I Wish All Those That Move To Hive Well!

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To All Hive Movers,

I have seen the news and realize that there is an attempt to move everyone to the new blockchain set up called "The Hive".

I wanted to say that I have made many good friends over the last 2 1/2 years here on the Steem chain and I've learned a lot in the process. I don't regret my time spent here at all and feel blessed to meet some really amazing people. While I have had issues with the governance at the top, and some of the greedy whales, generally I found it fascinating to see all the creative people involved with it during my time.

I realize the Steem blockchain may cease to exist at some point, but I have no interest in setting up anything new. For me, its Steem or nothing.

I do want to wish all the people that move to The Hive the best, and I hope they have all their dreams fulfilled.

Its likely many will never cross my path again after Friday, so this is my "official" good-bye. I will miss many of you and will remember fondly the various interactions we had.

Best wishes forever,

Dave McCoy


I can only imagine it taking a short time before a cross posting app is created and I'm sure a lot of people will use it. And i hope everything turns out okay and that the new chain thrives. I will be posting to it,however if you hear of(or already know of) a cross posting app, please let me know.
But also, I'll be in the TEAM POSSIBLE GUILD discord so no good byes for us...just some hugs.🤗🤗🤗

what's the Team Possible Discord?

Just the MOST AWESOME GATHERING PLACE IN ALL THE WORLD!!!! It's our steemmonsters guild...but truthfully it's a whole lot more. Swing in some time...

Hey @shadowspub, here is the permanent link... you are always welcome to stop by and as @johndoer123 said, we have many awesome people there and everyone is always welcome!


lol... here's a hug back even though I don't know how to do the smiley :hug:

and of course you will still get me in there, so you're right no good-byes for us! :D

Hey Dave. Long time since I commented on here. Life is busy and even crazier now with covid. I'm not caught up with steem news...looks like a fork is happening? Will have to catch up with you soon on this and everything. I think I can live without blogging anymore. There is way more to life than reading some of the nonsense, so no point moving anywhere. Will just stay in touch with the friends I've made on this journey. :)

I hope you are well, taking care and staying healthy.

Hey @beeyou :) ... Yes its been a very long time since we've communicated here on Steem. Brings back the old days when we were both just youngins! (well you are still a youngin) :D

And yes the real world is much more important and I hope you are doing well and staying out of trouble these days. The craziness that has gone on with the virus actually beats the stuff going on here too. What interesting times we live in.

I hope you and your family are doing well and you are spending lots of time with those kids too! They grow up so quick.

Thanks for stopping by and I'm honored you came out of retirement to reply! :)

Talk to you soon and stay safe yourself :D

Hey Dave. I replied back sooner, but doesn't look like it posted. Trying again!

I'm doing well, thank you for asking. Family is healthy and of course, we are under lockdown. The silver lining is that I get to work remote through this crisis. I am definitely spending more time with my kiddos (maybe too much!). I think life in the office was easier than life at home with kids!

In all seriousness, I hope you and your family are safe and healthy. I know you stopped eating canned soup, but hope you still have plenty of them stored. :)

Steem/Hive...all the same to me. As long as the blockchain keeps on running without impacting Splinterlands.

Take care of yourself. Stay safe and healthy!

Hey @beeyou :) ... Always good to hear from you... Glad to see you and the family are doing well and SAFE... I saw where you live was under quarantine so glad you are doing ok... Same here, everything is crazy with my work, but everything is fine otherwise... And yes the working from home will definitely take adjustment... but now you have more time to rule the Splinterlands ;)

Take care of yourself and make sure you break your cycle of getting every virus known this season, this is one you want to sit out. :)

I will be staying here too (and maybe try Hive depending on the airdrop). Let's keep in touch!

I'll be cross-posting on both chains whever i have the time.
Hopefully, they do not decide to restrict airdrop on some accounts simply because they voted some of Justin's witnesses too. That would be censorship.

I agree 100%

Awesome @glory7... and definitely, I'd like to stay in touch with you! You can message me anytime too on discord. I have tons of respect for how you carry yourself in all our interactions and would be honored to stay in touch!

Just sent you a message via discord. Hope everything is going fine there!

Got it!!! :)

I really don't have a clue about what to do, @davemccoy. I'm no good with change.
Life's a mess, this place is a mess, I'm a mess,...
I feel like ... pffff, I don't even know. Gonna let it sink in for a while, I guess

lol re: "I'm no good with change" @simplymike...

And yes life's a mess and this place is certainly a mess, but I hope you aren't a mess. You have no need to be a mess, as you will get through all this and come out just fine. The have a saying here that "the cream rises to the top", well when I think of you that's what I think of. No matter what happens, you will rise above it and be great. You are afterall...


ps...thanks for stopping by too, it brought up some good memories of our active days here on steemit!!!

Thanks, @davemccoy. Haha, you still got it 😁

Well, I ám a mess. Pretty heavy IRL stuff going on at the moment. But like you say, I will get through and come out fine. At least I hope I do.

I have faith and belief in you :)

From how it looks, it does not look like an either or thing at all right now. peoples steem block chain accounts will still be here, their SP will still be here, and their post and ability to post will still be here.

The new chain is going to be a mirror/sister chain to start, SP is going to be matched. You will be able to post on the new block chain, but what is posted there will not be mirrored on steem block chain. So in effect your steem block chain log-in will make you a member of the new block chain automatically, and the air drop with some exceptions will be for everyone, even those that have SP on exchanges if the exchanges come forward and let the development team know they will honor the air drop.

I have a hard time posting on just one block chain, so I will have to make a choice of which one I frequent more than the other. Right now I am in a holding pattern and waiting to see how it all works out. I know a lot of people post on weku, whaleshares, and steem block chain, but I can barely manage 2 accounts on steem block chain so I just have to wait and see how I handle it.

Yes that's my issue @bashadow... I don't have the time or energy to look at multiple chains. I understand and recognize that everyone will make their own choices, but for me I will just stay here and go down with the ship. Any of my friends like you that want to get a hold of me can always catch me on discord.

In a way I think this is a fitting end to the whole experience we both encountered. And hopefully as in life, the end of one thing spurs the birth of something special.

I want to say that you have earned my respect forever as a person. I have seen you in action on so many occasions over a very long time, and you are without a doubt one of my most admired Steemians for sure. You deserved better imo for all you brought to the chain, but I know you will always have the satisfaction of knowing you are a terrific person. I'm sure of one thing definitely, whatever you decide to do and whichever platform you spend time on, you will make that place better.

While I know we might not come in contact as much in the future, feel free to reach out to me anytime on discord.

Best wishes always!!!

There could be two thriving chains, or they can both rust and fall apart. I will still be floating for awhile, to see what settles out of the dust. All I know is I have enjoyed steem block chain a lot more than any of the other social internet sites, I am sure there were more than Twitter, FB, Yahoo, Google, and YT, but I never really found one I liked. I liked the world view I had with steem, I hope that continues on both chains, we need more social sites that include the world and are not one nation centric. That is the true decentralization. I look forward to the day that there is an actual video service that never gives a warning/error "Not available in your area" or anything like that. I loved the world wide feel and connection.

The respect is very much mutual.


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Hey, @davemccoy.

I wish you all the best too. You may see me around on STEEM for a while yet, though I am interested in seeing where HIVE goes, too. I guess as long as there are either of the chains to post on I should give both a shot. I don't know. This is not what I wanted, but I haven't been getting what I want for a while now. :) If it doesn't end up working in either place, not sure what to do after that.

Haven't heard what Splinterlands is doing. Haven't seen any news from them regarding the fork. Of course, it's only been a day. :)

Hey Glen, you are one that I definitely will miss. I do think that the bulk of the active people will go to the new chain, and I'm sure you will do well over there.

From the day we met, you were always someone that I felt gave great insight and thought to your words. You spent time on your comments to make me feel like you read and tried to understand my thoughts. We didn't always agree, but we did mostly agree (like 99.8%); so I think we would get along great if we lived in the same neighborhood. :)

I hope your new job (which isn't so new anymore) is going well and that the real life is keeping you busy, happy, and safe. Keep the virus out of your house!!!

As far as Splinterlands, they will take a wait and see approach as to what chain they operate on, but my guess is it won't be long til them move to the new one.

Again, I'm glad I got a chance to catch you in the event we don't communicate much in the future. You can always catch me on discord if you want to chat about anything. Also if I ever get over to your coast one day, I will still look you up and buy you lunch! :)

Take care Glen! And best of luck always in everything you do :)

Hey, @davemccoy.

I'd have to say that I've been surprised just how much we have agreed on so many things, not only about the general idea, but even the details, so yeah, we'd get along on the same street. :)

I'll take you up on the lunch, too. :)

As I mentioned, though, I will probably see what's going on STEEM for the interim, anyway, since a lot of time has been invested in it. I don't know that I'm as ready to let go as others are who feel so much stronger about the ninja mine, and less about the soft fork, as I have.

At this point, it falls on deaf ears to bring it up, but unfortunately, I don't think I will have to wait too long on the new chain to point towards some individual or group trying to take it over and make it their own fiefdom. Decentralization isn't code or a place—it's a way of life beating in the hearts and guiding the minds and souls of those who seek it. And I don't think most of us are truly there yet, even if we think we are. :)

As for Sun and TRON, I'm not sure what will happen, other than what they've been saying they will do publicly, which after the fork, they will have little reason not to. Fold everything that remains of STEEM into TRON. Of course, They Call Me Dan is on the case, and he is one of the very few whales that I would trust a majority of the time to do the right thing, and actually come out on top, so who knows, he may yet throw a Hail Mary miracle pass. If anything, it would be cool to stick around STEEM to see what happens with his cause. :)

So, I'm not saying a definite goodbye just yet, but since you've only lately been blogging and commenting again (at least outside of Splinterlands circles), it's felt like you had already moved on. Seems like I could say that about all of the 'old gang', most of whom were associated with the Engagement League.

Good times, good times. :)

I'm surprised to be the one that's still relatively active on the blogging side of things. I guess we'll have to see how much more I can stick to it in either place.

Working from bottom up...

I think you have a lot of things to say and are a natural blogger because you are a "thinker". I'm not surprised you've kept going at all, people like to talk with you and to also hear your thoughts on various topics.

As far as me moving on, it wasn't moving on as much as discouraged with the use of my time. I didn't join any other social networks and have no plans to. But I felt I was wasting my breath and came to the conclusion that nothing was going to change. (I was a bit wrong on that point) :D

As for Sun and TRON, I don't have issues with them like everyone else. I am also willing to see what he does and give him a benefit of the doubt and see how it plays out. I also have respect for @theycallmedan and while I don't know that many whales, he's one of the few that I saw that used his personal stake to try to help the regular people. I do hope he and a few others that are heavily invested find a solution that works, and whatever that form, I'm willing to bet it is better than the regime we grew up under.

The point about someone trying to control the new chain, I have no doubt that will happen. The same power players are involved in the new chain that oversaw the complete devastation of the best social blockchain that had new users signing up daily. I have no...absolutely no doubt, the same people will be the same pigs they were on the Steem chain for the last 2 1/2 years. (NOTE: not all of them were pigs, but the ones that weren't pigs didn't lift a finger to stop those there were)

In my opinion, the ninja mined steem is a red herring. If they don't take away @freedom and @pumpkin's stake along with many others, then that argument is just used as an excuse to fool the less informed/brainwashed. Re the softfork, I was disgusted by it at the time and still think it was a foolish move that was a combination theft and extortion.

And definitely I hope I find a way to cross your path and buy you that lunch. I think that would be a great time!!!

Finally, with change comes opportunity... So keep your eyes open and just be who you are. You will rise higher no matter which platform you choose, I have no doubt. ;)

Take care of yourself Glen, and hopefully our paths cross many more times in the future!

Everyone is going to be free to use both, depending on what dapps you use and interact with. I don't see why not:)

*I just posted this from hive lol

lol PK... You are funny as hell!!! I miss the old days sometimes ;)

I'm not old enough, to remember the old days. Nice to see to you on the chain again:)

Hahaha... Yes me either... I must've been drunk when I wrote that! ;)

I will stay... Because splinterlands 😁 I will stay because it's the promise I made to a belated friend. If I haven't had a chance to see how it grows..I'll watch how it dies🍀

@juxtapozed, if me and you are the only two left, then let me know if you turn the lights off ;) ... otherwise, I'm there to the end with you :)

Hello friend, what is happening is very hard. But I really believe in steem and I will also stay here, whatever happens. Time will tell. Hug from Mexico. :)

thank you @cristo for the message and I agree that time will tell! Keep your head up and eyes open, and lets see where the journey takes us!

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Hey man, appreciate your post. I'm so sick and tired of the endless complexity being added to interacting on steem blockchain and crypto in general, so i can appreciate your POV.

I hate the name HIVE a lot but I don't think that you will have to do anything regarding having a HIVE account: it's automatically generated from all existing STEEM accounts, with the same amounts of all crypto and tokens mirrored too.

thank you for the note and information @aagabriel! That's super nice of you! :)

no problemo.
So yeah, you don't have to make any choice initially. The hive blockchain is basically an exact copy of the STEEM one.

I'm holding tight for now and powering down my STEEM in anticipation.

See you on splinterlands!

Yes, you will definitely see me there! :)

why dave? Does this HIVE has different tokens? What will happen to our SP, it won't be compare as steem? I don't get it so far.

Hey @mrnightmare89, yes there will be new tokens that will be given to you that will be airdropped to you on Friday. You will still have the Steem tokens, and from what I understand, whatever is in your Steem wallet will be mirrored with NEW tokens on the new blockchain.

On the SP and how it compares with Steem, I think the amounts will be the same but of course the prices for both will vary based on market demand. IE some will sell one and buy the other. Some will sell both. And some may do nothing.

The way I look at it is that a large part of the community wants to move to a new blockchain that they feel they will have a say so in the governance. At least the top people involved in Steem like the witnesses and the developers. Some will choose to move with those people, some will do as I'm doing and stay on Steem "as-is", and others will do both and cross post on both blockchains.

I hope that clarifies it for you a bit more @mrnightmare89 :)

ah.. really.. I think it's too hassle to me. Maybe I will just wait for it and I hope it will be the same just like steem. Thanks for replying..

Hey brother.
Hive will be a fork off of the Steem chain. Almost an exact clone. It will go live on the 20th. They will give us "hive" tokens that are equal to what we have here in Steem, SP, and SBD. Your account name and password will be the same there as it is in Steem. You can post to the hive or Steem...or both. You will still have all your steem, and and so here. If you want to know more please just ask away and i will either tell you the answers or help you find them. Here's a post they may help...

How are yous doing down there my dear brother?

Thank you for explaining brother and thanks for answering. By the way so far I'm fine. I'm trap in the city far from home because I have a training in my course need to attend. Although I'm a little afraid if the government will give us supply food for the whole month. I'm trying to find a job even just a construction works but I couldn't find one. But I'm still thinking positive that I can support my life here and be better before I can go home.

How about you there my friend? I hope you'll be fine but I think you're fine since you live far from the city.

Personally for me, the essence of Steem isn't "Steem" itself, but the connections I have made here. People such as yourself, @johndoer123 and a metric crap-ton more that make this place truly different. As such, I don't really care whether those "people in my telephone" are here on Steem, over on Hive or somewhere else entirely.

:) ... I completely agree with you @sparkesy43! Well said :D I'm glad we're still connected via Splinterlands no matter what happens in the future!!!

I was going to say "We'll always have our Flesh Golems" but that sounds a little bit wrong.

hahaha... funny Sparks!

For me the brand name means nothing at this point. Steem was always those that contribute to the platform. If they go, Steem is going with them.

I have 0 interest in being a statistic Justin Sun will use to promote his TRON network nor do i need a despot in my life.

IF all curation initiatives and those that actively helped grow Steem leave, all youre left with are the Koreans that will hardly vote anyone outside their circle. All they will do is farm votes all day.

Hive is steem. It's what steem should have been in the first place. This is just a failed fork. Come with us! We're finally free of the boat anchor (Steemit Inc.) we've had chained around out ankle.

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