New Writing Contest 'Pick A Subject' by AverageOutsider - Win SBD or SBI

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Hello...We're doing it again, for I think the fifth time and still having fun presenting these writing opportunities in contest form, here on Steemit...


For this writing event, you get to pick a topic from the list of five selections. Choose one which sparks the most creative flame inside that creative heart of yours, and start writing.

You'll have six days in which to enter your finished masterpiece, beginning today June 2, 2018 and ending on June 8th at Midnight. 

Three winners will be chosen to receive either a SBD or SteemBasicIncome membership each...Awards will be determined based upon market conditions at closing.


Here Are The 'Topics' to Choose One From

  1. My Early Childhood
  2. My Fears
  3. My First Pet
  4. I Saw a Ghost/or Spirit
  5. Do Angels Really Exist?


  • English Language Only (Sorry) I have a working knowledge of a couple others, but not well enough to 'rate'
  • Try to Keep Your Story at About 1,000 Words or Less
  • One Entry Per Person
  • 'Link' This Announcement Page at the End of Your Post
  • Post a Link to Your Entry in the 'Comment Section' Below (so I can find you)

Suggested #TAGS to use for the possibility of being 'curated' by top voting trails searching for 'quality' content are:@curie @ocd-resteem along with of course #contest and any other which fit the title of your story.

Up-Votes, Resteems and any other help with support of this contest is always greatly appreciated.

ALSO: Don't be afraid to inter-act with other participants with votes and comments...You might gain a new friend and follower.

Many Regards,


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Thanks for organising this contest. I put my story under 'My Early Childhood' but I did progress to my teenage years and resulting in my present job. Please take a look to see whether it can fit your topic. I have placed your link of this contest just below my disclaimer for my story. Thanks again!
Here is my entry:-

Yes @fun2learn ... the story does fit within contest rules; thank you for entering. Also, congratulations on the @curie curator reward you received for it.

Thank you for your visit to my story and your encouraging words!

Thanks @cheekah for your submission. Kind of funny, with that tricky uncle of yours.

I really hated him a long time for that trick but we are cool now.

That's a good thing that you forgave is important when love is there.

Yes, you are right. He is family afterall.

Hi @caesar816 , thank you for your participation.

You are welcome boss...thanks for organizing the contest

She's called Lolita, but we call her Loli-Pop, it's funny because she does not like Lolipop. LOL. Her breed is Yorkshire Terrier and since I met her my heart was won.
I did not know how faithful a pet could be. She Follows me everywhere (Even the bathroom) hahaha! She likes to sleep next to me, she likes a lot of affection and sleeping on top of me for her is a delight. And I enjoy it. It is a spoiled!
Typical of their race, they are very depending of their masters.
Loli-Pop is a delicate dog with golden and black hair. Active, Intelligent, naughty and cheerful. She is trained, she knows how to give the leg, sit down, turn around, jump, go to bed, let me know about her needs outside the home.
I invite you to follow her and see all her adventures !!

                   **Curious fact**
  • It is a mixture of Scottish and English breeds but they are said to originate in England.
  • If not properly educated they can become spoiled and capricious creatures.
  • They do not like to stay too long alone. They are always looking for the company of their owners.
  • You must comb daily for the care of your hair.


Thanks for the post in comments, but this is a writing contest that you post on your own page, then provide us with a link to it in this comment section. You might have misunderstood?

Hi @nayibe ... Nice to see you again, and thanks for entering.

Hi my friend, have a nice day. I Upvoted and resteemed. And this is my post for your contest

Okay ... @lantracy ... I got it. Thank you.

Below is my entry @averageoutsider, my story is about my early childhood,but i added a story of an event i wont forget, which basically happened during my early childhood, i hope it still fits into the description?

Got it @bellapatra ... Thank you for your story.

Thanks for entering @solcross .

You are welcome. Thanks for the opportunity as well :)

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@kweenbrand, hope you'll like this one too.

I love your initiative and the rules aren't stiff either.
I hope to present my piece soon.
Happy weekend.

Thank you. The rules were purposely kept simple as well as entry guidelines in order to keep things 'uncomplicated' We want to attract 'quality' content, but not have people jump through hoops in order to qualify for a potential award.

We look forward to your returning with an entry.

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Got your entry...Thank you for entering.

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