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Design a logo for the Slow Rolling Home and win 15 SBD!

This is the future home of my partner Alhen and I. The Slow Rolling Home is a 1989 Blue Bird 40-foot long school bus, formally a church transportation vehicle and now in the construction phase of future mobile home!

We've worked on the Slow Rolling Home for almost nine months and still have a bit more construction to go. Once our bus is finished, we'll have it certified as an RV(Recreational Vehicle) and will begin traveling USA, Canada, and beyond, in search of natural beauty and hidden gems along the way.

About the Slow Rolling Home Journey

  • Our Journey: As far north as Canada, as far south as we can go, hopefully Patagonia!

  • Helmed by two nature-lovers who are also crypto-enthusiasts, coffee-fiends, photographer/writer/makers, and adventurous souls! Also housing two rowdy cats and two lovable rescue dogs.

  • 100% Off-Grid means solar panels, water storage and filtration, low-energy impact appliances, heated by woodstove, nearly zero waste, and capable of parking in the woods away from society for at least a week (until we need more water).

  • Working from our computers means tons of time for Steemit blogging and no need to be tied to one city.

  • Constantly asked where folks can find our progress and travel photos so we need a proper logo for our business card!

Our Style


Check out the above post to see our interior design style and get a feel for how a logo might illustrate our vibe. We're into:

  • Crisp lines, minimal color with a preference for muted natural tones

  • Hand-drawn look that conveys our fun and laid-back (collective) character

  • Natural influence that showcases our love of the earth

  • Functional design so we can travel unhampered

  • Gender-neutral look so my boyfriend doesn't feel like this bus design thing is all about me 😂

Here are a few design favorites I've picked for inspiration:

Artwork by Kim Becker

Illustrations by Anneka Tran

Concept by Viktorija Minkstimaite

Contest Rules + Judging

15 SBD to the winning logo designer!

  1. All entries must be submitted as a comment to this post no later than Monday, March 5 at 6 pm EST.

  2. All designs must be original to you, no submission of artwork you did not create.

  3. Winning artwork must be available in .AI (Adobe Illustrator) uncompressed and un-flattened format and all elements must be able to be used independently.

  4. Keep in mind that logo design must be fit for: Digital use, sticker printing, a stamp, use on packaging, and painted on our bus!

  5. Multiple submissions are allowed.

  6. Alhen and I will choose the winner based on our style, however - The logo with the most votes in the comments will receive 50% of the payout from this post! So, send your friends over to vote for their favorite.

Winner will be announced by post on Tuesday, March 6!

Tip from the @curie logo design post which helped me format this contest:

Designers, make a post detailing your design process. A good one makes for a great content. Use the tag #slowrollinghome. Remember you MUST submit your entry designs as a comment on this post. 😊

Our only specific design request: all entries​ must include a rendering/depiction of our bus!

This is the Slow Rolling Home, featuring Alhen. 😍



Have questions about this contest or the Slow Rolling Home?

Ask us in the comments below. We are super excited to see what Steemit has to offer in the realm of graphic design and we can' wait to see YOUR graphic on the Slow Rolling Home!

Get up to speed with the Slow Rolling Home

Latest Post


Conversion Progress

In-Depth Guides


Even though my posts go out-of-date, I hope you'll enjoy the full build documentation through the complete Slow Rolling Home Journey.

Never miss a post! Setup post notifications with GINABot for #slowrollinghome to see the latest conversion progress first!

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Hi, I'm Amelia! It's nice to meet you.

I'm a writer, minimalist, tiny home dweller, and maker living in East Tennessee, USA. My blog has lived at www.amelia-bartlett.com until I discovered Steemit, where I now post most of my work. To learn more about me, check out my introduction post, get up-to-date on my school bus tiny house conversion, and follow me for articles on slow living, sustainable fashion, self-expression, and quality curated resteems!

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I love the whole tiny house concept, but I know I'd need 4 of them. One just for the cats. lol. Following to see your progress.

Ohhhh I will have some of our artists do this.

Looking forward to it!

What?! We just saw this! Do we still have like a couple hours to submit our entry to the contest?

Hey @ameliabartlett ! @princessmewmew drive me to your profile (badum tssss)
I just wanted to say that you have an AMAZING project! I can't wait to see more posts about your rolling home !

Here is my entry: I can amend anything you want on itslowrollinghone.jpg

Thank you for your entry! I see you took attention to how long our bus was, I appreciate that! One minor tweak: We live in America, and therefore, our door is on the right side of the bus (and the seat on the left. So, your rendition of our bus may need a flip!

Thank you. Here is the correction

I agree with you.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I know I'm late, I didn't saw this post until 1 hour ago. So I made this I hope you like it. @ameliabartlett I made the bus with corelDraw just looking the picture on this post, is full scalable and editable.

excellent ! desing...always may the force be with you.

Here's my design


And here's the post describing my process.

Fantastic job @mrlightning! This really does look like our bus. Only one thing is missing: mirrors. 😁 Would you be able to add those to complete the resemblance?

sure :) I'll see if I can add them tonight.

Here are the mirrors. Hope you approve :)
Slow Rolling Home.jpg

YES I SURE DO! Wow, they are EXACT. I love it!

Slow Rolling.png

I wanted to capture the idea of traveling and bus living in a clean, minimalistic way - hence the decorative doodles on each side of the bus. For me, it makes it look as through you are rolling slowly through the logo!

Thanks for your submission, @keciah! One of the stipulations is that our bus as pictured be a part of the logo. I see that you have a bus, but it is different from ours! The Slow Rolling Home has a flat face and 15 windows on either side. Would you be willing to resubmit such that it fits the guidelines?

Fun Bus! Empowering Project. All the blessed with it.

Just a little bit late I'm sorry. But very proud with the result... Here'smy entry for your contest 😁🤙😜

I dig this a lot! Thank you for your submission! You've created our bus, given it wheels, given it a smattering of usable graphics, and made it stickerable! Superb!

Awesome! I'm so happy you like it! After the contest results if I win I'm down to develop more graphics for your spectacular journey if you need something else. Thanks for the opportunity!

Just to make sure, each element can act independently and is a .ai vector format?

Yes and yes. Adobe Illustrator CC (.ai) and it can be fully modified if needed

Good to know. Are you on Discord? Find me and message me with my Steemit username. 😁

Yes, we're on Discord but we couldn't find you without the #0000 so, our Discord username is @themonkeyzuelans#9087 😁

Ahh I can't find you guys either! Mine is: Amelia Bartlett#9474 (I guess it's my full name.)