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Responses came from all over the Graphene World. Thank you for all those who contributed and supported this initiative. It is about sharing information for the benefit of the community.

I aim to present a complete picture of the Steemit World.

  • Where is Steemit used?

As the responses came in I got some helpful suggestions, so on top of the survey results, I have layered in several sources of data to produce a map of users as it stands in April/May 2017. I have also included additional information form Google Trends and Reporters without Borders to provide some context to my analysis.

I have been very encouraged by the participation and insights from this first Census and I will run it again periodically to provide a picture of how Steemit is developing. I welcome feedback on how the format and information collected can be improved.

What is The Steemit Census?

Most countries that are interested in looking out for their citizens take a census every few years to take a snapshot of what the living and social conditions are at a point in time. A Census serves two basic purposes:

  • It gives valuable information to the powers that be of what resources are needed and where. It provides data to help them plan for the future.
  • It also provides a record for future generations who can look back and see (over time) how their native land has evolved.

@lovejoy described it

The beauty of a public blockchain like Steem, and to me one of the most profound features, is being able to freely share information with each other. On Facebook and its ilk, as we all know... they have all the data, and the users are left in the dark. (Insert panopticon reference here)
On Steem, we have the capacity to be truly, voluntarily informed, and engaged with one another, and we're just beginning to coalesce the tools necessary to fully grasp such a state of being... in action. ;)
Exciting times!

The Census Results

I have collated the responses to the Census into a table at the bottom of this post. I got responses from 14 countries and 4 areas in the US. I did not get feedback from all over the world but it is still interesting to see the perception from Steemit users that responded. Particularly in relation to Celebs and Whales. Where do all these whales live???

Need for Multiple Sources

I got some very helpful suggestions in the original Census post and I have expanded the scope of this Report to fill in some of the blanks. The following analysis is based on the User Profiles but I provide a comparison to the Census results.

User Profiles

This only represents a snapshot of users on Steemit. There are hundreds of accounts being registered each day, and in total there are 158 thousand accounts registered. By examining the distribution of profiles where a user has supplied their location an image begins to emerge of the geographical spread of the user accounts.

There are 3,201 user profiles with a location specified and the following map and table shows the breakdown of the locations.

Wiseguys include people from the Moon, Nirvana and one poor soul Lost in Latin America. I am sure I am missing some profiles at the moment, as my search algorithm needs some fine tuning, but I will refine it and run this graphic periodically.

Please consider including your country in your profile tag. Other users in your area may have more confidence in the platform if they feel that it's trusted by people in their country.

It would encourage more people to join Steemit.


Comparison to the Census Results

Some of the results from the analysis may seem surprising.

Profile Locations

  • I was expecting to see more users from Ukraine based on the Census
    Ukrainian users must not be as willing to show their location in their profile. I only counted 15 but there are 100+ according to the Census.
  • I am sure that a lot of the Wiseguys are from America. I need to refine my search algorithm!!!

Responses Latin America and Asia

  • Language
    My Census post was only in English. There are a lot of users from different regions who may not speak English. I will reach out for the next census for translations.

For these reasons combing data from different sources will help to build a better picture of the community.

Google Trends

What's going on in Slovenia and Ireland?

Google Trends lets you explore search terms over periods and it charts it by region. It's interesting to keep an eye on this from time to time and over the last 7 days this is the results across the world.

Trend over last 7 days

Source: https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=now%207-d&q=steemit

Freedom of the Press

The following graph from Reporters without borders puts Steemit adoption into context and will influence how willing people are to participate in a Census here on Steemit. It's no surprise that the most open people about where they live will be from the US, Canada and Europe.

Source: https://rsf.org/en/ranking?utm_content=buffer10fd8&utm_medium=social&utm_source=bufferapp.com&utm_campaign=buffer


Each day there are many new users signing up from all over the world. The growth of interest in Crypto from Japan and South Korea is likely to lead to a flood of new users here on Steemit and as Bitcoin and Ethereum applications become more main stream across the globe I have no doubt that Steemit will be quickly discovered and help to educate these new Crypto users.

The Next Census

I plan on repeating the Steemit Census to collect more data which would benefit the community, at a later date.

For future iterations let me know what would be useful to collect. Would you like to know what people work at? What age profile?.... I am not sure what kind of responses we would get but we can give it a try if you have a reasonable suggestion. It might also help to build in a survey with steem-poll by @good-karma, if we can get enough people to participate.

The First Steemit Census Results

Czech Republic0-1000

Source: https://steemit.com/community/@eroche/a-steemit-census

If this is the first time your seeing this post and you don't feel the numbers reflect your experience please comment below and I will update the table accordingly.

What is a Celeb and a Whale?

I was asked in the original post "What's the definition of Celeb and Whale?"
I wanted to keep this vague for the first Census to take the temperature of the responses. I didn't want people to feel like there was a specific criteria. This could lead to people not participating in case it reflected badly on their profiles. There was no wrong answer, the Census is a crowd sourcing initiative and if we get multiple observations of a particular data point we can combine the results. This should lead to a better prediction.

Over time I plan on introducing a more specific criteria, which will be important to standardise the results as Steemit grows but the precise criteria is fluid at the moment.

Related Links for Additional Information

Thank you for reading this. I write on Steemit about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Travel and lots of random topics.

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Awesome work! Thank you for sharing it all with us. It gave me a very easy smile. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)


I have had a positive experience with Steemit this past week in particular. Exciting times. Thank you for your response.

If someone could figure out a way to create polls as a post, where entries are registered as 'comments', and a hefty percentage of post rewards are distributed to each entry, then we could effortlessly incentivize participation. @good-karma anything like this in the works for SteemPoll? :)


Hi @lovejoy,
Yes new improvements of SteemPoll are in progress and it works exactly as you described ;)


Oh that makes me so happy to hear! =)

Great job. The "Wiseguys" may be one of the more interesting parts to notice in its own way.


They are hard to put on a map though :)

Thanks a lot for the heads-up and all hard work! Esteeming this as I hope some fellow German Steemians might add some more stats, not sure mate we have now more than one whale and some celebrities too :-)


Thanks for the resteem. It has been a very interesting project. I am sure it will get better over time and I will reduce the number of wiseguys showing up :)


I am sure it will improve over time

great job! thx. resteemed


Thanks for the resteem and the contributions. Much appreciated.

Awesome work @eroche! It will be great to see the census evolve! I can't tell you how helpful it is that you've gathered together those 'related links' also! It's so great to see everyone who's working on creating a more extensive picture of who's who on the Steem blockchain.


I have enjoyed doing it. I am very interested in this community. There is so much potential here for so many different projects, I am sure this will help.

Thanks for the support @lovejoy.


For info, I have added in some information on the number of users accounts to emphasise that the snapshot I have shown represents the geographical spread rather than the total number of users. There are 158k accounts according to steemdb.com, with over 4k active in the last 12 hours.

UV for you, sorry I missed your msgs on this awhile back.

I am in Canada as you likely know, from my regular postings.

  • keep up the good work

Thanks Barry.

Interesting to see, will be fun to watch changes over time.


Looking at the profile locations in itself will be very interesting to see over time. I hope people are encouraged to add their location.

As for the participation in the Census, if more people contribute each time I run the poll we will get a great overview of the community.

I may do regular analysis on the profile locations, say each month and the census at less regular intervals maybe in 6 months or so. We will see what works.

Thanks for stopping by and the resteem.

I have my location set as Loch Ness. Does this mean I got counted as UK or Wiseguys? UK would be correct at this time. Although a new independence referendum could change that...


Hmm, I think I'll call you as a wiseguy for the time being :)


I do actually live a short bus ride from Loch Ness, so I'm only bending the truth a little... ;)


I'll include you in United Kingdom so. I know the UK pretty well so I got most of the locations there sorted but my main issues are with the US. It's a work in progress :), not perfect but provides some useful insights.

I'm from Krypton. How dare you not include Krypton? :p


Still figuring out how to include planets from outside our solar system in the map :)


You Earthlings are so primitive. Maybe you need a little help from my brother Kal-El ;)

Nice work... a lot of data and information we can chew on. From your data of users though my country Philippines is not well represented, maybe I should tell my friends about steemit. We as a country is always a powerhouse in our social media interactions, maybe it's time to bring it on steemit.


Thanks for the feedback.

The only way we will get a decent picture of the users is if we use multiple sources. There must not be a lot of users from the Philippines with their location in their profile, or my search algorithm is missing them. I'll have another look at that.

The idea for the census was to get an other estimate based on crowdsourced estimates. I didn't get a response from the Philippines this time but I'll reach out for the next one to some local users.


No worries... it just keeps me aware that we need to promote Steem to our country. I am still new here and would like to have an encouraging start with my Steemit journey.
If it is ok with you please follow @arnel and upvote my posts or comments. I really appreciate your support. :)


Already following. Welcome to Steemit. I'll keep an eye out for your posts. ;)


Thank you...

Neat and straight to the point. Welldone
Keep up the good work @eroche


Thank you @ogochukwu.

Great work!



Thanks for all your work :)

Hi there i have just joined and have no idea how to get people to see may first post and get steemed up ,
Please like my post on Africa burn there loads of great photos and id love someone just to look at it :) Thanks Graham


Thanks for stopping by. I'll check out your post.

You have done the hard work @eroche . Data is simply staggering. If I understand correctly, from Russia, only 37 people.? Or is it officially said this?. I'm disappointed by the amount. Due to problems with the language they just go to the "Voice" is Sad. Thank you for Your work @eroche


Those numbers are where people have specified Russia in their profiles. I am sure there is many more than 37 users in Russia, but they have something else in their profile tag, or its blank.

I would use these numbers to look at the distribution of users around the world rather than the actual numbers. There was 3,200 accounts out of 156,000 with a profile tag, so its just a small sample. Another way to look at it is an estimate of Russian users could be 1% (i.e. 37 of 3200) of users are from Russia, or 1,500 (i.e. 1% of 156k). All these estimates are very crude though, so that was partly the reason for the Census. To get another view. It can be very difficult to get to the actual numbers.


Curious to see the age figures. What is the average age of potential users? But I think that such data can be determined only in any voluntary survey. The anonymity of the blockchain is doing its job :) . Thank You @eroche for this information. Have a nice day!


I wonder could we figure this out with some machine learning.


Yesterday I placed a post with a proposal about the meeting in St. Petersburg. In June there will be a blockchain conference. I have hope that some Steaminstall there can be. And so I offered to meet and socialize. But so far nobody has responded. I will try to do it again. If You're interested, here's my post: https://steemit.com/steemgig/@madlenfox/there-is-a-good-reason-for-the-meeting-steemians-blockchain-and-bitcoin-conference-saint-petersburg-russia
Thank you for your attention @eroche.


It might help to reach or on Steemit chat too to any users that you think may be interested. I have resteemed.


Thanks for the help @eroche! I also will post there, too.

Thanks for the info 👍🏻


Your welcome, thanks for stopping by.

In Steem.Center.wiki we are creating a little census of lusofonic steemians.