Name Drop Showdown #3!

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Nominate an underrated steemian and you both could split the SBD rewards of this post 50/50!
Every valid entry gets a complimentary upvote from yours truly as well.

What constitutes as a valid entry?
You simply have to follow the rules. They're easy. But you gotta start by reading them.

What constitutes as an underrated steemian?
Anyone that posts good content, but has not been getting the attention or rewards they deserve.
Artists, poets, photographers, philosophers, chefs, educators, nice folks who do nice things, you name it. I encourage you to search the #introduceyourself tag, if you're stumped on who to nominate. Let's give them a warm welcome and a little boost to get them going!
[This is an image taken from @patschwork's page, a great example of a highly underrated steemian. Please check her out and show her the love she deserves. Since I am not allowed to nominate anybody, she's up for grabs. First come, first serve!]

What's the point of this?
I want us to all support each other, and not just ourselves. I want us to actually enjoy the content we consume on Steemit, and to be able to reward the creators with more than just our one tiny vote.

So here's how it works:

1) Find an underrated steemian(not yourself), copy and paste one of their images, an excerpt from their writing, or just a little blurb about why you think they're great, with a link to their recent blog post or profile.
2) Upvote this post.
3) Resteem this post. (This is optional, but crucial for increasing exposure for the contestants and the reward pool)
4) Follow me. (Also optional, but it'll keep you in the loop for future contests)
5) Check out the other underrated steemians in the comments! Follow them, support them, give them a pat on the back for being awesome! (Optional as well, but that is the whole point of this contest. It's not just about the money)

After 7 days, the winner will be chosen at random. They will receive half of the SBD portion of the payout, and their nominee will receive the other half. Curation rewards still go to the curators. I will be keeping the SP portion, so that my complimentary upvotes will get bigger and bigger.

If you choose not to enter, but wish to support the cause, your upvote is still greatly appreciated.

In case you're just jumping on this train, here's what you've missed:
Artist Showdown
Fundraiser to help our winner @zachnewell bounce back from a tragic accident
Photographer Showdown

Congrats to @zachnewell (get well soon), @zanexavis, and @mada, the winners of my past contests. And good luck to everyone!

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@romanie rocks my world right now.


She's great, I love her art and I'm glad you nominated her!

I'd really like to nominate my friend @westley-nash. I've been following him, and him me, for a couple months now. He's always been an engaged audience member leaving thoughtful comments, and I love his posts. An interesting combo of spoken word, music and sound affects, he puts forward some deep thoughts and comforting words. I definitely think he needs some more attention for the work he's doing to keep him motivated. Like a lot of new people, myself included, it's always nice to get a nod :)

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 7.38.06 PM.png

Oh wow, many many thanks dear @romanie, @patchwork and of course @flaccidfervor for your support and nominating me :)

It´s really hard to decide which Steemian to nominate, because there are so many out there who would deserve to get more attention.

After some time of reflection, here is my nomination: @libaws
She´s not only a great artist but also a lovely and warm-hearted woman who supports other artists by organizing great exhibitions, creating books and networking. She´s pretty new on Steemit so I would love to put her in the spotlight :)

Spotlight well deserved! I have a weakness for eyes. Especially when they're used to humanize other creatures and objects. Thanks @sigrid.nepelius! Following you both now ^.^

Thanks Sigrid. So sweet of you!!!

also had a hard time choosing. There are some excellent artists on steemit and many are good friends but i really looked for an artist i like who deserves more steem power and i nominate @leoplawU5dsgdV4WxbwcfU6Gc3CMYsDm4fqtyz_1680x8400.jpg

My most humble thanks Liba. =)

sounds great - the rules are clear and uncomplicated!
I nominate the fantastic artist Vesna Krasnec - @krasnec

upvoted, resteemed and following


Though I wouldn't classify him as a photographer, this picture is real good from his latest post. He is an extremely undervalued Steempeep. Perhaps it's because he is still fresh bait? Either way, this worldly gent has been as supportive as one can ask for within #thealliance family and feel he deserves some 'extra credit'.

Hi @flaccidfervor
I nominate @artbyclark
He is been a great poster and helped me start her on steemit and also it was @artbyclark that introduced me to steemit and here i am :-)

Do you have any of his work that you'd like to share? Something that will prompt people to click on him? We're doing this to promote each other, so consider your comment as an advertisement to help build his following.




I would like to nominate Dennis Konstantin. @denniskonstantin

He produces great work with a thoughful message.

Dennis Konstantin

Yesss I love him!

Haha cool...😜

I think @rajbeekie always has something interesting to say. I enjoy hearing (reading... rather) his thoughts.

Agreed. I've been following him for awhile, and I find his writing to be perfectly put together, with so many quotable nuggets. He's got such a worldly point of view. He just gets it.

"Thought for the Month: I understand. No, you don't.

Since each life is filled with unique and personal experiences we can never truly understand what another person has experienced or is feeling. We can only hear and try to appreciate what the person is sharing with us." -@rajbeekie

Thank you for this contest @flaccidfervor
I nominate @dennis041713. He is a new steemian and currently on a job hunt in UAE to support his family. steemit is his new portal to avoid homesickness from his children.

This is his recent post for poetry

This is his introduction post

Thank you very much.

A pigeon racing poet?? What an ecclectic combo! He could use the pigeons to deliver poetry to his family! Good luck and welcome @dennis041713 :)

haha that's right, brilliant idea @flaccidfervor, why i didn't think of that. haha. thank you

@mnallica ; he is a perfect street photographer who catches real sadness and joy on the streets. I feel sorry for her being undiscovered. They have eyes that perfectly catch. and very talented

This is so kind, thank you! I´ve been slightly surprised, when I saw my own face in my feed ;)

I make it easy and nominate my husband @michaeldietrich, who deserves some attention, because:

  • He´s an awesome husband and father
  • He´s a great musician, who´s a little desperate by getting not the attention he deserves...


Ha sorry if I scared you there. I would never take credit for someone else's hard work. It's my mission in life to give credit where it is due. Speaking of, let's show off that husband of yours!

I chose this song in particular because it is beautifully written and sung. I also have a few friends that I know would really appreciate his style of music.

You are definetly a good witch! :) Thanks a lot for your words and sharing!

wow, yes, he is GREAT! Got to check him out!

I nominate my friend @itinerantartist. I actually have this illustrated poetry canvassed in my house. It's quite a conversation piece:

canvas mobile size.jpg

It can be found here:

And another amazing piece that recently won a poetry contest can be found here:

She's super gung-ho about Steemit, and seems to have found a place in here where she can interact with like-minded people and display her content. What's even more great is her sincere appreciation for others' content. She definitely deserves a look.

I nominate @ammyluv

She writes Christian and motivational posts and takes her time to carry out Indepth research before making a post.

Thank you for the nomination @paigegirl, I truly honoured you feel this way about my blog. I promise to work hard and not disappoint you and others that feels that way.

@flaccidfervor, thank you for letting me know. You're doing an amazing job here.

I would also want to nominate @davidad, his write ups inspires me. He's so underrated. I wish others will take a look at his blog and get to appreciate him.

Yessss, I nominate @patchwork - she is a special kind of artist. It is interesting that I have been on her website just an hour ago and now I see this post. (; coincidence??? Es gibt keine Zufälle...

Hell yeah, she certainly is. I think this one is going to be my new desktop background.image.png
It's @patschwork though just so you all can still find her.

This is pretty dope.

You guys are showing more love than I can handle. There's a little tear of emotion in my eye ;) Danke, liebe @kadna!

I suggest @thermoplastic. Not only is his art fabulous, but he very generously runs a Visionary Art group and promotes other artist's work. Here is a recent post from him: DQmQBREfjryVaBsysDZFins2HshcE9V2WPwYQmgShUK3omv.jpg

@Nosmas. Sorry for the misspelling

I'll bite.
I have had a few people I wanted to mention this way.
Highly rEsteemed!

Bacon Steem.JPG

Who are these people?? I'm dying to meat(🥓) them.

Interesting contest @flaccidfervor!
Since I cannot nominate myself - I am a geek - nerd and not artistic as in your list of talents. I do have a big heart and am here to encourage, inspire, help, and collaborate.
I do not really need or want the prize - I just hope that my specialties can be valued - Artificial Intelligence practitioner who is here to help people grow here and achieve financial freedom - in the freedom-shift that is in progress and unfolding.
All the best!

@flaccidfervor - I cannot nominate myself and many others like myself. I am 28 days old here but I have done just about all that I can:

  • Powered Up by purchasing ETH and convert to Steem then SP
  • posted, resteemed, and commented on many newbies and upvoted them to encourage them
    So, I am borrowing your post and bring attention to my upvote give away.
    Get my attention on my posts and I'll select the winners each day to upvote. Upvote % will be proportionally based on your reputation.
    @flaccidfervor and anyone else - If this is considered spam by you, please do not reply so that I can delete it.
    All the best!

Sorry I don't see anyone with that handle. Did you misspell it by chance?

Is there anything in particular that you'd like to share about @nosmas? Something they've created, or a reason you find them to be an imperative member of the community?

It is not a picture but a video

@intrepidsurfer has been planting trees with his upvotes in Lobitos District, Peru
It has undergone some deforestation and we as a community can help him replant what has been taken. It is a project I would like to support in anyway I can and I think he deserves a name drop here.

He certainly does! This is the kind of stuff I like to see. I'll be supporting @intrepidsurfer alongside you ^.^

Awesome sauce!

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Dear friend! Next time also use #artzone and follow @artzone to get an upvote on your quality posts!

I nominate junebug559

I'm gonna need a little more than that, like a piece of their work or a description. The point of the contest is to help them gain followers, but you gotta give the people a taste for what they're about to click on.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This is a great initiative! Thanks for this. Now I have to go hunting and get back to you.

Edit: I remember now. I nominate @abrahamcera.

What a beautiful soul! "A twenty-three-year-old kidney disease patient who refuses to die". And a poet to boot. Good find @leeart!

Sorry I forgot to give him a little intro :)

Oh my God! What is this? Thank you for the nomination hahaha.

This is a fun little contest we're doing to help get you some followers, and maybe a little reward :)

i nominate @inber

Do you have any of their work you'd like to share or a reason why you think they are underrated? Your entry won't be valid without that info.

I nominate myself.

Sorry it's in the rules that you can't nominate yourself. The whole point of this contest is to support your fellow steemians.

some just don't get it - lmao 🤣

Love your post. really nice art.

Thank you, it's @patschwork's art though, not mine. My post is nothing but a vessel to bring other people's art to you. I've done nothing to deserve such praise.

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I nominate @patschwork patschwork.jpg
I have specially fallen in love with this image, but love many more!

Unfortunately @patschwork has already been nominated by @kadna. Got anybody else?

then I nominate @sigridnepelius

Dear @romanie, thank you so much. I'm glad you nominated @sigridnepelius, she's a great artist

Oh she is! I also love your work!

Ahh @sigrid.nepelius. I was lost and confused without that period. But I found her, and she's awesome. I appreciate that she resteems a lot of other artists, as well as the fact that she includes both German and English translations in her text. Also her art is a pleasant escape from what we assume to be reality.

Yes. her art is very special, and also seems a lovely person!

Sorry I went AWOL for a little bit there. Been a bit overwhelmed. But I thought I'd drop by and let you know that you won! I'll be sending your reward right over :)

oh.... how nice! thank you!

Now it's my turn to be overwhelmed - many many thanks, also to @romanie, for nominating me :) Wow!

U ok?

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