The Steemit Creative Curation Show with Shane and Isaria // Episode 40 this Sunday Night // Submit Your Creative Post for a Chance to be Curated and Promoted During the Show!

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The Steemit Creative Curation Show with Shane and Isaria

Join me and @swelker101 as we sing horribly for no reason, randomly yell at each other, conduct the airing of grievances, and promote posts by talented, creative Steemians!

We promote as many posts as we can during the show and choose 10 submissions to curate!

I'm thankful for everyone who takes the time to submit something each week. All the submissions are fantastic and I can never decide which ones to I make my cat do it.

Jeffy the cat loves your submissions

Submit Your Creative Post for a Chance to be Curated and Promoted During the Show!

You can submit your Steemit link here in the comments.

Please make sure that your submissions are original, creative works (music, art, fiction, poetry, etc).

We will promote as many submissions as we can during the show. Those in the audience chat get priority.

10 posts will be curated using the MSP-Curation account, and the MSP-Music account!

Curations will take place the day after the show (Monday) so make sure your submission is within the payout time frame!

The deadline for submissions is Saturday June 2nd at 11:00 PM CST.

Here's What We Promoted During Episode 39

Die Acharai [DE/EN] by @patschwork

Myths & Legends Contest Week 1- The Medusa by @akarantain


LA FUERZA DE LA IMAGINACIÓN. by @razielmorales

Drawing beautiful Galaxy Mermaid
by @xioprato

"The ode" (poem) by @seifiro

Et Cecidit Angelus by @eliu

colorpencil painting 🎨 by @li-art

Charcoal painting , Parakeets 🎨 by @adip

🎨 Mr.M Art Contest #6 ✏️ / Reinterpretation: Alice trapped in your mind! by @dusoleil

Diamond Eye. Music from a Sedated State
by @soundwavesphoton


Please join us for Episode 40 of The Steemit Creative Curation Show this Sunday Night 6-7 CST!

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Hello @isaria here's my link...
Wishing myself all the best.


Your work never cease to amaze me. I still need to do that interview. I need to find a way to record on discord voice channel. Hope to see you on Sunday night though.


You're also awesome and it's great to see your writeups pop up in quite a lot of meaningful places.... Thanks for the beautiful compliment, I'm actually looking forward to the interview, guess it's going to be cool.
See you on Sunday, but please what's the Nigerian time? Wouldn't want to miss out. @warpedpoetic


12am Nigerian time, I think.


Thank you, I'll be there

Hey guys! I'll be joining you this sunday.

This is my latest watercolor painting.

I wouldn't dare miss this opportunity.... I'm making sure to drop my link tommorrow once i make my new post; thanks lots @isaria

Nice to meet you sis @isaria
I see your blog in post @ steemmonsters that you have joined him.
this is my first entry with you. :))

good luck to everyone

hi @Isaria, my entry is my latest song titled "Empanada.trap". Is a trap song about my favorite food: Empanada. Is a frited pie made of corn fluor and fill with meat, cheese or anything. I hope you like it!

Of course my mini-art contest is not very talented, but it evokes very cute feelings from movies seen in my childhood :)
By the way, too, you can participate in the guessing of movies

Here's my submission! It's an original song called Billy's Song that I wrote after my uncle committed suicide. Hopefully DSound will work for you, if not I have the MP3 I can send you! Can't wait to hear the show and see all the awesome creativeness! ;)

Thank you very much for this opportunity! Here is my entry ❤


Your arts is very cute) Great job


Thank you ❤❤❤

You just upvoted my post and i decided to check out your blog. Thank Goodness i did... I am so lucky to find this post... I Have this drawing i am working on, I will deliver tomorrow...



Just awesome


I like broken things

Hola a toda mi gente de Steemit! Esta es mi publicación de esta semana. Espero le guste.

Late timer but I struggled with ipfs yesterday. Post includes song, video, photoshoot and even a watercolour painting. So whichever category fits I would be honoured. It is slightly darker to what I have posted so far so I think you may like it.
off the lane - by priscilla Hernandez (

Aqui les tengo un retrato mio. Espero les guste.