HUGE SBD Giveaway! Because of my 1# trending post! #Givingback #Bartcardi

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Recently i got a post of mine in the top trending posts and i am gratful for that. I would like to do a giveaway with this post to give something back to the community. My profile is growing fast and i am aware of that. So recently steem gave alot to me and now its time to give back!

Giving away 12.5 SBD!

So i would like to give everyone a change of winning this SBD. So it doesn't matter if you are a new follower or an old the odds are the same! This 12.5 SBD is worth around $80 at the time of writting and delegations can make it more! Don't know about u but thats a whole week of dinner for me. So how can you participate in this giveaway.

I am going to make it very simple:

  • You have to upvote this post
  • You have to link at least one of your friends in the comments. If you link more friends you will increase your changes.
  • You have to follow Bartcardi
  • You don't have to resteem this post but it will increase your changes!

If you have done this comment "Done" under the post!

The winner will chosen randomly. Might even do it with a video not sure about that. If u guys have any suggestion go ahead and post below!

Do u want to add SBD to this giveaway?!

If you like this initiative and you also want to give back to the steemit community go ahead and contribute to this giveaway! You can give 0.5 SBD or 200 SBD to this giveaway to make the prizepool even bigger! The givers will be named below and get a special shout out!

How to delegate: Just send the amount of SBD i want to add to the giveaway to my account with the memo "Giveaway" and i will take care of the rest!

Generous Givers!

- @LukeBrn  Made a generous donation! Go check him out!

- @Trophytoken Will give a trophy token award to the winner!

At your name to this list by also adding some SBD in the prize pool!

The eventual prize pool will be determined after 7 days when i will give away all the money to the lucky winner! Will be doing a lot more of these give away stay tuned!

Author: Bartcardi 


Hey @ascheuren and @bvbowhunters check this out, you may be the lucky winner.
Upvote, comment link friends, resteem



Thanks for participating guys

Look at this @detol @djoud @cryptokiing

I think @miraimage (my wife) and some of my very favorite people (a few, at the least, that I think have been doing good things for the community) will be good.

So, without further ado: @poeticsnake, @crimsonclad, @torico, @ma1neevent, @gmuxx, @isaria, and @kubbyelizabeth are good people and work very hard to make the community good.


Thankyou for showing my some great accounts to donate this to. I might gonna split the reward in 6 times 2.5SBD to make alot of people happy. Because a small give away can motivate alot of people. Thanks for joining!

Your contest, your rules. I had fun just mentioning these great members!

Thank you very much and i agree! @miraimage (your wife) and poeticsnake, crimsonclad, torico, ma1neevent, gmuxx, and isaria are excellent selections!

Thank you Kubs! You do a great job around here!

Thank you, I'm honored to be mentioned. I agree with your other choices and would add @swelker101 to the list.

The honor is mine to have you as a friend. I'm humbled by the amount of work you all do for the community.

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nope thank you, my resteems are not worth 12 sbd on a good day :) I might learn from the post, but I don't do social lottery :D sorry

I have changed it that a resteem increases your changes but its not a must

O Jedi Master @j3dy .. I post crypto news with immense detail ,I see we have similar interests
Am I worthy of you're all mighty and powerful resteem ?

On a serious note @j3dy you have great content ..and @bartcardi I think it's an absolute noble initiative and as a fellow crypto enthusiast I would be delighted if you could critique and leave some feedback on how i could improve my posts further

Cheers :))

Thank you I have checked it out briefly but I couldn't read through it

Normally I resteem when the topic is worth it, but nowadays I rarely do, plus my blog is more resteems so I don't get anything out of it :D

I will get back to you when I have more time to check it out

Erg aardig van je dat je wil delen. Gefeliciteerd met die superpost over TA die je gemaakt hebt. Ikzelf hoef die SBD's niet, maar ik weet zeker dat mn zwager @dnijsse88 er heel blij mee zou zijn.

Veel succes verder op steemit!
En tot ziens op #thelionslegion 😉

aah goed om is een keer nederlandse post van #thelionslegion te zien op me pagina. Binnenkort deze week zal ik er is een van SBD maken maar die is heel lastig, omdat die eigenlijk geljk aan de dollar staat en kleine market cap heeft.

Awesome... I'm kind of new around here, but i have a few friends! @mathiasian @llevoc @err0rist

Nice to know you @bartcardi... I got to know your profile from that post you mention in the trending page. I'm impressed by two things: 1. You've made it big in a short time, I also joined steemit in December 2017. I'm still building up, but you're flying...I'd like to learn how you did it. 2. I like your technical analysis content on your profile. It's easy for me to follow it since I also do stock trading. So, well done. I've put your posts on my autovote and I'm tagging my friend @fiercewarrior here.

This is great to hear! love comments like these mate and join my discord u can ask anything u want in there! Will be explaining further on the TA this week

Great. Thanks for your reply. On my way to discord now :)

Please i can see you are very creative.
Anyway, I am just a new steemian and knows nothing on steemit.

I just followed and please take some seconds to follow me back please

I will upvote you regularly.
Any way I just took part of this contest and here are my tags
@stigger @jerrybanfield @dlive @joeperrys @showboybeezy
Am Done.
Thank you

Look at this @oguz57

I could never create enough value by restreaming this for you atm. someday i won't be plankton thats eatten by every fish in the sea.

Hopefully eventually all the minnows here grow and remember me :)

I am more like bacteria at the moment but i am growing!

Done!! Great idea!! @crypto-review there you go! A change to win some SBD!

excuse me , could you follow me
i will follow you

Begging for followers is frowned upon in this community

True that will get you no where

Done! Fingers crossed @Robster101

I have no friends on Steem cries but done!

dont worry i will follow you so we could be friends.

Awww, thank you! I'll follow you too!

Done!!! This is actually cool,, just wanna try it resteem as well so that others might know about this


Congrats on your achievement! I would like to mention @hetty-rowan @karinxxl @myranda @maggy26 @hippiefox for this giveaway. And I will resteem this post also. I guess I am done now :-) Great you are doing this to give back to the steemit community!

Thanks for holding this contest. I have been very lucky here on Steemit. I have no idea if it is socially acceptable to participate in things like this but it has proven to be very beneficial to me. Here are a few followers I would like to share with you. @itstony @stevensteel @kuboskeey @ram.bozo. I hope this qualifies me to the contest. DONE

sure that if I participate

I don't really have many friends on Steemit yet, but @shonariver is by far the sexiest girl on here on the platform, so I'll tag her...maybe I'll leave an impression on her lol! Upvoted & Followed as well.

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I will tag someone but just know that tagging aomethere is not the same as Facebook.. most people don’t get notifications on tag.. just fyi... abb and done !

owh seriously i thought it worked that way


Your technical analysis is simple and easy to understand for anyone that does not look at charts or like TA. I am relatively new to the forex market and I hope to do a TA sometime soon.
Thank you.


done - good idea @casperado

I just joined and don’t have any friends on here yet! :( Just followers. Is that what you mean by friends? :)

Nice givaway @anouk.nox
I'm new here. :-)

Your post has been resteemed from @imran786 thanks to @bartcardi

Introduction To Re-Steem Services by @imran786!

Next Bid 0.01 & Resteem your other post.

price up in 2week

@kilianparadise will be Happy! If i won x)
Resteem ed too!

thank for doing the giveaway and ya content on TA reading. Maybe you can add pay it forward tag

DONE! I will share with my only follower so far, @kfacts. And on that note, I have completed the requirements. Fingers crossed I win one of these giveaways some day. Thank you for this!

sbd hoef ik niet perse maar dacht ga toch ff reageren lol

hahaha mooiste reactie verdiend ook iets eigk!

Followtje van mij heb je gekregen gap!

That is sponsorship or sponsors or those adding to the giveaway not delegating or delegations or delegators. Delegating is lending your VP or Steem Power and is not sent in the form of SBD. You should reword your post.

Did that thanks for pointing it out!

I am very much new here but I think I can mention a few @kpine @titusfrost @jawadovic @zappl.

Hope I win.


Done and check this @ihr

This is amazing everyone can have an eye over here my friends


u guys are the best on steemit. Could you vote my art please... Im glad if you vote me... Here my link i am very grateful to you 💟💟😊
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Hi guys @josidoe and @charleswealth check out this golden opportunity, you could be the one to win try it.
Upvote, comment link a friends and resteem.

This is great! Keep the spirit..

To my friends @fabio2614, @kyrie1234, kindly check this out!

Really cool @bartcardi!


If I don't have friends in steem? Can i vote myself? :D @piratemonki


Come to my discord channel to make some friends

@kriptoman @rv15 check it out
He's a trading specialist, It would help us to know more. Follow him and read this post too 👌💐

Everybody can learn if they are willing to!

I love it @bartcardi, you are doing fantastic!! Great ideas, even this one. I will add @stan here. DONE!
~ @bluerocktalk🖖

Thanks for the support @bluerocktalk or @stan just could be one of the winners. Who knowsss ;)

Hi @literaturk @akifane @sudefteri check this out, a chance to win some SBD! You may be the lucky winner. Why not?
Upvote, comment link friends >> Done! 😊
Thanks so much🤗

Hi, thanks for this giveaway! @DynamicCube


Done! I'm new here. :-)