Be Like A Rock Star & MAKE UP WORDS Vol IV: Fun & Easy 1 SBD Contest!

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Have you ever hung out with a rock star? I haven't either, but I did used to kick back with someone who later became a rock star. One thing about rock stars (at least that I have noticed), they love to make things up. Especially new words. That's right! It doesn't only happen as a result of their unintelligible singing. 

Enough with the backstory and on to the moment you've all...okay on with the contest. 

What Are The Rules?

There's primary rules and secondary ones. Which do you want to hear first? The primary? Okay you got it! The primary rules are as follows: Upvote this post then enter your new word in the comments. 

It's As Easy As That: Except For The New Word Part

And that's where the secondary guidelines (more than rules), come in to play. Find them copied here from the last contest.

 There are rules to making up, I mean creating new words. 

  1. You can't use Onomatopoeia.
  2. Pig Latin is off limits.
  3. Spoonerisms won't count. Neither should they be uttered here!
  4. Languages besides English are allowed, though ideas may get lost in frust...translation.
  5. No vulgarity, suggestion, or attempts at hypnosis of any sort. 
  6. There shall never, ever be any stealing, copying, or plagiarizing of another Steemian's hard thunk words.
  7. Combining words is acceptable, unless the judges don't like them. 
  8. Creating new words is fun until it isn't, so think hard, but know when to quit. 
  9. (New Rule) Upvoting this post isn't necessary, but just remember who the judge is. He will remember you!
  10. (New Rule) No bickering among contestants. This hasn't happened yet, but let's not let it start. 
  11. Sometimes, very rarely, new words turn into concepts that become actionable ideas and then make a huge difference in the world. It's okay if that happens here.

Previous Contest Words & Winners

The words are a blast and the winners are, well winners. They are also a little bit wealthier in SBD. So far each contest has seen no more than 2 entries. The judges don't want choose one Steemian over another. That wouldn't be nice at all. 

Though the entries have been few, the funny factor has been high. Steemians are taking this opportunity to MAKE UP WORDS for a number of different reasons. There's nothing in the rule.. er...guidelines about that! Ready for a good laugh? Check out the words in the earlier contest posts: 

Wannabit & Minnow-it-all - Winners Of The MAKE NEW WORDS Contest!

Be Like A Rock Star And Create Your Very Own Brand New Words!

Be Like A Rock Star And MAKE UP WORDS!: Volume II 

Be Like A Rock Star & MAKE UP WORDS! - Vol III: Easy .5 SBD Contest!

Ready To MAKE UP WORDS? Get Set.......GO!

To help get you started, here are the words from last weeks entries. They should get the creative juices pumping!

  • Minnow-it-all. A minnow who gives advice about Steemit like they are a whale. (no shade to any minnow). And they write articles like; How to be a whale on Steemit. How to make your posts go viral. etc. Yet they aren't making any viral posts. @jeanwandimi.
  •  Wannabit- (noun) One who wishes he was involved in Bitcoin but is not. Example- Jamie Dimon: "Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme. Cryptocurrency is worthless" John: "Don't listen to him, he's just a wannabit who wishes he got in on crypto earlier". @aaronburt

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Jacko-steemer: a minnow who reads a lot on how to make viral post on steemit and even imitate the big whales tags..yet he has not blown


Bravo. Another word emerges out of the mangled mass of creation. Lol.

Thanks for entering @donaldpete. It sure would be nice to spout!

Slackarsian: (noun).
A blogger who creates short posts and is flabbergasted by lack of interest or reward.


Oh I know. We should be able to just write, "All Rock On!" and make $100 per post. Lol. I'm such a slackarsian. :/ :)


Rock on.... it’s a nasty disease rocking the world right now... slackarsia’s disease

Crelater: someone who always has aspirations to be a content creator(usually boasting about their soon to be popularity) but who always puts off the work to a later date that never arrives.


Oh yes. That sounds kinda like inalittlewhile. Lol.

Great entry. What does omegaultimatum mean? Lol. Maybe use that one for a future contest?

Thanks. Peace. :)


Haha, but of a story behind that one. But yeah, maybe next time.


Hehe. I thought there might be a story. :)

that's a cool contest! i don't have my head well wrapped around creating stuff lol. maybe ill come back to it later :)


I know what you mean. On the first two contests, there were no New Words yet. I had to come with the first ones to kick things off. I sat there thinking for a while. :)

Steewan (Pronounced Stevan)- A Padawan of a steem whale.
pass the secrets , the jedi will.


I shall pass on that which I know and that which I learn for it flows through all living creatures.

Hey. Don't forget to call your mom. :)


Damnit! I forgot

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Glad to have been featured there. Cheers!


Thanks again @jeanwandimi. Couldn't have done it without you. :)

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