Trump IS Playing 4D Chess After All...

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I’ve never bought into the hype sold by the die hard Trump fans who believe this man is some kind of anti-establishment hero on a path to ‘take down the deep state’ and ‘drain the swamp’ as they say. Even before the election it was clear to me that Donald Trump was just another lying politician, a sellout making contradictory promises to various crowds that couldn’t possibly all be kept, because they were contradictory. But that’s just politics...

From the beginning, Donald Trump struck me as just another puppet, but a puppet who was really good at repeating all the perfect lines and anti-establishment rhetoric to dupe awakening souls into embracing him as their hero.

Despite filling the swamp with bankers, Zionists and neocons; and taking numerous actions which benefited the deep state, these die-hard Trump fans only seemed to increase in their convictions that the President was actually doing the opposite of what he was actually doing. No matter how many months of Trump in office it had been, and how many of his anti-establishment promises stayed unfulfilled - like Hillary not ending up in prison, or the troops not coming home from the Middle East - these Trump supporters continued to insist that Donald Trump was on ‘our’ side, the side of those seeking truth and peace and freedom and the dismantling of the Military Industrial Complex-run, international banker-owned, corporate imperial government construct (US, Inc.).

But because Trump wasn’t actually dismantling this deep state apparatus, an impressive narrative had to be invented for this pro-Trump crowd to explain the situation of how Trump was still the anti-establishment hero he had made himself out to be, despite all the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Enter QAnon, a shadowy anonymous figure (or elaborate psyop) which managed to convince the die-hard Trump supporters that he was still on their side despite all the broken promises and no signs of the swamp actually being drained, all while the deep state only continued to grow in power and influence. It’s simple really, once you understand it: it’s all part of ‘the plan’, and in reality, despite what Trump’s words and actions appear to indicate outwardly, the President is still on a mission to take down the Deep State. He’s just playing 4D chess, you see; he’s a strategist and this is his strategy to take down the Deep State. Despite acting like a useful tool of the establishment, he’s really still a true anti-establishment President. Pretending he’s on their side, but in reality Trump’s just gaming the gamers, you see.

This is really a convenient ploy, for now anytime Trump does anything that reveals himself to be a mere puppet helpless to do what he truly wants to do (stand up to the establishment and dismantle the deep state), or even worse that he’s knowingly a part of this elitist club, it is just stated that we who criticize him as such don’t understand his game. He’s playing 4D chess and we’re all missing the bigger picture.

For example, Trump has indicated that he wishes to end the endless wars in the Middle East, and bring the troops home, especially from Syria. He even announced he was going to withdraw the troops from Syria at the beginning of 2018, and the Washington establishment of course went crazy, screaming about how he couldn’t do that. Then conveniently there was a false flag gas attack hoax blamed on President Assad, and just like that, Trump quickly changed his tune and immediately bombed Syria, and the troops stayed.

But you’ve gotta understand, he’s just playing 4D chess, and the troops will come home eventually.

Even though it seems more likely that while Trump did want to bring the troops home, a situation was created to change his mind, which seems to indicate Trump may have some good intentions but is actually the one being gamed, not the other way around. But I probably just don’t understand the scope of this strategical 4D chess game.

Just a few months ago in 2019, once again Trump announces that the troops will be withdrawing from Syria, and once again he was convinced by the neocon warmongering advisors to keep the troops there, this time to ‘protect the oil’ from ISIS and from falling back into the hands of the Syrian government. Once again it appears that Trump does in fact want to bring the troops home from Syria, but that he is being convinced by crafty arguments put forth by the Deep State stooges not to. Again, it seems like Trump, if he does in fact have good intentions, is the one being gamed by the Deep State apparatus, and not the other way around. But I probably just don’t understand the depth of this strategical 4D chess match yet.

The most recent events last week leading the US to the brink of war with Iran, and then Trump’s deescalating the situation just in the nick of time to avoid an all-out war with Iran, has again given the die-hard Trump supporters some useful ammo to use in their argument that Trump is really a heroic ‘good guy’ foiling the Deep State’s evil plan for war on Iran. All a part of the 4D chess game I’m sure.

But again, if we look deeper into the situation, it appears that Trump was convinced by the Deep State neocons in his Administration to take all of the steps that escalated the situation culminating in the assassination of Soleimani, which provoked the Iranian revenge attack, and then at the last moment when he realized what he had been hoodwinked into doing, Trump ‘heroically’ refused to strike back at Iran, bungling the whole neocon Zionist plan to push US into war with Iran.

But several reasons I wasn’t buying this ‘Trump hero’ narrative. One, I don’t buy into the idea that Trump is a useful idiot, and was so stupid that he had no idea what he was getting himself into when he ordered the assassination. Not to mention that if he is this grand chess master playing elaborate 4D chess to take down the deep state, then he would have to be plenty intelligent enough to know what he was doing here. It must all just be part of ‘the plan’, then, according to this logic.

On the other hand, assuming Trump is neither a complete idiot nor a grand chess master secretly on a mission to bring down the very deep state he’s been propping up throughout his entire presidency; then why on earth did he take all the actions to setup a war on Iran, but then back down at the last minute, even after threatening a harsh response? I think it came as a shock to many that his ego allowed him to back down from this confrontation without targeting a single Iranian site, following threats to target 52 sites!

And as I thought about all these possible scenarios, and what was really going on behind the scenes to cause such a bizarre situation to unfold, that’s when it hit me, and I realized Trump was actually playing 4D chess all this time! Well, that wasn’t all, it was also this video on the matter which I will share below, that helped convinced me that Trump truly is a grand chess master, playing an elaborate 4D chess match on the political stage understood by very few.

Ok, so this short 5 minute video talks about Trump and his 4D chess strategy in relation to the ‘red flag’ gun laws, and to be honest it had me laughing by the end. If you’re in need of a good laugh - and whether you’ve never considered the possibility of Trump engaging in an elaborate 4D chess strategy, or if you’ve bought into that idea hook, line and sinker - I recommend you check it out:

Anyway, I became fully convinced that Donald Trump is indeed playing an elaborate strategical 4D chess game, not against the Deep State mind you, but against his support base. You see, it isn’t Trump that’s the useful idiot being manipulated by the neocons, it’s the anti-establishment folk that are such die-hard Trump supporters buying into this QAnon crap that are the true useful idiots in this show we’re watching!

All the times Trump appears to be on the side of We The People in opposition to the imperial war machine and greedy corporate shills and statist scum, it’s all a part of the true plan being carried out by Trump to convince his followers he’s really on their side. He throws them a few crumbs, and up pops a cool sounding elaborate narrative about 4D chess, and he says the right things now and again, and they buy into it like he’s some kind of savior. It’s a cult of personality that’s fallen for the hero/savior complex rolled out for them, and we can all thank Donald Trump, for indeed this plan is truly genius.

Why would the President back down from Iran after going to so much work to get to the point of being able to finally launch this long-sought war with Iran, you may ask, then? The answer is simple. The Zionist psychopaths seeking this war with Iran have all the patience in the world; this has been in the works since before 9/11; and they’re willing to wait a few more months if that’s what it takes to get their regime change. There’s an election on the way, and it is of the utmost importance for these bankster psychopaths that their handpicked puppet wins the reelection. So a temporary aversion from War on Iran is nothing compared to having to start all over with a fresh puppet who might not be so easily manipulated, one who isn’t quite such a perfect puppet for the job.

Has there ever in the history of this country been a President so openly pro-war, pro-Israel, and pro-establishment; and yet is able to successfully convince such a large chunk of the American people who now make up his supporter base that he is in fact anti-establishment, anti-war and puts America first? Obama’s charade fooled millions, but Trump has one-upped Obama with a charade that will be hard to outdo by anyone, ever.

I still do believe at this point that Trump was chosen to get us into a war with Iran, and so far he’s taken all the steps to push us to that point. It really should be obvious by now that Trump is a total Zionist, completely in the pocket of Netanyahu, Sheldon Adelson and the state of Israel. I mean for crying out loud, he recently said that American Jews don’t support Israel strongly enough! He recently signed an executive order blackmailing universities into banning criticism of Zionism and the state of Israel in the name of fighting antisemitism. It isn’t hard to see where Trump’s true loyalties lie, and they lie with those who have been hellbent with an Iran war for decades. Do you really think Israel put Trump’s face on one of their own coins, and named a settlement after him (Trump Heights), if he wasn’t their chosen candidate?

Trump is a Zionist puppet, bought and sold long before the 2016 election, all of this anti-establishment rhetoric was from the very beginning all a part of the show to get him into office. The bankers themselves who bailed Trump out years ago when he was on the verge of bankruptcy said it themselves, that he is “worth more alive than dead.” He has tremendous value in their eyes. The bankers bailed him out for billions and saved his name and his business empire. The bankers own Trump, and he is their chosen puppet. And there is a lot of evidence to back that up.

If you’ve never seen the video Banksta’s Paradise by Adam Green below, particularly if you are unfamiliar with this shady history of the bankers buying out Trump, I highly recommend you check it out. I don’t know how anyone can soak in the info put forth in this film and come away with any conclusion other than Trump being a Zionist puppet of the international banksters. In other words, for the Deep State and their war machine, Donald Trump is the best friend money could buy...


The beauty of the two party system is that tricking the massive support base isn't really that difficult at all. People love their tribalism and picking sides. Go Team!

I don't think Trump will ever do anything to make me believe that he is actually clever. To me it seems like all the intelligent moves are the ones coming down the strings of the puppeteers. Maybe this is a mistake, or maybe it doesn't matter at all because the outcomes are the same regardless.

Maybe you are right, and that is the overall sense I’ve had all along, until more recently I’ve begun to wonder if Trump is actually more of a genius than I formerly thought.

But on the other hand maybe anything ‘genius’ that Trump does is only done from orders on high.

You’re certainly correct that it doesn’t really matter in the end, because the outcomes are the same either way. The two-party system marches on, and the sheeple voting for them continue to be tricked, time and time again.

thank God for that - i thought i was going to have leave a bunch of sarcastic comments; great post.

all of this should show how absolutely malleable the human mind is, and every individual should check every single piece of information they hold about the world and see if it actually holds water or is it just another psy op on us to make us think a certain way about the world.


truth levels.jpg

I do not comprehend this stack of "levels of truth"
They each have truths and falsehoods in them.

only for those with eyes to see and hearts to understand.

Dude thinks that NASA is lying to the world, about the shape of the world, like a good husband.

If you look at all the information that NASA puts out, it is the only conclusion you can come to.

no honey you're not a toros, space bending illusion that looks like a flat plane, you're a slightly oblate sphere

So tell me again how a world wide conspiracy exists to make us think that the shape of the world is not actually an illusion of the inside of some toroid "reality".. and there's still not one whistleblower or evidence for except that "these YouTube videos from Africa don't look right" and of course, the evidence you hold, that the sun doesn't fall behind the horizon, nor raises from behind it, it simply appears at the opposite end, instantaneously (I imagine?).

'all of this should show how absolutely malleable the human mind is.'

Yeah, reality is just a dream and so nothing really matters or is as it seems, good is bad and because some people believe batshit crazy shit, that shows how the human mind works or it's constitution.

Very Good Post!
But with Joe Biden,
Aren't they playing
Both sides against the
Just a thought...

Good post, cheers will check out this video for sure

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Thanks. Video is eye opening for sure.

I've been connecting w a lot of these misguided patriots, the Shapiro-ites if you will, and plan on attempting to mega redpill soon, at least to those whose basis for supporting the Zion lobby is theological, in the form of a poll.

If I am not careful, graceful and sound in my argumentation, I know it is a likely consequence that I will be labeled an Antisemite so I will proceed with great care after reviewing the theological counterpoints that I should articulate them with clarity.

It's not very difficult to debunk as I know the biblical doctrine is clear in that the true Israel of God is spiritual and not pertaining to the flesh. (Romans 9 is a good place to point). Brother of mine wrote a concise commentary on the book of Hebrews that I don't doubt will be useful in making sure I know exactly where to point.

I'm not completely sold on whether he is a willing puppet or has been deceived by the same lines that American evangelicals have been sold. I do want to state that I don't have a problem with Israel's existence but dismiss the ideas that the plan doesn't stop there.

Perhaps, it is true that it's not a matter of wayward convictions but one of money, influence,and securing power in his case. I recently was involved in thread and was presented links to WWG1WGA / QAnon videos.I watched and admit they were somewhat compelling but being compelling is precisely the aim of propaganda... So grain of salt is taken.

Anyways, it's good to see there are others on the block chain that acknowledge how the warmongering neocon zionists are influencing our politics. I think we are being used and we didn't earn the label "Big Satan" for nothing. We have enough problems domestically so think we need to let Zion take take of Zion.

Chump is the first good negotiator we have had since Reagan.
He is extremely good at mind altering rhetoric.

Scott Adams is a great person to listen to on what Chump is actually doing.

But what Chump is really doing is shaking up the establishment.
And when its shaken up, things can get changed.

Shake the tree and see what falls out of it.

If Chump has done nothing else, his pointing a big spot light on the fake news network is enough to have me go back in time and vote for Trump.

I am probably very stupid and blue eyed in your opinion, but I really dont see any evidence that there is a deep state:

Here is one logical flaw in the socalled "deep state conspiracy" you present

Barak Obama, according to you a "puppet for the bankers and zionists", negotiated a nuclear deal with the Iranians

Trump, also according to you a "puppet for the bankers and zionists", broke the same deal

did the "the bankers and zionists" suddenly change their mind?

possible explanations:
1: deep state is tricking us into believing they dont exist
2: Obama thought it was smart to have this deal, Trump thought it was not.

Which is most plausible?

killing Qasem Soleimani:
must there be a deep state behind?
or is Trump just doing something to get the attention away from impeachment?

interpreting all events into a a narrative you choose could of course be entertaining, but really, is there any hard hitting evidence for this "deep state", or just "shadows in the dark"?

Did the "the bankers and zionists" suddenly change their mind?

No, they needed the deal first so they could blame Iran for violating it, withdraw and use it to paint them in an even worse light. Didn’t go fully according to plan, as Iran didn’t violate it, but still needed the deal to end as it was the main hindrance to war. The whole plan is outlined in documents from years ago.

As to bankers being in control, I figure that is rather self-evident with our money controlled by the private central bank - federal reserve - owned by zionists as well btw.

A famous banker once said, “give me control of a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws.”

There’s also the Israeli lobby, weapons manufacturer lobby, pharmaceutical lobby, etc. all have heavy influence over/ownership of the politicians. Obama wages the same wars as Bush before, and Trump is just continuing. No matter who in office the wars never end, no matter what the people want. Find out in whose interest are the wars, and that’s who owns the president.

Let me know if you discover bankers and zionists not in favor of the wars...

To me it sounds like the events mentioned are pushed into a narrative around the socalled "zionists and bankers". If you do not share this view the story sounds weird at best. If you do share this view it is necessary to do these kinds of "adjustments".

As far as I am informed Trump is only doing what he has been planning all along. During his campaign his repeated message was to build a wall towards mexico (and mexico should pay), move the USA embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and generally have a pro-Israel policy, be tough on Iran, recruit conservative supreme court members, tear apart any agreement made before his presidency and so on. My view is that he is only pleasing his base of very loyal voters.

I really do not share your zionist - bankers link. Sounds like something similar to a popular ideology in europe a few decades ago, but correct me if I am wrong!

I do not know any bankers or zionist which are in favor of wars. I really do not see why they should be mentioned in the same sentence. If you mean Jews, there certainly are some Jews which are bankers, but there is also other religious groups represented in this profession. The idea that a small group are able to control the world is in my mind absurd. the world is caotic before anything else! It is important to know that money is one form of power, but not the only one.

Large banks, or big companies in general, will be interested in economical growth, and will be in favor of all measures which can secure economical growth. Economical growth means money t the shareholders, and that is the bottom line.

However, bankers would certainly not be in favor of trade wars. Just look at wall street following every turn in the ongoing trade-war against China... But it is probably no problem to force this fact into a "zionist - bankers" world view...

Trump is only doing certain things he promised, not keeping many promises that would upset the establishment, such as putting Hillary in prison, pulling troops out of Syria, challenging the federal reserve, etc.

Benjamin Netanyahu is one prominent Zionist who wants war as you said you knew of none. Bankers have funded and profited off both sides of many wars throughout history.

You may find the following videos informative.

All Wars are Bankers Wars:

Century of Enslavement: History of the Federal Reserve:

Once you realize the same people that own the banks own the media, and private prisons, and Big Oil that profit off war, and the weapons manufacturing companies that get rich off war, it’s easier to see how the politicians are just puppets for the war machine.

Well I guess the reason he doesent do all things he promised is the same reason all politicians dont manage to keep all promises. There is something called reality, which most politicians have to manage, in addition to their idea of a perfect society.

I guess who is a zionist depends on what you mean about a "zionist". If Benjamin Netanyahu is a zionist I think Trump is an Americanionist (or whatever way you spell it). If a zionist simply means youre a member of a ethinc or religious group all people in this world is a "ist" of some sort. It is the link between "bankers and zionist" I do not understand, and the impliatcation that they are all in favour of war.

What about Jeff Bezoz, worlds richest person. Not only is he rich but he also owns a company with detailed information on most inhabitants and their shopping habits. Do you think he have to bow for any bank, or is it the other way around? What about Elon Musk, he is an upcoming rich person, and if he succeed on his star-link project my guess is that he will be the next "worlds richest person". His power is not linked to money, but almost genius engineering and entrepreneur - skills. No bank can stop him! He will get founded in the stock market or similar institutions. Both these persons have lead companies that have profoundly changed the lifes of the consumers. Thats the reason they are rich, not some devious plan to make everybody go to war with each others.

And if war is such an important income for banks they are doing rather bad for the time beeing, in the historical perspective. There has never been a more peaceful era in the known history. Of course we have our wars, but at much smaller scale than earlier. Allthough I guess you have another theory, but the biggest war in history was not triggered by any zionists or banks, but simply by ideologies clashing together. These wars was far easier to start in the old days, when the economy was more "local". Nowadays most products you buy is a global cooperation. For instance, the computers we sit and type our messages on have components and technology from all over the world. A war in a region important for the supply of certain minerals, or if the general flow of goods and services stops up because of a war it would lead to less consumption of these goods, and therefore less money both for banks and shareholders. And nobody likes that. Sure, there are money to be made on wars, but there are much more money to be made on peace. Not because of good will or kindness, but because of a mechanism in the economy (called greed) I believe the trend of fever and fever wars will sustain.

Wars are always a result of recklessness from one or more parties. Israelis might be reckless and so can all other nation in this world be. There is also reckless people in all ethnic groups and in all professions. The question remains, why link zionists and bankers, and why claim that they are more eager to have wars? there is in my view no logical link, and I do not see that you have presented that either.

There is a link, as many of the international bankers are in fact Zionist. I claim they are eager for wars because they are behind America’s wars. Recommend watching videos above that demonstrates this.

As to Trump, see video below fully exposing him as Zionist puppet of the bankers.

And I hope you are right about trend towards peace, but unfortunately America runs on a war economy and the greed of those profiting off war keep the endless wars raging. Seems they don’t see much profit in store for them in peace or we wouldn’t still be at war in Middle East after 20 years for no purpose but profit and Zionism. See Greater Israel Project, our wars help their plan to expand control of the region.

This is only shadows in the dark. If you only look at these allegedly "proofs" you could be convinced, but there is more to the world than owning a couple of banks and supporting parties:

The middle east is of great strategic importance for the USA , not only to Israel. The great powers of the world compete in this region, and forgetting this is a big mistake if you want to understand whats going on. Why do you think Russia uses their military to support Assad in Syria? is it to be nice? If the USA withdraw from the middle east, would the rest of the world sit still and look? Previously USA have been importing almost all oil. Would it be ok if Russia sat by the oil-well? The Russia-USA relation have not been characterized by warmth... If China was in position I promise you, they would also engage in the middle east. USA engaging in the middle east is a natural consequence of the world order and the game to secure supply of essential resources. Of course someone earns money on oil, weapons and so on, but the real reason is to secure the supply, and also being able to deny it to other players. This is rational behavior in the game of power, not a result of a small group of people with a hidden agenda. The wars in the middle east is also an "afterplay" after the first world war, when the Osman empire was dissolved. A lot of tension between different groups. Israel was established after world war two, which increased the tension in the area. But in the situation after the mass slaughter during the world war two, what should the world do?

My forecast is that now, when the energy supply of the world is shifting towards other sources than oil the military precense in the middle east will also be reduced. It will take some time, if it is done properly, in order to secure stability before withdrawing. In fact I think the nuclear deal with Iran was a first step of withdrawal by Obama.

Lastly I would like to point out that it does not exactly look like a new large scale war between Iran and the USA. It more so looks like they are rivaling to have an outer enemy, and secure their home-popularity.

My suggestion to you is to spend less time wathing these Youtube videos, and more time using reason to understand the world. History has shown (repeatedly) that missing out on whats really going on can have catastrophic consequences, especially when labeling all problems to one ethnic group.

I agree with much of what you say, however I’m not labeling all problems on one ethnic group, rather the power elite in general which are many ethnicities. Zionists are not an ethnic group, but political ideologists who believe in the state of Israel and its right to expand.

I use plenty of reason to understand the world. The root problem is greed, hunger for power and lack of love.

Just because there are reasons other than Israel for the US intervention doesn’t mean Israel isn’t a huge influence as well, and no matter the reasons it doesn’t make it right.

I’ve done plenty of research, not only YT videos, and watched what Trump’s been doing for three years now and I’m convinced he is a Zionist puppet owned by the very bankers who bailed him out for billions. But even if he wasn’t he is still a greedy hypocritical politician and I’d still be calling him out. I disagree with his actions no matter what his reasons are or who is pulling his strings.