[STEEMSPOT] The New Interactive STEEM Map - Spot, Share and Discover steemers around the world!

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Hey Steemers!

I'm proud to announce a new beta release:


Steemspot is the first steemit geo based interactive discovery platform! Thousands of new steemers are joining per week - steemspot helps us join together and share where we live, where we traveling, and together building the first world steem map!

Steemspot was created so that the steem community could have a central spot to easily share their spots, and for steemers to visually see just how diverse in location our great community is. Enjoy!


  • Custom Google Map Javascript (custom colors, marker)
  • HTML5 Geo Locating. In the early beta release this is the primary location mechanism.
  • Custom maker tooltips with steem username (which link to your steemit.com blog home)

How it works:

  • First create your http://steemspot.com account. This is required so you can update your location in the future
  • Enter your steem username when creating the account - this way your location will hyperlink correctly to your http://steemit.com blog home. Please, do not enter a @ when entering your username
  • Steemspot uses HTML5 geolocating for finding your current location. Please make sure this is enabled or else you will get an error message asking to turn it on. If turned on properly you will see something like this to accept:
  • Hit add my location! After the geolocation is complete your marker will now be in the steemspot map!
  • Come back anytime and update your location if you move or travel to a new location!

What are you waiting for? Help build the steemit world map now!

Visit SteemSpot.com now!!


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New featured added for extra privacy! You can now mark your spots to your city. When you click "Change spot to my city" the geolocator will update your spot to your city - not the actual full address. Thanks!


That's a great feature! safety first!

I added my spot :)

Its awesome it reminds of Pokemon map where you place the pokemon locations you find !

Awesome! This is along the line of the post I made yesterday about the interactive incentive App [Steem.Fit] It Pay$ To Be Active. Incentive App For Exploring The Physical World, Awarding Internal & External Benifits.
It would be cool to work together if your interested.

I was thinking about doing this myself.. Just didn't have time.. Great Idea. A lot of steemers will like this!

steemit perfect

Thanks for sharing this @originate! I'll be taking a look at the map and see if anyone else is Steem-ing around me.

Nice, I'm in Long Beach CA!! One of the best places on earth!!

I tried to do it in Iphone 6 and it didn't work out

This is cool, I wish there was some way that you could collect all the data of general areas people were posting in without having to join the site. For example how you can tell with people running bitcoin nodes. Maybe in the future when a gui client gets created we can do that.

Is cool, can you possibly add a history markers for individual users showing all the places I've Steemed in the past?

Seems like every day that someone is enriching the experience of the steem community. You deserve my upvote and my appreciation. Thank you!

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@steempool Turning Minnows Into Whales
steemit.chat user masterinvestor.

This is an exciting concept that will make the community more accessible and promote collaboration between contributors. +1

Very interesting, congratulations. The ecosystem of steemit related websites is growing day by day.

I will join your new site, of course :)

@originate well done. this is a great idea and a real sense of community is being shared.

This is the first step to Steem Go, soon we will all be able to go to places and receive steem by catching whales with our whalemasterballs!

Sounds good, Nice idea...
But what is with our Privacy? ...
There're people waiting to find Writers with high Wallet Balance and come to your home to take your Password....
It's worth to think about it


@davidduckwitz Thanks! You can now mark your spot to your city level for added privacy.. while some steemers might want to drill down that detailed, others may not.

Very cool idea.
I'm personally a bit apprehensive about advertising my location, but still, another great contribution well executed @originate


@fleetinuance Thanks! Just added a new feature that allows you to mark your spot on your city(rather then full address) after you geolocate. After you create your spot you can click "mark to my city" in the menu bar. This way you can still represent your location but not to the address level.

How can the real location be vefiried? I know there are some tricky tweaker that can modify one's location at will.

Hey, great idea with SteemSpot! Since you got in the TOP 10 Trending articles on Steemit I've added your article to the Flipboard Steemit Trending Magazine for everyone to see it.

nice post

so this mean we all spot all steemit member around the world?