Firstly thanks @creativesoul for holding this competition. I always lookout for it as I do enjoy it. Here is my slightly late entry. Cheers @bitrocker2020.

post link

oooohhh love the watercolor spread animation- uber pretty!

Thanks @dayleeo appreciate the comments

My pleasure

Beautiful animation! You went above and beyond with this one! :D

Thanks .. I had fun doing it

what a cool concept. Beautifully done :)

Took me 4 days but I made it! Lol- here's my entry into the pot!

The Girl & The Wolf


Full post, story & tools used here ->

So amazing! Thanks for taking the time to enter! <3

Thanks dear! Enjoyed working on it!

Here's my entry :) Barely made the cut! I also filmed and posted a timelapse if you want to watch it on my entry post

mountain girl.png

Oooh I like the way you went with this. great mix of trippy creepy cute :)

hehe l love this! Please don't take this in the wrong way, it I find it delightfully creepy. lol I don't trust that sun one bit!

Looking forward to jumping on this one if I can find the time! Sounds fun!

Hope you have the time...kept the creative requirements pretty open ended. <3

Just double checking the rules might have something to enter- I had a play yesterday ;)

I just added a few things...but nothing major that would effect entering. <3

Awesome <3

Amazing work! Thank you for entering! <3

Love the glitch

Thanks for entering! Did you make a post for your photo?

Oh, maybe I misunderstood. I'll reread and figure it out.

Just for the record, maybe this is common knowledge for people that aren't brand new like me, but the post above doesn't actually tell participants to author their own blog post (though it implies it through the 'link in the comments' phrase). I'll go do that. Should I edit the above post to just include that link instead of the pics?

Authoring your own blog post when entering contests is a good idea because it allows you to earn additional rewards for your work. Not only do you have the chance to win the contest prize...but people can also upvote your post and you can earn something there too. This is also a good way to show your followers what you have been participating in.

I am sorry to hear that you were confused...I could definitely go back in and word that phrase better...but honestly ' to the blog post containing your finished edit' seems clear enough to me. You can edit the post with the link but keep the pics if you want to - it's always nice to see a little preview before going over to see the larger finished work.

The detail here is extraordinary! Thanks for entering! <3

Very cool! Thanks for entering! <3

here is my entry
Vector Art
done from Adobe photoshop CC2015

Click The image for my post link
Thank you @creativesoul

So awesome what you did here!

i draw it using pentool from photoshop! thanks!

Your entry is really beautifully done. Kudos.

The purple background is lovely - thanks for entering! <3


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