Be Like A Rock Star And MAKE UP WORDS!: Volume II

in humor •  10 months ago

The pilot edition of Be Like A Rock Star And MAKE UP WORDS laid bare the power of the blockchain for all Steemian eyes to see! 

A Blockchain Is A Stamped Record In Time!

That means when you make up new words, no one can steal them. For you have both testimony and recorded proof of your invention. 

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!

It's time once again to REV UP your engines, spark the brain cell's connections, and contribute to the maelstrom.

Total First Edition Entries 0 - No SBD For You!

Zero entries? One brave soul left a comment, but found no New Words forthcoming. No entries means the .5 SBD I didn't offer in the first edition, won't be awarded! But it will henceforth.

I, @inalittlewhile, HEREBY DO DECLARE that one shining example of a master word manipulator will take home the incredible award of .5 SBD. Your contributions, or lack thereof, will determine whether the payout amount rises or dwindles away.


Fools Think It's Easy To Make Up Words!

Go back to the top and click on the link to the first edition post. There you will find the rules of engagement. Flub it up and you'll be tossed into the maelstrom of eternal chaos. Or maybe chuckled at, and quickly forgotten about. Get it right and create the opportunity of LAUGHTER! You also have a shot at .5 SBD, but laughter is better. 

Keeping The "Make A Word" Ball Rolling

Ok. Because there were (clears throat) ZERO entries in the first edition, I'll start it off again. We are on word #2. To check the first word and brush up on the rules, CLICK HERE

#2 Steemarium: (noun) The entire group of members here on Steemit, as seen from the perspective of an outsider, looking into a terrarium. Used in a sentence: Have you checked the Steemarium today and made sure they're all fed? 

#3 ???????.....

Good Luck & May The Best Wordcrafter Win!

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I make up words all the time and ideas, even on blockchain when they get jacked there are no laws so welcome to the dystopian amoral playground of wordsmiths @battleaxe...I wrote this, grrrr ;)


Lol. Vent on @battleaxe (great job branding that profile name btw).

It's already happening. I see it all around. WHY CAN'T I PATENT MY IDEAS?

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I guess I'll put my entry here.

The word is Vlogger: a person who uses vlogs to beg for money.


Hello again @iamai. :) The way the contest is running, you may win .5 sbd by default! But if that's what happens, that's ok.

You'll win the coin and be featured in Volume III of "Be Like A Rock Star & Make Up Words."

Oh yea! :)


I'll let it run the 7 days till the post pays out. :)


I will also correct your word to vlegger, as I know that's what you meant it to be. :)


Yes, I meant vlegger. Thank you.

The word is zoosic, it is the term for musical sounds of animals in a zoo.


Oh joy to the world a word is born! You just made my day. I have heard the symphony of zoosic, while spending an entire day at the San Diego Zoo!

Your entry is duly noted, witnessed, and you have been added to the running for the top prize of .5 SBD! :)


Actually, zoosic is not a new word. But you have given it a new meaning (and it's not valid playing Scrabble). So in the spirit of Steemit adventure and open territory, I'm gon' let it slide. :)