My Entry To competition State of the SNDBOX

in sndbox •  last year

This is my contest entry in the competition of miniature @sndbox

Entry to the size
1000X600 Pixels


I think you all know what it is @sndbox. that has many users contribute to steemit around the world.
@sndboxhas a distinctive color with 4 colors-

sndbox color

Design I still rely on Corel draw, using adobe photoshop and a little if necessary and this entry has some elements in it.

The rules of the Competition you can visit on the blog page @sndbox

Click here

Following the appearance of the design I to @sndbox

Process Design :

Font :

  • Estrangelo Edessa ( state of the)
  • Futura Md BT ( SNDBOX)



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Waww @abunagaya is a professional corel draw. Your logo for @sndbox is awsome. I thik you will win the competition

Mantap proses desainnya. Semoga juara. Amin

Kontributor tanya na ji vote le @sndbox Abu.....


Itu Mimpi.. karena kita bukan bagian dari mereka..


Ouh, meuntong got akai @steemcleaner. Kontributor saya ibi 2 Steem.... hehehe

@ abunagaya. Desain yang mantap, teruslah berkarya

Hopefull you're the winner.. I think you've nice creation for competition... Let resteem your post