A few pages from the journal of a shipwrecked team - My entry for the constrained writing contest #26 by @svashta

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This writing is a work of fiction. It's an entry for the constrained writing contest #26 by @svashta.
If it is similar to actual events or real persons or places, it's just only a coincidence and absolutely not intentional.
As my native langauge is not English, there could be grammatical errors in the text. Sorry, if this occurs. This writing will be a good English practice for me.

To read more about this contest, please read the following post:
Constrained Writing Contest #26 + Winners of Constrained Writing Contest #25.

1649 February 20.
Our ship was destroyed in a ship battle few days ago. Luckily we were near a group of islands, so we swam to one of the nearby islands.
This island is not on the map, so it is probably an unkown place to the outside world.
We found a lake in the center of the island and it's water is sweet water. Looks like the water is infinite, so we will not go thirsty on this island. We found a few apple, banana and other trees and a house. All of these things are magical.
The apples and the bananas also instantly reappearing on the trees after we pluck them off.
The house have windows in all of it's rooms. A kitchen, a dining room, a pantry, two bedrooms, an attic and a bathroom. Except the cellar, of course. There are no windows in the cellar.
There is an anteroom next to the front door. There are no windows in the anteroom, but there is a window on the front door, which provides a distorted view from both inside and outside.
From the anteroom we can move to the kitchen, to the bathroom and to one of the bedrooms.
There is a deep, dark forest on this island.
Since we are near evening and we already see the sunset from the house, we decided to explore the forest tomorrow.
We collected some water in barrels and some fruits, but in the evening we discovered that there is a refrigerator and a cabinet in the kitchen of the house with full of foods. There is a lot of bread in the cabinet. The refrigerator contains butter, salami, hams and eggs. On the opposite side of the kitchen, there is an electric oven. The electric current is working in the house and the refrigerator and the electric oven is working. We reserve the water barrels and the fruits for some other day. It seems that this island is full of magic. After we eat some buttered bread with some salami, we moved to the bedroom and fallen asleep.

1649 February 21.
Looks like it's February 21. But it's not, because we woke up to see and experience the same ship battle. Or almost the same. The pirates are visible, but they are far away at this moment. Since we know their moves, we can turn the tide of the battle and we can avoid getting our ship destroyed. Everyone is on the ship and everyone is okay. The island from yesterday is nowhere to be found, as if it were just a fragment of our imaginations.

Thank you for reading!

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Hmmm, this is really interesting!
So they in fact travelled back in time due to whatever going on at those islands?
They were given a second chance, so it seems.

Definitely an awesome idea!

Now I want butterbrod! With pickles. :3

Thank you very much for your entry!

Interesting story. Glad you entered!