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RE: The Communities of the Month Support Program

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Thank you for this opportunity of development for the communities!

Our Application.

Best regards,
Steem-BRU (BY-RU-UA) Community



I will not describe that we are the best, but you can go to our community yourself and see a large number of contests, support for each other, posts for newbies and how much we have improved since the opening of the community until today. Our representatives (@antorv, @knopka145, @olesia, @filinpaul) are doing so much work that they had to appoint assistant moderators. I'm sure our community deserves your support. Regards @dmitrik

@dmitrik, спасибо и всем вам авторам за активность

Waitng with patience! Our community waits, too.
It'll help a lot to bring the dormant users back.

Моё любимое и самое дружное сообщество. Моя вторая семья)

I subscribe to all of the above about the Steam-BRU community.

Steam-BRU is a great community!

The most friendly community!!!

We are the greatest friends!

Our community has wonderful contests, active users, interesting posts, we attract newcomers to Steemit and explain everything to them.
We try our best!

Thank you to our community for having it! Last October, I joined Steemit only because there was a lot of writing in the telegram channel about the fact that you can communicate and earn money on the platform. Our BRU community is the best! New users come to us, newcomers get answers to all their questions, and what wonderful contests! I love everyone!

BRU community is the friendliest place for everyone. Welcome to us!

Steem BRU лучший!

Лучшее сообщество дружелюбных стимиан!)

Steem BRU the best community! They will always help, prompt. In our community, you can find not only friends, but also a second family

Steem BRU лучше не найти негде

Our community is one of the few where are ready to support any author. During our existence, Steem-BRU have become not just a community, but friends, a second family that is developing rapidly and where everyone is always welcome.

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