The State of the Sndbox Monthly Thumbnail Competition #7! [+$300 Upvote Prize Pool]

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Today we’re hosting our 7th monthly thumbnail competition for State of the Sndbox! Each Wednesday Sndbox does a newsletter - State of the Sndbox - to update the Steemit community on our progress and ongoing work. This monthly competition gives Steemians an opportunity to showcase their creativity as the face of the newsletter.

Our exciting first round, second round, third round, fourth round, fifth round, and sixth round had amazing submissions and we want to keep this competition going as a monthly tradition for Sndbox.


  • Previous winner of February’s Newsletter @ngfx

Every Steemian is invited to submit a thumbnail / landing image using a few parameters (outlined below). The top submissions will receive big Sndbox upvotes and the winner’s image will be featured for each week of February’s State of the Sndbox posts!


Competition Rules

To be eligible for prizes, you must follow these simple instructions-

  • Design a landing image that is 1000 pixels x 600 pixels, uses the @sndbox color palette and has the title “State of the Sndbox” clearly legible.

  • Publish a personal post using the image, describing a bit of the inspiration, have “State of the Sndbox Competition Entry” as part of the post title, and use #sndbox in the tags so that we can upvote you!

  • Share your image (with a link to your post) in the comments below.

  • Deadline is Tuesday, March 6, 2018 5pm EST. Earlier submissions are recommended to receive more exposure! We will reveal the winner in the following State of the Sndbox post.

Voting Prizes

With the cumulative weight of our curation trail and delegation power, we’re able to support many more entries from the broader and creative Steemit public! Standings are determined by the Sndbox community and prizes will be as follows -

  • First Place = 100% Upvote, Approximately $90 - The winner’s image will be used on the following month’s State of the Sndbox posts. We will credit your name wherever we use your work!

  • Second Place = 50% Upvote, Approximately $50

  • Third, Fourth and Fifth Place = 20% Upvote each, Approximately $20 each

ALL completed entries will receive a 5% upvote (approximately $5) and will be featured in a dedicated post with linked accounts. Only posts that meet the requirements listed above are eligible for a vote. Everyone is invited to submit! Have fun, and best of luck!

EDIT: due to the amazing number of submissions (well over 100!) we can only guarantee a 2% upvote for submissions that follow the guidelines articulated above (correct tag, description, color palette etc.)

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Saya suka dengan thumbnail ini, bisa saya katakan @sndbox seperti memiliki technologi hebat yang bisa mengontrol aktivitas Negara Bagian Sndbox dimanapun mereka berada. Nice job... I like it. 👍👍👍👍👍


nice work bro, best of luck.


Thanks bro .. Best to you too


This is really nice one! I hope you win!


thank you for your support @dunsky
i like all of your design in your blog. i was inspired by the best man
regard from Bireuen, Aceh, Indonesia


Hi @sndbox. Here is my entry to The Sndbox Monthly Thumbnail Competition #7. This design artwork is titled Brightness.


This is hit!


Hi @dunsky. Big thanks for the attention, and like you suggest I have edited this post to attach some steps of my work design. Cheers.

Hi @sndbox and @steemit community, this is my design for the competition. I hope you will like it


Click to see more details please; Design.

Edit: "state of the" was enlarged.


This is very cool! I like your work. Wish you luck!


Thank you! I follow your work with admiration. :)


I like what you did with the title and how you distributed the elements around the logo in a birds eye view. Eye-catching. Good luck on the competition!


Thank you for your good wishes. :)

Just to participate... My image :
And my post about it... Good luck to everybody.


Thanks for upvote... It's appreciated. Already some great designs, a lot of creativity... All the success to everybody.


sudah mulai curi start @abunagaya... saya baru coret-coret


awak aceh mandum lago .. trep that pengumuman menang lago

Hey @sndbox,
first of all thanks for the very cool Challenge! i would love to share my Part of this Challenge!
i hope you like it !

Cheers, RivalzZz


I like this so much.. remembered of 90s game style


Thanks @rz19. this work is extraordinary. this is perfect for @sndbox


I love the space-retro vibes you got going on in this artwork. One of the best ones imho. Good luck in the competition!


the space-retro vibes are a very popular design. many people love it very much


bagus dan menarik
semoga beruntung...!!!


Great work from ordinary people. It turns out you keep a secret for this. You have good competence in this field. I wish I could be the best. to the jury, pay attention to this work.


Beautifull my pictures brow !!! I like it :)

Hi everyone, here is my contribution for the competition. Hope you all enjoy. Good luck to all and have a nice day.

state of the sndbox.jpg

First time that I hear about sndbox, interesting and its a really fun little contest. So i made an entry
sndbox.png I have to say that I am now intrigue, I will look deeper into the community. The palette have great colors, thanks for having this contest, cheers to all! Here my post about it:

This is my contribution to the competition "The State of the Sndbox"

See all : [The State of the Sndbox Monthly Thumbnail Competition #7 - Designed by FO]

Hi , my entry for the state of the sndbox contest

Hey @sndbox guys,
here is my piece for this month:

Post is here.


Yo man nice to see you here, this is great work :)


Haha! Hey :)


Steemit is a small world, BTW I was wondering would you ever consider in doing a collaborative work? I have been following your work for a while now and can not help but wonder how my flat style and your amazing shaded style will look together. :)


Yeah :) But this @sndbox monthly competition is quite popular by the way. Really good prizes and attention. Those guys have very good taste, I tell you. I never tried collabs because it's hard for me to combine something. Even when clients are sending me their sketches I have to redraw it into my style first and then color.


I know I also entered :) I understand, my offer still stand ;) so if you feel like you want to try it just give me a shout.


This is very original as always @dunsky. Good luck in the competition!

Here is my Thumbnail Interpetation:


Since this competition is looking for a creative rendition, I have also implemanted this into the design.

I thought about presenting the creativity as light, which emanates from the Sndbox logo in a geometric form, which also visualize the connectivity inside the Community. It spreads in all directions and brings out the dark environment which makes a Baroque template visible.

I made this Gif to Illustrate the Design process:


You will finde the whole Post here:

Thank you for providing this opportunity.

Thanks for the fun challenge. This is a cube pattern taking off from the sandbox logo. of the sndbox1.jpg

Here is another idea I had. It's a tip of the hat to Miro, using playful shapes and lines in the process of doing... something! of the sndbox2.jpg

Hai @sndbox. It's great fun this competition. Here is my posting link for the competition.


Thank you @sndbox

Hi @sndbox thanks for such an incredible challenge
This is my entry
And this is the link to my original post @jesse12 Makes A Thumbnail For The State Of The Sndbox
I hope you'll like it

My entry @sndbox
Had to wait for some random inspiration. Hope I'm not late

Hey, Thanks for the contest !

There is my entry : [The Post]
StateOfTheSndBox Final 1000x600 v3.png


This comment has received a 0.91 % upvote from @speedvoter thanks to: @elex17.

My New State of the Sndbox Competition Entry Post:

Thanks for your time and viewing..

State Of The Sndbox Competition Entry
Hello everyone, this is my entry.


This is super fun and original. At least I hadn't seen a melting rubix cube, and the colors make it vintage looking, I don't know, I just know I like it and wish you the best in this competition!


Thank you so much. I made the rubix to melt or to spread because I want @sndbox to spread more.


That makes sense to me. We all wish for @sndbox to spread and cover the entire creative world ;)

Hi @sndbox,


Her ist the link to my post:
Really enjoyed working on that - i hope you like the outcome.
Here my entry to this contest...wish you like this.. Thankyousketch1520124167029.png

Hello @sndbox This is Frist My Entry on This Competition. Thank You

Wish you all the best

State of the Sndbox.jpg
This is My link :


Unique style, it stands out for the handmade quality. Really good! Best wishes for this competition.


Thankyou 😆💖💖💖💖💖. I drew it 😄💖💖💖💖


I like your style ;) Hopefully you get in the shortlist from sndbox next time. I would like to see more handmade art in the thumbnails, not all digital.

Check Here
Thank u @sndbox With a contest like this talent talent the designers will sharply honedv


Wow.. artistic. You’re great buddy!


Thank you polem

Hi.. @sndbox, here is my entry for "State of the Sndbox" competition. sorry my post late, because my daily busy teaching at school
I hope you like it, thank you.

Hello friend Steemians, I will follow the contest organized by @sndbox, hopefully you like the picture from me.

Link My Post

awesome , we do apprecite your creativity contest. we strongly believe that the contest activity would make steemians those who have the specific skill definitely improve their skill.
Great work Man.

I will participite ..Thank you @sndbox

Hello @sndbox, this is my entry to your monthly thumbnail competition and I hope you are really happy to look at mine.


link post :

waahhh this is a great competition.

Fabulous! I'll have to take a crack at it!

You can Check here
it takes hard work to be able to complete the logo for this contest please check @sndbox

Hi @sndbox

I admit that I can not follow your program. however, I support my brother to try to win this competition. please see post from @bahagia-arbi

Loved.. Thanks@sndbox

Thank you for the information @sndbox

Awesome competition @sndbox
Hope it will run as well, i'll invite my friend to join this competition, he really a good one steemian designer.

very interesting ✊🏻

Oh wow, previous month's was pretty creative.

Wawww... That great..

I really need to participate in this one.thank u for the opportunity.

hello my friend anyone can help me explain about steemit?

Thanks for this. I will try my little skill on designs

off course.i will participate

Great competition. Awesome. :)

good post and resteemed

win it??? nice competition.

Resteemed Your post!!

I appreciate your post .
upvote and resteemed

Good day @sndbox! This is my State of the Sndbox Entry..
Hope you like it guys! :)



Muy buen post, gracias por compartir la información.

hallo @sndbox
this my entry to The State of the Sndbox Monthly Thumbnail Competition. I hope you like it.


WhatsApp Image 2018-03-05 at 18.27.33.jpeg

Hola @sndbox, here is my part to participate to The State of The Sndbox Thumbnail Competition # 7.

Chech this out here:


Beautiful! Looks really fresh!


Hola @dunsky. Thanks a lot, wish you'll the best and also for all of us here.


Very elegante brother @bookrak hehe