My First Shoutout Saturday!

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This weekend, I couldn't wait to participate in @crazybgadventure's new project called Shoutout Saturdays. It's a chance for you to make a post that features Steemians that you enjoy following. Because there are SO many of us on the platform, it's easy for exceptional content creators to get lost in the shuffle.

shoutout saturdays
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The purpose of Shoutout Saturday is to highlight the quality work of those that may not have been recognized before. Each week, you should take time to engage with new (to you) members so you can learn new things, make new connections, and improve your own Steemit performance.

Then, when Saturday rolls around, you can make mention of these new friendships, exposing them to all of your previous followers!

#ShoutoutSaturdays is in its second week here on Steemit and it seems to be picking up lots of 'steem'! I wanted to jump in to highlight three of the members that I've gotten to know within the last week...go check them out!



Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 4.50.41 PM.png

I came across Snook's profile earlier this week while deciding to try out the 5-minute freewrite hosted by @mariannewest. She is just one fun, down to earth lady! She writes in a way that makes me smile...and even laugh now and then! It's always refreshing to find a new post from her in my feed.

And, she co-hosts a Bad Karaoke contest every Thursday on Steemit - how could you NOT love that?!



Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 4.50.26 PM.png

I just discovered @phunke's blog, but I have been enjoying reading and commenting on her posts. She offers a lot of knowledge for parents here on Steemit. Some of her posts are a great fit for #steemeducation - a community truly believe in. The mom and teacher in me just cries out in excitement when I see one of her useful posts come up in my feed.



Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 4.50.05 PM.png

If you need a little more delicious in your life, you will enjoy @cooknbake's recipe posts. Most of her recipes are deemed quick and/or easy, and she has beautiful photos to along with each one! I have some new dishes to try since I've been following her blog.


Now, make sure you check out these members and give them a little Steem love. Also, let me know if you have any members you'd recommend I would check out...or better yet, make your own #shoutoutsaturdays post to feature them!


keciah.png keciah2.png

Steemit Bloggers

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Oooo loving the cooking one @cooknbake I will be checking you out soon!!!

Make sure you do. The photos alone are drool worthy!

My keyboard is soaking.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.


Always a good sign! 😂 😂


Just saw this!!!! I feel so honored @keciah!! I deeply appreciate you mentioning my blog and im so glad you liked them! It's people like you guys here @crazybgadventure and @keciah who make steemit so amazing, while showing such appreciation to other peoples hard work!
Keep it up! Youre inspiring us all to do the same!!🤗🤗💓

You totally deserve the shoutout! Your recipes sound delicious and those photos...YUM! :)

I just found out about this little challenge, what a great idea! A little genuine networking on the net! Oh, wait, this is the blockchain ;)

Yes, networking is SO important here! Hopefully you'll join in soon?

I will indeed! I will be collecting tidbits all week!

Brilliant shoutoutsaturdays post and WOW your formatting is amazing!

I really liked how you took snippets from the top of everyone's blogs and featured it at the top of your texts about them. I will definitely be swinging by these guys and seeing what they have to show.

Thanks for your kind words, @calumam! Formatting is almost as much fun as the writing. :)

What a great idea! I had heard of this and was eager to see who you shouted out! Will check out @snook, @phunke, and @cooknbake now.

Make sure you do your own SOS post next Saturday, @peggyhazelwood! I love seeing who all my friends are shouting out. :)

I am thinking I should do a shoutout, as I met so many talented Steemians! Thanks for doing this!

You definitely should. It's nice to give some recognition where it is due. Please consider posting your own SOS next weekend!

Nice idea my dear friend @keciah. I like food and I love cooking. I will check @cooknbake out.

Thanks for stopping by, @chanthasam! I think you'll be glad you checked out @cooknbake!! :)

I just went to @cooknbacke already. When I saw her post my mouth very watering. She had very delicious food recipe.

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