Finish The Story Contest - Week #58!

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A contest with a pot of 10 STEEM, 10 @steembasicincome shares, 1000 SNAX ...aaaand 400 FIRE? Wow, this rewards' list never ends and, yes, you're in the right place!

290 @steembasicincome shares awarded till now, plus 22.558 SBD, 270 STEEM, & 4802 SNAX tokens through the contest in 57 weeks!

Abdul "Mad Arab" Alhazred was right: with strange aeons everything may happen, even your beloved bananafish prophet, @f3nix, returning on the bridge and celebrating with you another epic Finish The Story contest!

Welcome to you all, dear bizarre creatures of the abyss! I see that every edition we gather in crescent number to repeat the magic of this contest. I'm grateful for all the road we walked together and I looked for a way to possibly made our delicacies' dish even richer. Without further ado, let me introduce to you a new reward!



This is a unique opportunity to win through the FtS contest a good quantity of this very promising token during its very early development stage. Courtesy of the FIRE Team, we got a generous donation for this and maybe also for the next edition.
What's special about FIRE? Well, as you can see it's a deflationary self-burning token. Quoting the website: every transaction burns automatically 10% of the transfer amount. FIRE Token is just like Bitcoin, a deflationary token and store of value for everyone! This ERC-20 Ethereum token is intended to be used as a store of value due to its built-in burn mechanism that ensures your investment will grow in value long-term. In these times in which every FIAT currency losses value year after year due to inflationary monetary policies, who doesn't love a coin like this (not to mention the recent hype for these kinds of cryptos - see the BOMB self-destructing token and it's price spike).

In order to compete for the token reward we want to see you joining the FIRE Discord Pioneers, and obviously, you need an ERC-20 wallet to allow me to transfer the token to the winners! I personally use Myetherwallet - MEW, but you can use any other ERC-20 compatible wallet.

What treasures await within the @Curie & @Crowdmind & FIRE TOKEN Team @ enhanced Bananafish chest?

1st place: n. 5 STEEM + 500 SNAX + 300 FIRE tokens

2nd place: n. 3 STEEM + 300 SNAX + 100 FIRE tokens

3rd place: n. 2 STEEM & 200 SNAX tokens

Popular vote: n. 7 @steembasicincome shares
(Please note there is a minimum of three votes to active the popular vote reward so don't forget to vote for your favorite story!)

Best comment: n. 3 @steembasicincome shares.
Thanks to @curie's generous funding we reintroduced this reward! We are looking for an insightful curation comment. It doesn't have to be necessary long or flamboyant.

To receive your SNAX rewards, you'll need to have a SNAX wallet.
For those who like instructions with photos, here's a handy tutorial.

Map of the Bananafish Realms from a squirrelly perspective!

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  • Respect the dreadful 500 words limit! o_0

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And now let's dive into this week's story!


When The Tundra Calls

by @f3nix

"СКБ Прогресс". Space Missile Center Progress.

The writing stood out on the roof of the latrine, indelible against the cobalt blue metal, sparkling under the dirty white sky of a first spring attempt.

Gennadiy waited impatiently, hopping from leg to leg in the mud and throwing stones at the door of the makeshift bathroom.
Not far away, Drogol pointed to a litter of kittens wagging his tail, the snorting nose pressed between the mesh of the net surrounding one of the last houses before the forest. From his sharp eyes and outstretched ears, a curiosity shone halfway between the festive and the ferocious.

"Stop it with these stones, Genna, or there's no deal."

The Siberian husky slipped off his nose from the net, the time to direct a dry bark in the direction of the voice filtered by the rotten wooden boards.

"Even Drogol is annoyed with your complaining, Anton. The sun sets quickly." Gennadiy said, throwing another stone with a theatrical gesture as if he were casting a dark curse. The dirty pebble ended up right in the crack above the door.

"You're a bastard, Genna. Forget me leaving this pisshole”.

Perhaps, it was better to leave him in peace, free to concentrate. It was not only the hours of daylight but also their fathers, who in a few hours would be home with the day's loot and would certainly have wanted to find them ready to help with the recovered material. The boy stared at the makeshift latrine with the mark of the nearby Pleseck's cosmodrome: a missile and a satellite with its orbit in evidence stood out against the blue background and the white silhouette of a planet.

That symbol often appeared in the most unthinkable places of Dolgoščelę, an insignificant village in the Russian region of Mezen, a stone throw away from the Arctic circle. It seemed as if over the years millions of spores from the nearby cosmodrome had taken root and proliferated among the simple urban elements of that group of houses between tundra and sea.

From the time of the cold war, when the launch program intensified, for the population of the region to recover the pieces of the rockets embedded in the snow became an essential second job. One that, eventually, could replace the traditional activities of hunting and fishing and grant those poor families better odds against the sublime yet sharp immensity of nature. Sifting through the snow of the tundra in winter was easier than in summer when even the streets flooded and boats built with rocket shells came back to use after the seasonal dormancy.

Recovered metals such as gold and titanium could be sold to Arcangelo's black market. The activity ended up involving all family members, each with a task in an efficient recycling chain.
The door of the latrine opened wide. Anton, the son of the country's pastor and Gennadiy's inseparable friend, now stood out against the shining metal like a war hero.

"Anton, if they discover us because of your endless shitting, I swear this time your bike is mine."

"Stop worrying and think, instead, of their faces in front of our loot," replied Anton with a seraphic expression.

"East, beyond the lake. Where the caribous' footprints stop," said Gennadiy absorbed, his mind already gliding on the untouched expanse of snow of that spot deep in the forest.

"Aha. Today we go hunting for the wrong pieces," Anton urged hinting a smile.

Both friends nodded solemnly before answering to the tundra's call.


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Vote your favorite story!

It's always easier when there are a couple of votes in already, can't really split a vote when I'm the first one in. Damn. Okay. Can't even vote tactically so much anymore, you guys are too good at outwitting me in the judging and not being easy to predict on the top spots.


They were all really good. No, that's an understatement, we had some really rich entries this round, a veritable solyanka of stories, and i could have justified voting for pretty much each one, and along the way, I have thought of a reason each one stood out. But there was something about this one that really caught me off guard - although plenty of them did, and some probably more so than this one, but the shock in this entry was so ordinary and so real feeling.

Congratulations to everybody! I liked every single final. I have a feeling of having spent my time very well reading all the entries.
The participants in this contest are very familiar with effective narrative techniques and are able to excite and hold their readers in suspense. It is also instructive for me, given that I do not consider myself among the best, neither by imagination nor technique.

Since part of the game is also to express a preference, I decided to vote for @sidequest's final.

The way he used flash forward and flashback to build a plot, that first diverted attention and then hit with the truth right at the end, it's masterful, and his ending was genuinely thrilling for me.
I still have that feeling of blow to the pit of my stomach when I sensed how the story really went. Only really good stories can give me this feeling

My favorite story this round is from Sidequest. Flowing between memory and the present we're given an engrossing story of friendship, excitement, devastating loss, and glimpse of why Anton chose not to make his life elsewhere.

I'm happy that finally we can give this reward due to peeps expressing their opinion.. yeah!

This was a prompt worthy of a long story, at least a few thousand words, but as usual the ax of the Russian lumberjack has done his duty pruning everything that was not essential.

I hope you like it, it's been a long time since I wrote one.

Khorosho, továrišč Marco! Kill your creature with a sharp Russian axe and don't look back!

There was a toss up for me this week between two entries. I'm going to go with ...

@sidequest - I really enjoy the gripping detail this story had to offer in what it was like to lose a friend to a deep dark hole.

There's no tundra quest without a sidequest!

Now that you got me going on these for the last year or so, it is really hard to miss a week. I couldn't forgo two weeks in a row!

I suspect it's because of the potassium addiction 🤔😜

Thank you very much for this opening @f3nix, there's so much in it, it's been niggling away at my mind, cooking up a story and i very much appreciated that

here's my entry

First blood for our Scheherazade! Thanks for your appreciacion, I love to spread a good handful of seeds and see which ones will sprout in the second half (also, apologies for the repetition but I love this gif too much)


I won't argue, this is a beautiful gushing gif, from the master himself, and there is no competing with him.

Here's my take. Excellent prompt. Really dope that FIRE token is sponsoring this week's contest.

@fire is a cool dude and I hope to prolong this token initiative in the next edition. If you want we can also start a small airdrop through a post around a question. The token imo has potential, we should help him with the website contents @dirge. I'm glad you like the prompt. I've tried to be specific and the places come from real life (from the experience of a photographer in particular, who documented this town).

giphy (2).gif

"My entryyyyyyy...." claimed painfully from far away

@jadams2k18 rushes with his article in his hand and quickly throws it into @bananafish's portfolio at the last second before he/she slowly closes it.

"Yes!" cheerfully stated

@bananafish confused told him there are still about 20 hours left...

"Jeez..." whispered

You know the rest...

Wow we have an introductory story for the story! Glad you made it in time 🙂

Sorry for the delay. Here is my entry:

I really enjoyed this one

No problem for the delay and I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

@manoldonchev, something for you, probably.

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Manol solved and won our Quest in the Realms. He writes haiku in our other contest but never gave us the satisfaction of a Finish the Story! Maybe this is the good one

I want FIRE token!!! 🙌😵

Sacrifice a virgin to the potassium deity 🔥

Resteem and promoted

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