Announcing The Shoutout Saturday Contest Winners!!

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Its Monday!! What a great day to be giving out some SP, to help people kick start their week off on the platform. Helping them to find other amazing people and upvote their wonderful content. So as you may remember, I posted up a contest, for 2 lucky winners to each receive a 100 SP delegation for 1 week. The link to the contest that was run you can click on below.

Shout out Saturdays!!

It was quite a week.

Many members contacted me, expressing how excited they were for the initiative to kick off. Each were actively looking, for new people to engage with and boy oh boy they did.

Some posts I would like to highlight.


Once everyone has come back down, from being on such a high I am going to do a Roll of Honour. Highlighting some great posts, that I have read on SOS. These people really worked hard, and they deserve a special mention, they did what the initiative set out to do and they produced awesome posts.


Shoutoutsaturdays how I appreciate briancourteau and all of you.


Honoring awesome steemians with shoutoutsaturdays


Shout Out Saturday…..


Shout out saturdays issue 2 from the weasel’s wife

These are just a few there are so many more, wonderful posts that were written and so many amazing people that have been discovered.

But in the end there can only be two winners. I am happy to announce that those winners are.


High on Life, Low on Sleep

Magicalmoonlight is also doing a similar intitative called Magic Mondays. She reached out to me earlier last week in Paranormal Steem advising these could go hand in hand. She has been so excited all week about this initiative, and I have watched her engage and promote SOS. A well deserved winner.


My First Shoutout Saturday.

Keciah Also has been reaching out to me this week, I discovered we are in some of the same groups. Not only I will say this but many people have noted Keciah has awesome formatting on her posts. And produces some great content, she has reached out to many this week probably a lot more than she has noted. Her attitude towards networking is infectious.

Each winner will recieve a delegation for 1 week of 100 SP each.

Use it wisely, reward the great content you see from the new people, you have discovered this week and let us know about them on the next SOS. A very big congratulations to you both and a huge thank you to all that participated in the contest.

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Special Thanks.

I wanted to add a special thanks to @danielsaori and to @c0ff33a who have supported me with the delegations in the contest and to Daniel who build his contest on my post.

Have an amazing week people, who are you all going to meet this week??

Thank you for reading.


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The STEEM Engine


My Achievements on Steemit


Congratulations to everyone, not just the two winners - some really awesome content and posters here. @magicalmoonlight You will find you have your 100 SP delegation - go and enjoy upvoting posts with a little higher upvote 😀


Thank you so much 😊 I really appreciate it and I'm sure everyone receiving Upvotes does as well.

Thank you so much!!! I'm so excited to be a part of this great initiative. I think it is a truly a game changer for Steemit and will greatly foster the sense of community as it grows and more become involved. Major kudos to you, @crazybgadventure, for starting this amazing project!!

I also wanted to mention, my username is misspelled in your post. You left off the H :)

Congratulations Kecia!!
100 SP is now in your account.
Big Shout-Out to @crazybgadventure for starting this initiative and for arranging this contest.

SteemOn everyone!!

Awesome, thank you so much for helping support this amazing initiative, @danielsaori!! :)

You are welcome! I thought it was an awesome thing CrazyBGAdv was doing, so I was more than happy to support it.

ah just noticed now will change that.

Thank you so much!! You are doing a wonderful thing here and I'm so glad that so many people are getting involved. Congratulations to @Keciah 🎆 I just joined her Steemmamas the other day and she is a wonderful person who has also started something beautiful.

Congrats on the win! And thank you for joining SM. I look forward to getting to know you better! :)

Congratulations MagicalMoonlight for grabbing one of the two winner spots!!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it and I'm sure everyone receiving the Upvotes does as well 😊

I' so honored to be included!! Thank you my dear! Not only have a made a new awesome connection but also I've got a new tarot buddy ! So much respect sent your way for #shoutoutsaturdays !

Congrats to @kecia and @magicalmoonlight !!!

This is an amazing contest @crazybgadventure!
Its great to have people like you here on steemit that know how to bring out the best out of other users here and let some unoticed posts/blogs shine!
It shows appreciation to other peoples hard work and inspires us to do the same for others!!🤗🤗💓

Great job!!! Keep it up😁

@cooknbake thank you for your kind words its great because through this I can meet people like you and read the awesome content that you provide. Like your Humous MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

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