Recommend A Favorite Freewrite Poem and Win! # 10

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A Favorite Freewrite Poem

Recommend Freewrite Poetry is now a weekly event at the Freewrite House.

So many of you are gifted poets and sometimes, we don’t find all the wonderful poems. As always, all of us together are going to be so much better. We see more poems and all of us have different tastes and opinions. We like to hear them!

Win, Win, Win!!!

You Tell Us about your favorite Freewrite Poem for a Chance to Win Memberships in Steem Basic Income.

This week’s sponsors are


Thank you so much!!!


  • 2 x 1 SBI share sponsored by @curie

  • 2 x 100% upvote from the Freewrite House (at the time of posting ~ 0.10)

Winners are chosen by random drawing.

We want to make it super easy for you. Your task is to tell us in the comment section about one - or more- freewrite poems of others you have read in the last week you really liked. Not your own!!

Please make sure to search beyond the #freewritepoetry and #freewritepoetrydigest tags. Not all poets use them and we want to find them all!!!

Remember the comment must be at least 50 words long - no upper limit!

In an ideal world, you also give that person a nice upvote - but we are not going to check on that.

So, to be entered into the drawing, tell us about a Freewrite poem you really liked and why.

The Rules

This is what you have to do for your chance to win:

  • Find a Freewrite Poem
  • Leave us a comment as specified above
  • The comment must have at least 50 words
  • We will let you know if your comment is accepted and give you a number.

Here are a couple of free word count tools:

At 8 PM Pacific time the Saturday after the publishing of this post, we will close the contest and draw the winner through a random number generator.

The winner will be announced and sponsored the same day.

Finding a Freewrite Poem

If you are not familiar with the daily freewrite prompt and the many wonderful writers who produce the most amazing 5-minute (or sometimes much longer) Freewrites, go to @mariannewest and look for the prompt. The graphics look like this


In the comments, you find lots of links to all kind of Freewrites and Freewrite poems. We are asking the poets to use the #freewritepoetry or #freewritepoetrydigest but not all do. Search high and low for those wonderful poems.

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Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

Basically, when you have a share, you get a regular upvote from Steem Basic Income. The more shares you have, the bigger the upvote.

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I found this beauty by @pixiehunter a couple of days ago and since nobody jumped on it, to feature, I'm gonna do it. The prompt was feeling the love and these few lines that @pixiehhunter put together shot straight to my heart. It's a must read poem and now that @pixiehunter has been nominated into the Over 💯 Club, it's a must upvote poem. Have a great weekend. 💕

Good afternoon, I would like to recommend @psi1826 with his freewrite
"I would like to be by your side" in Spanish.

I have been reading the writings of this young man and I find great potential in him, it is his lyrics you can find the strong emotional charge that is needed to convey a mood, this poem is somewhat obscure in some parts, but it clearly makes us fly with him by imaginary worlds in which you could dance with death, seen here more as a lover, embracing misery at the same time, sometimes he seems to be inspire by a woman, you could see that he necessarily feels what he writes and once taking the feather continues to evolve.

I have read his poem several times in a calm manner and I have ended up convincing myself that he has talent that seems to be innate, that is why I suggest you to support him in order to read more of his poems in the future that I consider of great value for this platform.


I found a beautiful poem by @kimberlylane on yesterday's prompt, feeling the love. Maybe it was a poem about the civil war or maybe it was a poem about how we feel about the civil war. In these days of tearing down statues, in the darkness of night. Or trying to erase history that's not taught in school anymore. Crack a book, before you jump on a bandwagon. Learn things! Nice work @kimberlylane

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On this occasion I would like to recommend a poet whose verses are really soft, nothing complicated, the clarity of his language does not lead to interpretation is direct and concise, in this poem he applies a reasonably well accented reiteration, his words leave a free feeling, Like the cool breeze, like after taking a sip of ice water on a warm afternoon, the link in your poem is:

There is never a shortage of beautiful poems with @tezmel. She wrote a poem with many question about life that I ask myself at times. Her last stanza of this thoughtful poem is one thing that I wish for every single day. Please read her poem, "How Is It?" and send her some love.

5 @whatisnew

wandrnrose7 is asking to make sure that the poems are actually written using a freewrite prompt as a base and not just using the tag to get upvotes..... :)

Thanks for informing me about this. I had no idea. What threw me off was when the word "socket" was used and I thought of the word "plug."

No worries. And I need to include it in the prompt more visible. As always, people are not always aware of what the tags are for and use them all over the place. Janelle sounded frustrated - not with you but with people using the tag. She goes through all of the poems and tries to figure out if they are actually a freewrite or not. I suppose we could not worry about that but we kind of want to support people who actually are part of the community - there are a lot of initiatives for poets out there and most have way more $ power behind them than we do...

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