Contest Announcement/Call For Help

in contest •  8 months ago

Just as I was about to announce the winner of my recent contest, I found out that he had a severe accident.
This was last night. This is hard to talk about. I'm still in shock. This can't really be happening.
But apparently it is. In another country, uninsured, without his family and friends.
All I can do at this point is wait for an update from the grapevine, and try to prepare myself for whatever news it may bring.
The winner was @zachnewell (and @zanexavis for nominating him).

Someone I care deeply about. Someone I'm not ready to lose.
Normally I would have announced the winners along with the next contest, but I'll be doing this one separately as a means to raise some funds for him and his family.
All rewards from this post (and any donations sent to me) will go towards @zachnewell's medical fees.
If a resteem is all you can offer, I would still consider it to be a generous offering.
I would suggest donations go directly to him, however it is still uncertain whether or not he's going to pull through.
If the latter is the outcome, his funds would be lost with his password, inaccessible to his family members.
I will relay any updates I get as soon as I get them. But for now, all we can do is hope.
Thank you.

Edit: Here is his gofundme campain, set up by his dad, who will be flying out to be with him, and will be providing us with more updates.

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Nice ..
Be strong, thank you for your initiative
Well done .. great post

As of right now his father is setting up a Go-Fund me. Once we have the details I will be sharing that on all social media. Last I heard is that he is stable. He is a friend that I want to grow old knowing throughout my life.

This is heartbreaking but at the same time heart warming that this community, this platform can be of help to others. We care for each and do what we can to reach out. I pray he'll continually recover.


I'm actually overwhelmed by the amount of love and support we've gotten from the community. My eyes started watering when I woke up to see what the payout was at. Thanks @leeart :)

Guao que terrible es algo que ocurra de esa manera..


De hecho es terrible. ¡Gracias por su amabilidad!

I don't k ow anyone here but I just randomly saw the post and it appealed to me. I love this kind of gestures. I upvote the little I have and will resteem


These are good people to know. Welcome to the family, and thank you for your support ^.^

Upvoted and resteemed by me. Am so sorry,may God give him a fast recovery


Thank you so much @nosmas! Thanks to you and others, this is spreading like wildfire, and when we get our beloved @zachnewell back, he will know just how much we care about him :)

Zach's a friend of mine, thanks for this update.....I left him a message on another social media you know if his parents have been contacted by now? I hear his condition is stable, according to one of his friends in Mexico.


Hey @rashard4, everyone's been asking about you! @mada drove out to his dad's to let him know. Stable is the only update I've gotten as well. A good update indeed, but it kills me not to know anything more than that.

All of you can like @flaccidfurvor's comments to maximize giving power.


Good point, thank you @try3 :) All votes on comments will be included in the @zachnewell fund as well!

Upvoted already! May Almighty God give him quick recovery


Thanks @mattyabo! Let the recovery commence!

Bendiciones mucha suerte y mis oraciones hoy se disponen a su recuperacion


Aprecio tus oraciones. Gracias :)

Haven't anything to donate but sending Reiki vibes and positive energy! Plus a resteem. Wishing him well 💯🐒

Waiting for the next news... Blog it to read of the others and me.


Thank you for your concern @kennyroy. I appreciate that people care, and are keeping him in their thoughts. All I've heard is that he's stable and ready to get stitched back up. I still have yet to hear that he's regained consciousness, and whether or not the damage will be permanent. I hope to know more soon!

I give my tiny support and resteem this post. Get well soon. God Blessed.


Thank you so much @dylen! Your support is not tiny whatsoever. Most people are only concerned with the lives of the people they already know and love, but to give to a total stranger speaks volumes about your character. Same goes to all of you. The amount of support we've gotten has helped to restore my faith in humanity.

I pray that he can surpass it. My prayers and love for everyone in the steemit. May god bless him and comfort his family in this trying times. Xxx


Thank you @sherylneil. Your prayers and love are greatly appreciated <3

This hits too close to home. I am still recovering from a near death accident last summer
My prayers are for the manifesting of the fullest potential for everyone touched by this tragedy. May you feel peace and be comforted in good and happy memories and thoughts while he gains stability now.


I am so glad you made it through @yogajill! There's a reason you're still here with us. We need you. The perspective you've gained from such an experience needs to be shared. I really hope it was a catalyst for a new appreciation of life, and that you're happier than ever ^.^


Thank-you @flaccidfervor. That's a really kind and thoughtful response given the intensity of your current situation. I am hoping to open up about my experience. Couldn't have been presented a better place for it then here. I would not say my appreciation for life has changed. That has always been very top of mind and intentional --- might have even been letting myself be "too in the clouds' before. I do know i am here for a reason now! To live the truth i speak --on all levels. After, i woke to the huge lie i was telling myself before the accident. It was a catalyst for HUGE change. My life is vastly different now.....for the better. Blessings sweet sister. To you and yours, and prayers things all work out better than could be expected 🙏

Upvoted and re-steemed, so sad that that happenned.

Not by any means trying to knock the guy but I know we have a lot of travelers and adventurers here on Steemit, this highlights the importance of getting travelers insurance or a travel health insurance package.

While I'm sure none of us ever think something like this will happen to us, were young, healthy, etc, if you are unfortunate enough to fall or be injured things can go really bad both for yourself and your family so make sure your prepared for those worst case scenarios

i pray the almighty God will touch him and wish him a speedy recovery...

I wish everyone affected by this all the best, you're doing a good thing here bro

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I wouldn't really call this creative.. but thanks?


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hopefully he can recover soon~upvote
please upvote me back if it is possible.Thanks.


There are groups on facebook and chatrooms on discord that are designed for asking for upvotes. There are also bots you can pay to resteem your posts so they reach more viewers. This however, is not a good way to do it. This is a fundraiser for someone who is battling with death. Not a bulletin board.

Vote me please..


Just so you know, begging for votes on other people's posts, especially posts that are about someone almost dying, is a good way to get yourself flagged. It's very insensitive.

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what type of contest is this and how to get involve in this.


This post itself is not the contest. It was meant to announce the winner of my last contest, who had a near fatal accident just before the announcement. So this post is serving as a fundraiser for him. These were my last two contests: (1)and(2). I'm actually in the middle of writing my next one, so stay tuned :)

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Hello, thank you @flaccidfervor for your indefatigable kindness, and the rest of you for all your concern. I understand @flaccidfervor felt overwhelmed with constant requests for updates, so let me assure you that I have survived. The result seems unlikely though, so if any assassins need some practice, let's see how far my luck can stretch.

Also, @flaccidfervor, you chose a picture of me taken at a funeral. Amazing coincidence, brava.

I will pray for his health. Allah bless him. Ameen