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Just as I was about to announce the winner of my recent contest, I found out that he had a severe accident.
This was last night. This is hard to talk about. I'm still in shock. This can't really be happening.
But apparently it is. In another country, uninsured, without his family and friends.
All I can do at this point is wait for an update from the grapevine, and try to prepare myself for whatever news it may bring.
The winner was @zachnewell (and @zanexavis for nominating him).

Someone I care deeply about. Someone I'm not ready to lose.
Normally I would have announced the winners along with the next contest, but I'll be doing this one separately as a means to raise some funds for him and his family.
All rewards from this post (and any donations sent to me) will go towards @zachnewell's medical fees.
If a resteem is all you can offer, I would still consider it to be a generous offering.
I would suggest donations go directly to him, however it is still uncertain whether or not he's going to pull through.
If the latter is the outcome, his funds would be lost with his password, inaccessible to his family members.
I will relay any updates I get as soon as I get them. But for now, all we can do is hope.
Thank you.

Edit: Here is his gofundme campain, set up by his dad, who will be flying out to be with him, and will be providing us with more updates.


Nice ..
Be strong, thank you for your initiative
Well done .. great post

As of right now his father is setting up a Go-Fund me. Once we have the details I will be sharing that on all social media. Last I heard is that he is stable. He is a friend that I want to grow old knowing throughout my life.

Your doing well... Please follow me back and comment on my last post

This is a post about my best friend nearly dying. Kindly go fuck yourself. Not the right place and not the right time.

This is heartbreaking but at the same time heart warming that this community, this platform can be of help to others. We care for each and do what we can to reach out. I pray he'll continually recover.

I'm actually overwhelmed by the amount of love and support we've gotten from the community. My eyes started watering when I woke up to see what the payout was at. Thanks @leeart :)

Guao que terrible es algo que ocurra de esa manera..

De hecho es terrible. ¡Gracias por su amabilidad!

I don't k ow anyone here but I just randomly saw the post and it appealed to me. I love this kind of gestures. I upvote the little I have and will resteem

These are good people to know. Welcome to the family, and thank you for your support ^.^

Upvoted and resteemed by me. Am so sorry,may God give him a fast recovery

Thank you so much @nosmas! Thanks to you and others, this is spreading like wildfire, and when we get our beloved @zachnewell back, he will know just how much we care about him :)

Zach's a friend of mine, thanks for this update.....I left him a message on another social media you know if his parents have been contacted by now? I hear his condition is stable, according to one of his friends in Mexico.

Hey @rashard4, everyone's been asking about you! @mada drove out to his dad's to let him know. Stable is the only update I've gotten as well. A good update indeed, but it kills me not to know anything more than that.

Upvoted already! May Almighty God give him quick recovery

Thanks @mattyabo! Let the recovery commence!

All of you can like @flaccidfurvor's comments to maximize giving power.

Good point, thank you @try3 :) All votes on comments will be included in the @zachnewell fund as well!

Bendiciones mucha suerte y mis oraciones hoy se disponen a su recuperacion

Aprecio tus oraciones. Gracias :)

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