Be Like A Rock Star & MAKE UP WORDS! - Vol III: Easy .5 SBD Contest!

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Huge high 5's for our two initial split winners of the MAKE UP NEW WORDS Vol II contest. @iamai and @amberyooper have set the bar and lifted the contest off the ground! And just in time. Thinking up the first two NEW WORDS all by my lonesome wasn't easy!

Will One Of Our First Two Contestants Keep The Title, Or Will NEW TALENT Arise?

The stakes are, well they are .5 SBD, which isn't high. Not yet anyway! But hey, who couldn't use an extra .5 SBD in their wallet. And all you have to do is think up some stupid, funny, insert adjective, brand spanking NEW WORD!

Rules Copied Over From Vol I: With A Couple Additions (Why Does There Always Have To Be More Rules?)

There are rules to making up, I mean creating new words. 

  1. You can't use Onomatopoeia.
  2. Pig Latin is off limits.
  3. Spoonerisms won't count. Neither should they be uttered here!
  4. Languages besides English are allowed, though ideas may get lost in frust...translation.
  5. No vulgarity, suggestion, or attempts at hypnosis of any sort. 
  6. There shall never, ever be any stealing, copying, or plagiarizing of another Steemian's hard thunk words.
  7. Combining words is acceptable, unless the judges don't like them. 
  8. Creating new words is fun until it isn't, so think hard, but know when to quit. 
  9. (New Rule) Upvoting this post isn't necessary, but just remember who the judge is. He will remember you!
  10. (New Rule) No bickering among contestants. This hasn't happened yet, but let's not let it start. 
  11. Sometimes, very rarely, new words turn into concepts that become actionable ideas and then make a huge difference in the world. It's okay if that happens here.

NEW WORDS Thunk Up By Steemians So Far...

To date, we have 4 NEW WORDS made up by adventurous Steemians. Indulge your eyes and mind on the manifestations below:

#1 Procryptonate

(verb) This is the act of failing to buy or sell cryptocurrency when you knew it was the right time. It may also refer to lagging on posting here on Steemit. Used in a sentence: If I didn't procryptonate so much, I could make a ton of cryptocurrency on Steemit! @inalittlewhile 

#2 Steemarium

(noun) The entire group of members here on Steemit, as seen from the perspective of an outsider, looking into a terrarium. Used in a sentence: Have you checked the Steemarium today and made sure they're all fed? @inalittlewhile 

#3 Vlegger

(noun) A person who uses a vlog to beg for money. @iamai

#4 Zoosic

(noun) The term for musical sounds of animals in a zoo. @amberyooper

#5 Your Entry Goes Here! 

Lonely Old Spot. :( @???????

Ready? Set? GET YOUR NEW WORDS ON & A Shot At .5 SBD NOW! 

Flex that brain power and type em out! Put them down in the comments below. No NEW WORD is too small, or too, dumb, or too stupid. All NEW WORDS are welcome! Can't think of anything?.....

That's Okay. Your Support With An Upvote & A Comment Will Keep This Contest Alive! Or Better Yet, Help Raise The Stakes! 

Enjoying The Work By Myself, @inalittlewhile? Show Some Love With A Follow & A Resteem!

In Full Support & Appreciation Of The #Steemitbloggers Channel & @appreciator On The @discord App

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Wannabit- (noun) One who wishes he was involved in Bitcoin but is not. Example- Jamie Dimon: "Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme. Cryptocurrency is worthless" John: "Don't listen to him, he's just a wannabit who wishes he got in on crypto earlier"


Hey there @aaronburt and thanks for entering the Make Up NEW WORDS contest!

Lol. You aren't going to wanna be a wannabit a year from now. Nice word! :)


Haha true. thanks!

nice contest here ^^ too bad I really can't think of a good word. their submissions are really nice though!


Hey that's ok @kdee916. Sometimes my brain just stops working altogether. A complete halt to the creative juices. Feel free to come back and leave one, if you happen to think of one. And thank you for taking the time to comment. :)


I will definitely put it up when I think of one! Hopefully before the post's deadline. :3

I have seen all kinds of contests on Steemit but this is the most fun. Love all the new word especially steemarium LOL XD


Awww thanks. 😊

You should come back and enter a NEW WORD! We only have 1 contestant so far this round...

Hey @inalittlewhile I love those entries.

  • Minnow-it-all. A minnow who gives advice about Steemit like they are a whale. (no shade to any minnow). And they write articles like; How to be a whale on Steemit. How to make your posts go viral. etc. Yet they aren't making any viral posts.
  • Strollers.- Trolls on Steemit

Hahaha. I love them both. Which one should you go with for the contest? I saw minnow-it-all! So good. Thanks for your NEW WORD entry and contribution to the new contest! 🤣


Thanks @inalittlewhile Iove the first one :) Cheers!

This post has received gratitude of 1.00 % from @jout


Thank you for supporting the contest @jout! :)

This is a great idea and definetly something different.


Hey thanks. Where's your NEW WORD? Lol. 🤔
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