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in steemit •  2 years ago is my contribution to the steemit community

Find others with common interests

I love how steemit is attracting professionals from all walks of life and I thought it would be good for people to be able to search for others with the same interests.

As a long time developer I saw I could participate in this wonderful community and put my time and resources into this project. is what I put together and I hope you like it.

Submitting your information

If you want to be included simply click on the Submit an entry link on the website and put in your details. There is no sign up or even email address asked for. The system will give you an encoded link for you to save so you can edit your entry at any time.

I will approve each entry to verify and only those with a reputation of 40 or more will be approved.

At the bottom of the page it will choose 2 people from the list and feature their last post.

If you have any questions or enhancements you would like to see then please comment below.

This could be your chance to get noticed

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What an awesome project! This is so helpful, and something I haven't seeen before. Should definitely be added to steemtools (maybe you can contact the owner?). I'm always checking the statistics so finding someone with similar topics / interests like you would be very helpful. Hopefully this gets noticed!


Thanks Tony. Yes I have submitted my info to them. Hey adds things in a batch so we will see.

That's so cool!

What is the "introduceyourself link?"


Ahh I see, When I hit 50 ill try submit lol. Thank you.

This is a great idea!

Welcome @zaebars you are now active.

So cool that you live on a sailboat. I only got to live on ours for a year and then 4 years in Puerto Rico. I can't wait to read all your stories. :)

amazing work i dont see why so little votes


Oh I just released it and there are very few whales right now so it is a great time for the plankton, minnows and dolphins to upvote and comment and get a bigger piece of the pie. :)

Welcome @wakeupnd it is nice to have you join the pod.

Welcome @daxon for adding himself. He has incredible photography skills. Follow him and check out his work for sure.

This is cool. It's hard to find people here unless you know the name they use. I'm hoping they will add profiles and a directory, but Steemwho is useful for now. I've registered


Thanks @steevc you have now been approved.

thanks for sharing this material, I like what you posted. Good luck

Welcome @brianphobos so glad to see you here on steemwho.

Wow!! @allasyummyfood is now on :) She has great content!

This is awesome! It's like the YellowPages of Steemit ;)


Hey @steemrocket I noticed you are new and you need just a little more rep to be listed. I'm looking for those over 40 to be listed. Please post more content. No use to be listed and really have nothing for people to see yet.


I totally understand. I'm planning to post tomorrow evening. I'll let you know when my rep gets over 40


Ok, great and I would just need to mark it approved. No need to fill out the information again and your link is still valid.

Nice idea, it can be helpful to be closer to each other


Your latte photos are a hit good job. I'm going to comment about you on my other post.


Thank you ! :)

Welcome @Kreativ to steemwho


Thank you. Will spread the word. Great incentive :-)


Have made a post with a link to this article.

Welcome @steve-walschot the creator of

Great to have you on steemwho :)

great job!useful tool!

Sorry I missed this earlier. Great idea. I think I may have heard someone talking about it but then forgot.

I like the idea! @mikehere (I applied, I'm only rank 37, and moving up slowly as most minnows do, but I'd like to be a part of this. Thanks!)


I just realized that I put "Littenti" as my name. It's Ryan btw, haha. (If you could change that that'd be great)

More categories for the listings would be nice, fiction should be one.

Can #couponing be added as category or at the least, "other" with a textbox to add one ourselves? I find myself not really fitting in any of those professions. Thank you. Love the idea!

Hi! I love the Steemwho project, it's a very nice job you did here.
As a suggestion, the profession "translator" would be nice to have in the list.

How about "educator" for career. And "family" or "humor" for categories. If not, that's cool too lol.

Fiction and Story?

For Topics, why not just use the trending tags on the right sidebar of's homepage.

How about adding "Retired" to you group of professions.