh oh, what did I do now?

Great contest @krnel here is my entry: https://steemit.com/krnelcontest/@beggars/why-is-truth-important-as-a-parent - I'll also resteem so others have a shot at entering as well.

Here is my entry for the contest!

A few questions please.

I am losing my access to the net in a couple of weeks. How soon would you be awarding the prize to the winner?

Second question: If it would end to late for me, if i was to win would I be able to pick another in my place for you to designate the SP in my place?

Hope you won't be down for to long.

Thank you. Will be probably 2 weeks, but possibly closer to 3. I will have to adjust my time here as well, as I will be reunited with my other half after being separated for 9 months, as well as I will be going back to work for someone else for a bit. I will find a way though to put in some time here as I am viewing my efforts here to be both setting up my retirement in lots of .002 drips of SP along with the awesome ability to show acts of kindness to others one upvote at a time.

Yes, if you want it delegated at another time, I could do that.

Ok, thanks for clarifying. I submitted before your answer, as it hit me there would be no way even if awarded immediately, and had called for it to be awarded another if allowed. If chosen and you would prefer it this way, awesome. I have grown addicted to renting delegation and having the slider to interact more. It is hard to fathom how I ever managed with only 10 dust votes daily, lol.

Your balance is below $0.1. This is your 2nd notification that your account is running low and should be replenished.

Hello @krnel, I am very happy to hear this problem, something that really cheer me up, because it's like a challenge, yes you have made a challenge for some people so he wrote, that's something good in my opinion. And this time I tried to write about it, and of course I also learned to write, I hope you see this and remind me if it is wrong. Thanks, and this is my postal link :



Wicked cool opportunity - I'll take a crack at it - hope you have a great day. All the best - E.

@krnel thank you so much for this contest with us and in my opinion it's also an great initiative to help others through 1 week of delegation. Keep up this amazing work and kindly find my piece for this contest below.


Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

The subject matter is very nice. I appreciate and try to participant, despite on being busy in next week.

Here is my submission in case you will allow me to have you give the delegation to another.


Please award the prize to @conradt if it qualifies. Thank you for all you do here on the platform to lift others up.

This is generous of you @krnel.

@gavinci13 @noreen @artgirl I think you better check this out.

Perfect! Thanks. 👍

Hi krnel, thanks for making a glorious contest
this is my entry for this contest


it's so cool contest. will join it
thank you sir for your kindness

this is my writing to enter the contest write "Why is truth important?"


Have a nice day Brother

@krnel I resteemed your post when I first discovered it.
Here is my entry for submission: https://steemit.com/truth/@rebeccabe/why-truth-is-important

Look forward to giving this a whirl thanks! Resteemed.

Thank you for making a great contest
this is my entry for this contest sir

A good contest such contest give courage to beginner.

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This is so kind of you and awesome initiative.
Very appreciated @krnel

This sounds cool bro... Truth is my favorite subject, it will allow me to wax philosophical!

Excelente iniciativa. Aquí dejo mi entrada

Hello @krnel, I found this resteem by @darkhorse, it is very interesting contest. I will re-steem it for more visibility and I will participate in the contest as well. Thank you

Hi @krnel. I am @furqanzedef, a steemian from Indonesia. This is my entry about Why is Truth Important. I wrote this article in two languages which are Indonesian and English. The idea of the text based on view. I hope this could be the best for every reader. Thank you.

Thank you for the contest and here is my official entry @krnel : https://steemit.com/indonesia/@el-nailul/why-is-truth-important-d19cb3d025e83

thank you and best regards

I was reading this quickly that I read "why is Trump important". I was thinking is that really the topic? I read it again and.... 😁

Amazing initiative and 1000 SP is really effective amount for one week and newbies or minnows can get good returns after one week if won. I am looking forward to it and thanks for sharing this contest with us. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Fantastic idea, krnel! Absolutely love it. I wrote an essay about being a "truther" and being "right" yesterday, before I even saw this contest. Wish I had known. But, actually, I do like this little essay I wrote just for you better:


Thanks for doing this!!! Glad I saw it just before the deadline!

Hope I still get a chance to join the event 😉
This is my entry:


Thank you and have a nice day 😊

@krnel did you end up choosing a winner for this great contest yet?

Not yet, I have a few left to read. Just opened the last few in my browser now. There was an overwhelming amount of entries :/

Completely understandable mate. I did see a lot of entries, no rush. Just curious as I sometimes miss things in my feed.