Communities of the Month Support Program - Applications for November

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The Communities of the Month program for October is now well underway.

For November we are going to take the program in a new direction.

The emphasis for the program will still very much be about building community strength with a view to achieving increasing self-sufficiency, but this time we are adding a new element.

You may have already seen mentions of #Club5050 that we ‘soft launched’ a couple of days ago.

Club5050 is all about encouraging people to cash out less and power up at least 50% of their earnings.This will help increase their influence on the platform and build the strength of the Steem economy.

With the very positive feedback we have received already for Club5050 we have decided to make this the key element of November’s Communities of the Month Support Program.

Club5050 - How it works

Club5050 is all about encouraging people to invest in their Steem future.

We want more people to power up more of their earnings rather than continually cashing out.

This will help grow the Steem economy which will benefit everyone on the platform.

With Club5050 we are looking to give extra rewards to people who make a commitment to power up at least 50% of the liquid rewards they earn.

This should be an ongoing commitment, not a one-off, post-by-post event.

To take part in Club5050, anytime you cash out or transfer away any STEEM or SBD, you must power up an equal (or greater amount) at the same time.

You don’t need to make a special power-up post - you just need to add the #club5050 tag as one of the first five tags on your regular posts.

We monitor the #club5050 tag, and for good quality posts using the tag we check the wallet of the author for the last seven days or so.

If it is clear that more STEEM has been powered up than has been cashed out, we will likely give an extra vote from @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02.

You will not be eligible for #club5050 votes if…

  • You have not made any recent power-ups.
  • You are powering down, or have recently stopped powering down.
  • You have bought votes from any vote buying or bid-bot services.
  • You are delegating to any ‘investment services’ or bid-bots.
  • You are not using your Steem Power to vote regularly.

If you are buying and selling STEEM/SBD to exchange for other people this will make it difficult for us to determine which are your personal transactions and therefore you are less likely to get any #club5050 votes.

PLEASE NOTE - Votes are definitely NOT guaranteed. Anyone complaining about not getting #club5050 votes in posts or comments will definitely not get votes. Likewise, anyone constantly tagging @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02 in their posts or comments will not get votes.

Club5050 & the Communities of the Month Support Program

The Communities of the Month Support Program is about building the strength of communities to make them more self-sufficient and less reliant on @steemcurator01/02 and @booming votes.

To help with this, Club5050 will now become a key part of the program.

We are looking for communities who are fully supporting Club5050 and encouraging their members to take part.

As a starting point we are looking for communities where all the community team (Admins, Mods etc) fully commit to Club5050.

Beyond that we will be looking for communities who are actively encouraging their members to take part in Club5050, particularly through preferential voting with their community account.

The more members that join Club5050, the more likely a community will be selected for the Communities of the Month Support Program.

Of course, Club5050 is only the starting point. We will be very happy to hear from any communities who want to take it to the next level and go for ‘Club75’ (with power-ups of at least 75% of earnings) or even ‘Club100’ where all earnings are powered up.

PLEASE NOTE - Club5050 (and Club75 and Club100) are not for community accounts - we expect them to be powering up most, or all, of their earnings anyway.

How To Apply

Applications are invited from Community Leaders (Admin / Owner / Founder) who would like their Communities to be considered for selection as a ‘Community of the Month’.

Please refer to the original post for full details but applications should cover as many of these elements as possible...

  • Community Purpose
  • Community Team
  • Community Curation Account
  • Plagiarism & Abuse
  • Engagement & Commenting
  • Plans & Updates
  • Promotion
  • Anything Else

Most importantly this time we want to hear about how your community is supporting Club5050...

  • Have all your team members committed to Club5050?

  • How are you encouraging members of your community to commit to Club5050?

  • What success with promoting Club5050 has your community had so far?

Application posts can be in any language.

Applications should be made by 11.59pm UTC on Monday, October 25th.

All communities are welcome to apply - including those who have already been selected for previous months.

Please drop a link to your application post in the comments below and, most importantly, include the tag #communities-202111 (in the first five tags).

The communities selected as the ‘Communities of the Month’ for November will be announced before the end of October.

For more information about the Communities of the Month Support Program please read the previous posts, including…

For November we are not setting any specific numbers for how many communities will be selected for the Communities of the Month Support Program.

We will determine how many communities are chosen to receive the @steemcurator01 and the @booming support packages once we see how many communities are supporting #club5050.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


Hello Steemit Team @steemcurator01 @steemitblog, this is Italy Community application post

This time we are very confident that we can be selected among the communities of the month!! 💪💪

We are counting on it and we hope you agree ✌️🙌

Thanks for the opportunity!

Best Regards

La Comunidad Crypto.Kids presenta su aplicación al programa.

Apoyamos el #club5050


Eşq olsun, Steemit Azerbaijan topluluğu! 🇦🇿💙❤💚

We are the Steemit Azerbaijan Community!

Here is our application for the November Support Program.

november application cover.png

Thank you very much for everything, dear Steemit Team! :)

We love Steemit. We're growing with Steemit. ❤️ ✌️🦾

As a community, we are doing great things. This is just the beginning.

Thank you to everyone who supports us on this path!
@revan746 Founder Of Community

Hər bir Steemit Azərbaycan toplumu üzvünə uğurlar arzulayıram

Superrrr. Əziyyətimiz yerdə qalmaz inşallah

İinşaallah bizim topluluq qalib olacaq Uğurlar bizə)

good luck deyək o zaman 🤝❤️

Azərbaycan topluluğu ən yaxşılardandır. Qalib gələcəyik👋

Hər birkəs Steem alsın, xeyir özümüzə qalsın !!!

Uğurlarımız bol olsun♥️

Steemit Azərbaycan projeləri sayəsində çox daha böyük uğurlara öz imzasını atacaq

We are doing a great job, guys! I really hope that Steemit Team will see our hard work on this platform!

Love you, Steemians! Good luck to Steemit Azerbaijan Community! 😎😍

SALAM #steemitazerbaijan🙋🏻‍♂️ Dostlar həmişəki qayda-qanunlarımı bu rəydə pozmaq istəyirəm.Bəzən olurki, uzun-uzadı yazmaqdansa "arifə bir işarə deyib" hissləri 1-2 hərəkət ilə qarşıdakına bildirmək olur...


Hər kəsə uğurlar. ALLAH hər kəsə xeyirli olanını nəsib etsin. AMİN🤲

Bu da işə yaramasa, Orxan iki əlim yaxanda olacaq🤭

Eşq olsun, Steemit Azerbaijan topluluğu! 🇦🇿💙❤💚 Yaşa!


Biz birlikdə güclüyük ❤️❤️❤️

Good luck to Steemit Azerbaijan. We are strong together!🫂💘

Qalib olmaq diləyi ilə🤍
Hər kəsə uğurlar:)

Good luck for Steemitazerbaijan

We are the best community

Uğurlarımız bol olsun

Good luck with this application, I hope we will be chosen

I'm in this group since the beginning, and I can tell that it grow very well, and for me is the best group, where I have the possibility both to teach and learn new skills

I think that steem.skillshare is the best place where to share the passions and skills, learn and teach at the same time, and enjoy a nice community

La comunidad #scouts y su cuenta curadora @hive-181136, junto a su equipo se comprometen a promocionar #club5050, #club75 y #club100.
Presentamos la Postulación de #Scout al programa de apoyo del mes de Noviembre 2021. Por @hive-181136


Esperamos seguir trabajando para crecer junto a nuestros amigos y miembros scouts.


Cint Mod Fjjrg.png

Mi apoyo para la comunidad #scouts, con objetivos claros y apoyo total a todos los que hacemos vida en este espacio.

Desde @hive-181136 me uno al club5050

No bs. If you need help finding trending cryptocurrencies, go here:
Your welcome.

Buenas noche. Vaya mi apoyo a la comunidad Scouts para que juntos sigamos creciendo.

Apoyo a total.. ha demostrado ser una comunidad organizada, equitativa con todos sus usuarios.
Desde @hive-181136 me uno al #club5050

La comunidad más transparente, justa y equitativa en su manejo administrativo, merece todo el apoyo.

Mi total apoyo a la comunidad Scouts; una de las más organizadas, transparente y equitativa; además orientada al crecimiento conjunto tanto de los integrantes de la comunidad como de la cuenta curadora.

Apoyo total a la comunidad #scouts, donde sus miembros se hacen una sola familia.


#club5050 is great initiative. SIZ Community will support club5050 and all admin team will show commitment towards it. We will introduce proper tutorial and guidelines to community members and encourahe maximum members to be part of 5050club.

Exciting things are going to happen in next few days. We will definitely apply for November.

Thank You

good initiative

Good initiative I will support as a members of SIZ #club5050

It is such a great idea,,
As the member of Steem Infinity Zone community we will support #club5050.

I will joined #club5050 😀😀😀.

Wow it is Good things to account value.😊
I will also support #club5050 .
as a member of @siz-official .😀😀

That's the decent thing for community movement.
I will support #club5050.
as a member of the SIZ community

It is a great movement for community
And as a member of Siz i will support #club5050

I am a member of the SIZ community and I made my first power-up of 20SBD yesterday in support of club5050😊

This is really amazing, a brilliant step for SIZ in the future, let's all contribute to this #club5050

Great step.....As member of SIZ I will support #club5050

This is great initiative. As a member of siz i support this #club5050.


It is a great initiative .As a member of SIZ i will also join it and follow it's rules and regulations.

This is very innovative and splendid addition. I am fully committed to the steemit community and so are all of us in campus connect community.

#clube5050 #campusconnect

Already doing first steps in this awesome community!

надеемся на победу)

Вместе мы сила!

We definitely deserve support!

Ini adalah post Aplikasi dari komunitas steem SEA, terimakasih atas pertimbangan Anda



Thank you for giving a great chance for users on Steem now to make decision what they would like to do with their account and for their future as well for the future of this wonderful blockchain that gave us so much. It was never so easy for users to gain Steem Power than it is now with the help of #club5050. For those of us who were here at very beginning it is easy to compare maybe because of that the older users can appreciate it more.

WOX Application for November 21:


El staking que se hace en steemit es necesario para que la moneda suba de precio, si todos vendemos el precio del steem no sube, no se si an observado el BTC esta en 61 mil y el steem esta en 0.57 dolares, algo que en meses pasado no era asi ya que cuando estaba en 60 mil el BTC el steem estaba a 1.2 dolares

Claro esto se debe a que se han creado muchas mas monedas y hay mas en circulacion pero, si vendemos va pasar igual que con SLP de axie Infinity y pongo este ejemplo por que es el mas reciente. y es una analogia pefecta.

Necesitamos hacer staking y esto se hace mediante el Power Up

i'm 100% behind the steem!
i've never pulled Steem off for 4 years!
I won't use this tag, which has something to do with self-respect !

Hi @steemitblog, this is our application Steem Entrepreneur Community :
Application For The Communities of the Month Support Program - November, 2021| Steem Entrepreneurs Community


Thank you for this great opportunity ...
Best regards

Very good, ready to work smarter in november, best wishes to all

Hola amigos, la idea del club 5050 me parece genial, de hecho yo vengo inviertiendo desde hace meses mas del 50% y hasta el 100% de mis recompensas semanales.
Ahora bien con todo respeto a los amigos @steemcurator01 y @steemcurator02 y a todo el equipo steemit, hay una parte de los lineamientos que es muy dificil que la mayoría de los venezolanos podamos cumplir, estoy segura que habrá quien si pueda, pero no todos, y es el hecho de que cada sbd o steem retirado sea encendido en igual cantidad. Por ejemplo si en mi semana tuve de recompensas 20 sbd, de los cuales invierto el 50% o sea 10sbd, lo logico es que los otros 10 sbd restantes los utilice para los gastos personales y de mi hogar, pero si los retiro debo invertir los mismos 10 sbd en encendido, y verdaderamente nuestra capacidad de ahorro en estos momentos es muy baja. Viene siendo como ahorrar todo nuestro salario, y de esa manera no podremos cubrir los gastos del hogar.
Me encantaría participar, estoy trabajando en mi crecimiento y apoyando el crecimiento de la plataforma, pero ese lineamiento no lo me lo permite.
Saludos, agradecida por el apoyo, les deseo mucho éxito en todos sus proyectos.

Hola amiga, siempre he visto como has invertido parte de tus recompensas haciendo crecer tu cuenta personal sin esperar nada a cambio "siendo ejemplo" para el resto de Venezolanos y siempre he admirado eso.

Estoy segura de que podrás participar fácilmente, incluso podrás invitar a los demás a que lo hagan.

Con respecto a tu inquietud sobre los lineamientos, es así como dices, si en la semana logras acumular 20 SBD líquidos en recompensas y deseas retirar 10, pues lógicamente debemos encender los otros 10 sbd.

SI Te refieres a que vas a ahorrar? Bueno si alguien que genera 20 SBD líquidos a la semana, deseara ahorrar lo obvio seria que no vendiera todo y dejara algo para el ahorro, todo es cuestión de administrarse. Las recompensas que producimos en steemit deberían ser vistas como un ingreso extra y obviamente deberíamos tener otra entrada de dinero que pueda cubrir los gastos del hogar. Es absurdo pensar vivir solamente o depender de steemit.

Es parecido al sistema de caridad donde las personas participaron sin ningún problema y muchas agregaron el 50% al beneficio de la caridad. Ahora en vez de regalar el 50% podrán invertirlos en su cuenta.

En fin, en este post han dejado claro que ahora solo apoyaran a los usuarios comprometidos con esta estrategia de crecimiento. Espero que no te quedes atrás y te unas al barco.

Hola concuerdo en lo que dice la amiga @genomil porque solo los que hacemos vida en la plataforma y nos esforzamos para crear contenidos de calidad, y aun asi no cubrimos todo.

En lo personal si estoy de acuerdo en que la plataforma crezca porque todos y no solo los venezolanos nos hemos alimentado de ella, en esta parte creo que si los venezolanos, entonces los que apenas estan entrando en la plataforma se van a ir porque no tendrán con que.

Esto quiere decir que quien no acceda a esto, mas nunca será visto, apoyado por @steemcurator01 y @steemcurator02 no debería de ser. Yo lo veo como algo que si o si hay que hacerlo y el que no, entonces quedara en una lista del olvido.

SI así como piden tantos avances, porque no hacen seguimientos de esas cuentas fantasmas que dan votos negativos como vienen haciendo conmigo desde hace un mes, hice un post al respecto y ninguno de los mas pesados, no me apoyo, porque si es a otra persona que le llegan a diario estos votos negativos se desmotivan.

Poco a poco nos van como quitando lo que nos cuesta, ahora las comunidades no todas, piden configurar o beneficiar al 1o% 15% 20% y hasta un 30% , cosas que no garantizan votos grandes, sino siempre para los mismos.

EL que lo pueda hacer que lo haga pero no olvidar a los que no pueden, cuando yo empecé en la plataforma, no existían esas cosas, y los logros eran por nosotros mismos apoyando a los demas y viceversa, en vez de ir haciendo las cosas digamos mas llevaderas, como que lo estan haciendo mas difíciles.

Sin olvidar que a veces no podemos hacer nuestras publicaciones seguidamente por los problemas de electricidad, de a baja señal de internet.

Yo en realidad no digo que no pero tampoco lo podría hacer ahorita, desde unos meses atrás mis sbd se van en puras necesidades básicas la principal la alimentación., yo tengo un hijo con condición y así otros tienen también tienen sus necesidades.

Vimos en esta plataforma como una tabla de salvación a los problemas económicos, no será para ser millonarios, pero si para sobrellevar la vida porque quienes tenemos un salario no alcanza y el que no tiene ningún salario para esto es una ayuda.

Ya tengo un buen tiempo que mis sbd no han podido llegar a 15 sbd lo mas es hasta 8 y de ahí los tengo que gastar porque hay necesidades.

Espero que con todo esto no vaya ser tomado en cuenta en mi contra.

Lo que sucede es que vemos todo esto para mal y no vemos los beneficios que tendremos en un futuro, Piensa de esta forma recuerda que si todos hacemos esto, habra menos monedas en ciruclacion, y gracias a esto el steem va subir de precio y esa tiene que ser la meta de todos, que el steem suba de precio como antes, no se si recuerdas pero hace unos meses el BTC estaba en 60 mil y el steem en 1.2, ahora analiza por que al dia de hoy no sucede lo mismo??

Todos estamos vendiendo apenas cobramos y eso es lo que pasa, y si no queremos que nuestras ganancias se vallan al piso tenemos que hacer POWER UP, no por que a la hora de hacerlo vamos a ganar mas por votos, Eso no va pasar por que lo estas viendo de manera individual pero si lo ves de manera Univerzal, la cantidad e steem que va estar circulando va ser menor, y por tanto el precio tiene que dispararse .

En resumidas cuentas si hacemos Power Up el precio del steem tiene que subir, y esa tiene que ser la meta de todos,

Hacer power Up

Los venezolanos son los que menos ganan. Y los venezolanos que retiran lo poco que ganan no afectan de manera sustancial a la plataforma.

Existen muchos usuarios de otras latitudes que ganan muchísimo y retiran muchísimo. Hay que tomar en cuenta ese gran detalle.

Pienso que también debería haber más inversionistas, es decir creer más en el steem e invertir en los mercados de criptos.

Personalmente, estoy de acuerdo con el Club pero creo que las condiciones de participación pueden mejorar.


Hay que buscar la manera de fomentar el staking de steem, y mas en esos usuarios que sacan grandes cantidades por el empleo de bots.

Sin duda alguna estan dañando la economia. y eso que son inversionistas de la plataforma segun tengo entendido.

Coincido totalmente con lo que planteas amiga @genomil, la iniciativa es muy buena, pero hay una realidad y es que tambien necesitamos cubrir nuestros gastos personales para los cuales invertimos tiempo, esfuerzo y hasta dinero, en crear diferentes contenidos de calidad a la plataforma.

Creo que deben evaluar esta regla, porque de lo contrario a muchos se nos haria imposible, de igual manera aplaudo las iniciativas en pro del crecimiento y auge que se le de a nuestro steem. Espero y pronto recibamos respuesta a la misma, saludos al esuipo de steemitblog.

Estoy completamente de acuerdo contigo @genomil y eso sin contar que muchos de los venezolanos no tenemos ese ingreso de 20sbd semanal en mi caso puedo decir que ni 10 a la semana por lo cual se hace difícil lo poco que uno pueda hacer.

Si puedo decir que podemos invertir la mitad, pero luego al sacar también la otra mitad que queda? Esta excelente la iniciativa sin embargo deberían evaluar esa otra parte.

Great move and urdu community made online meeting with its members team, every community member will take participate in #club5050 to # club100 , urdu community will be in lead 🤗😍

This an awesome initiative, me and the entire #steempromoafrica have accepted this project #club5050,
Please sir what is the dead line for the submission?

I am so glad to see the rules of #club5050, thank you for that!

We will do our best to motivate our users to participate in the project :)

I support you in this matter!

Hello, respected steemitblog team. Once again here is our application for this month

Sincerely, Steem Baseball crew

Imagen1 (3).png

Greetings steemitblog team, here our application for this month


Sincerely, Steem Sports crew


Greetings friend @steemitblog.

It is an effective strategy for the growth of our accounts, I support the #club5050, because I am a Power Up lover, and I try as much as possible to get more users to join.

We will continue to grow.

Buen día Equipo de Steemit, aquí la Comunidad Impulso y su Postulación al programa de apoyo

Esperamos ser seleccionados para este mes, le deseamos a las demás comunidades muchísima suerte y éxitos!

Gracias por leer,

Saludos <3

I'm proud of this community @campusconnectng . We actively participate in the #club5050 movement. 🏆✅✅🎉🎉

We will start promoting the recent # club5050 initiative. However, the Venezuelan Steem Community receives few votes.
Right now, for example, we have 238 active posts and $96 of pending rewards.


Esto es una gran iniciativa, sera bueno para el ecosistema Steem ver cantidad de usuarios activos con el aumento de su poder.! Ya nos reuniremos con el equipo para pautar esta nueva etapa dentro del programa de apoyo.

We are third to apply :)

Please, consider our participation in the program.
Thank you in advance!

Steem-Travelers application

I support this community.

Greetings, @steemitblog
Here is the application for GLOBAL STEEM Community
long global steem stripe.gif

@steemitblog, an excellent proposal to strengthen our platform, which I join. And I will also encourage the users of the platform to actively participate in the proposal.

@steemitblog, una excelente propuesta para fortalecer nuestra plataforma, a la que me uno. Y también animaré a los usuarios de la plataforma a participar activamente en la propuesta.

Kami sangat berharap kepada steemcurator 01/02 dan booming untuk mendukung kembali komunitasnya #STEEMFORBETTERLIFE karena di komunitas ini kami mendonasikan 50% untuk membangun pembangunan bagi yang sangat membutuhkan.

wow its a wonderful idea #club5050

El día de ayer asistimos a la meet-up Barquisimeto/Venezuela, y hablamos bastante de este punto, nos aclararon algunas dudas, nos pareció una excelente iniciativa, felicidades y que continúen los éxitos🤗

Have been participating in the club5050 initiative since the start with constant powering up and will be absolutely delighted to be a part of it alongside the whole community

Together we grow.

Good information for all steemit user...o hope i can do it...👍👍

Thank you sir for making clear rules about #club5050. The idea of ​​building a "5050 club" is very rational because everyone needs to cash out the prizes but most importantly don't forget to increase the strength of their account. However, the idea of ​​building club75 and club 100 is only for people who believe in steem investment because they have great faith in the future growth of steem.

I will support 💪and voice to many people about club100 ❤️. thanks, have fun.

@steemitblog, Thanks for the news! Will act according to the rules;)

This is of course a great initiative...I'll also take part in it shortly.

does that mean we have to power up an extra 50% because when I get payouts half of my payout goes into power up anyways.

Yes. Every time you make a withdrawal to Bittrex you would have to convert at least an equal amount to Steem Power to qualify for #club5050 support.

It's a great initiative and I think #neverpowerdownclub could be a good initiative too.

No exageres, hay personas que tienen necesidades, y a veces les toca realizar esa acción. y pueden ser vetados gracias a una iniciativa tan nefasta como esa. y esa no es la idea.

Lo siento pero no entiendo a qué te refieres.
Solo puedo decirte una cosa y que soy el administrador de una de las comunidades de más larga duración en Steemit y si decidiera apagar mi cuenta, mi comunidad, desaparecería en una semana. Tienes suerte de poder sacar tanto STEEM de tu billetera. Lamentablemente, no puedo hacer lo mismo porque tengo que cuidar de toda una comunidad con mis pequeños votos a favor.

I know the longevity of your community and I know the effort you have made to maintain it.

no tiene sentido hacer power up si después de esto se apagaran, por el contrario si utilizan correctamente su SP probablemente no necesitaran hacer esto!

To be honest, this is what I meant to say to our community members. How I wish all of us must power up most especially that most of the community members had inly below 500SP. I encouraged them but some people are not listening. And I am so much grateful that I passed this post and I am so much happy to this initiative. Thank you fir your effort and we should think about a sustainable future of steemit. Thank you @steemitblog.

Hello steeemit team @steemitblog, please check where there are problems with this post so it doesn't get curated from your team. here is the link [POWER UP AGAIN, EXCHANGE FOUR SBD TO STEEM FOR NOW PRICES AND EARN 49,954 STEEM.]( -to-steem-for-now-prices-and-earn-49-954-steem)

This is a good system to stimulate the growth and construction of Steem Power, I will be happy to join this initiative, I think it is good to explain how to do it and as people see the results, they will find a way to join. As always, it is important to join the sentiment of the platform, which is to try to make users strengthen their Steem Power, which is what makes the accounts contribute and earn at the same time within the ecosystem..

Thank you very much for this initiative.

Greetings :D

So why did you just cash out all your liquid STEEM and SBD !!!!

Nearly 4000 STEEM in total...

I have not charged them, I have only placed them in Poloniex so as not to have them exposed. I can show it at any time.

Why not move them into Savings or Power up?

Hello Sir. @steemcurator01

Of the 4016, I brought back 2500.


And I have done power up.


With this I will be participating this week, since I have lit 62% of what I owned. With this I am trying to exceed expectations by powering up with the 62% of profits that I have made in more than a week.

Obviously I will do this practice with each publication, one by one.

Thank you always for your support.


I always do Power Up as you can see from my Steem Power, I do it on the 1st of every month. The idea is to try to trade to increase the Steem. And if you can review I have also brought Steem from Poloniex to Steemit. I'm just looking for a way to get more Steem. My goal is to really grow in SP. You can see from my recent history that I brought Steem to Steemit from Poloniex. What I do is move it. I think one of the things we are learning at the Cryptoacademy is to trade and increase our assets. In my case, I am not a person who constantly charges. As you can see. Hope this can answer your questions.

We started our new community journey, inviting you to visit our community.


Wow, how can @inspiracion earn so much on Steemit?

Saludos amigo tengo una pequeña duda!? No se debe realizar una publicación para cada encendído verdad? pero si realizo un The Diary Game o una receta de comida en una comunidad allí puedo incluir la etiqueta club5050??siempre y cuando ese día haya realizado un encendido?
Y ya quedará en ustedes revisar mi wallet y verificarlo??

Otra cosa, el tiempo para esto es indefinido??

Si hago mi publicación de club5050 lo tendría que tomar desde los ,7 días anteriores hasta la actualidad??

Saludos espero me.puedan aclarar las dudas!!

Si amiga alli se menciona, no necesitas agregar la etiqueta a un post especial, simplemente a posts regulares si tú haces esto.

I love this new initiative. It's about working for the future of Steemit and our accounts. I sign up to participate and collaborate as much as possible to this #club5050. I am very happy to participate, and I hope that many users will also make the decision to join the club and invest a little more in their Steemit accounts.

Greetings and blessings.

Isabella Moreno. Community Moderator.

Club5050 is a good idea to know people about the importance of powering up.

Have one question, since few of us set some % as a beneficiary to support the community, can we use 50% from the remaining % for power up as part of Club5050? Like if we set 10% beneficiary then use 45% for power-up from the remaining 90%, will this work in this program?

Also, can we do 50% power up at the time of when redeeming a reward, like if redeeming 4 SBD then use 2 SBD for power-up or like schedule weekly or monthly to power-up 50% whatever is the total earning in week/month?

Can this only consider during cashout or anytime like at the time of redeeming rewards.

Thanks for asking.

Yo opino que esto debe ser algo opcional, y no una imposición, pero si concientizamos a las personas de como nos podemos beneficiar al hacer power up estoy seguro que no habrá necesidad de ideas que hagan que las personas sientan que son atacadas de alguna u otra forma.

Sabemos que cada cabeza es un mundo y todos pensamos diferente, pero la idea que se tiene que manejar para esta iniciativa es la mas lógica, y es que si la mayoría hacemos power Up por lógica la cantidad de monedas que estarían circulando es menor, esto tendría que impulsar el precio del steem, y todos en la plataforma deberíamos tener claro y fomentar esto.

Imaginen un steem en 2 dólares seria hermoso.

Yo opino que esto debe ser algo opcional, y no una imposición

Please note that all posts submitted for @ booming support MUST be successfully participating in # club5050.

The Steemit-Garden community will definitely support the club 5050 program!

Thank you for the good information, I will start posting on #club5050 and joining this program.

thank you for this Announcemenet.

Since this is about investing in our accounts, strengthening the ecosystem, I will do it but first I must catch up, I have retired and I must do it again since I have an urgent need with the roof of my house and I have saved for weeks to solve it.
I am grateful and want to support as much as I can, as soon as I resolve this which will be very soon, I will join this club, as I continue to ignite and motivate to do so.
Thank you Steemit !
#onepercent #venezuela #affable

It will be difficult for the little ones to do this, I have found myself in the need to make constant withdrawals, but this week I have had acceptable profits and that is why I will begin to raise power.

The incredible thing is that there are people who have incredible profits with a minimum of effort and do not increase their power.

Those of us who live in the crypto academy to earn a vote of 20 have to study and answer complicated tests in the tasks.

Thats Good #club5050
me and our members also power up and working #club5050 tags and waiting for results.



This is an excellent initiative to promote the strengthening of Steemit. It is a win-win situation. No one really expects to be rewarded for strengthening their own account, so I see this as a gift. #Club5050 looks like a promise of success. Great!

What a great movements 😄

InsyaaAllah as a member, I will support this good initiative
Have a blessed day 😇


Hi @steemitblog,

#clu5050 is a good initiative.It will encourage members to invest in their SteemPower and so will help to support members and communities.I have done a power up already.

It is a great move, we are eagerly waiting for it, and will apply and support thanks

Greetings. Thank you very much for your support curators! I agree with this initiative. Sometimes I usually transfer part of my rewards to my sister and my mother so that they can sell them for me due to lack of time, but I understand perfectly that I should not do it anymore. With the club5050 surely the Steem will have a great boost and the currency will get stronger every time !!

Ya #club5050 is a good initiative to strengthen steemit community we are here for not making money only but also to provide strength to steemit economy

@steem-cameroon already has 2 initiatives that have the same objectives as the @club5050. The Cameroon Steemit Njangi and the SP Achievement Pledge Program.
The Cameroon Steemit Njangi contributes 56 SBD weekly and 50% of it is given to one beneficiary and then the remaining 50% is used to power up the community account. We're making a lot of progress with this initiative that has already pumped over 300SBD into the community account and the feedback from members of the iniative is very inspiring.

The SP Achievement Pledge challenges Cameroonian Steemians to make a pledge and then commit to powering up 50% or more of their earnings to achieve the pledge goal within a particular time frame. Feedback from steemians who are part of this initiative is very encouraging and some of them have already realized their goals. We will encourage more members to join the initiative.
We look forward to doing more with respect to investing in Steem and laud the efforts of the Steemit Team with respect to recognizing and rewarding Steemians who are committed to investing in Steemit.


Wow this is a serious endeavor, i am happy for this post and enlightmen on the new changes on STEEMIT.

Excellent initiative! It will produce such a positive environment for steemit if #club5050 an it’s use becomes normal. Appreciated much!

Noted and well understood


The Latino community is postulating again:

Hola a todos, apoyo al 100% a esta hermosa comunidad @hive-181136, para mi una de las mejores comunidades, siempre con temáticas interesante, buenos comentarios y el apoyo a todos nuestros post.. Saludos 🙏

Pertaining to #club5050, I think it's a great idea. I wasn't aware of it, but now I'm going to start keeping an eye on that tag, too.

I also have another suggestion. If the goal is to encourage powering up, have you considered ways to use your own curation power to make powering up more profitable for Steemizens? By directing curation rewards, you can create positive reinforcement for voters as well as authors.

Two things come to mind for me:

  1. You could preannounce a certain percentage of your votes (i.e. we're going to vote on post XYZ in 2 days, get your votes in now!), which would give other curators a chance to "pile on" and collect easy curation rewards. Over time, you could increase/decrease the percentage of preannounced votes and compare it to changes in power-up numbers and/or STEEM prices in order to find the right balance between your own curation rewards and staking behavior. (Ideally, in the Steem paradigm, I think one of the goals for the largest stakeholders should be to use curation rewards for "training" lower-stakes voters to identify preferred content, so this helps with that goal, too....)
  2. You could keep an eye on the voting trails of users who are maintaining certain levels of Steem power and intentionally follow some of their votes (only on attractive/valuable posts, of course) in order to increase the rewards they get for staking.

I have experimented with variants on both of these strategies with my own stake, but unfortunately I don't have enough to move the dial. ;-)

Great news we are in an excellent time in Steemit !!

Buenas noticias para la comunidad steemit .

Soon when the science and technology community grows we will make our request.

This is a really great initiative. Personally,I would be powering up everything until I reach my Steemit goal so let's power up shall we

hi i am a new here

To take part in Club5050, anytime you cash out or transfer away any STEEM or SBD, you must power up an equal (or greater amount) at the same time.

Is it necessary to cash out for being a part of the club? Or can we powerup 50% without cashing out to be eligible?

If you choice no cashout 50% is better!

Whenever your powerup is greater than cash out i think you are eligible :)

Greetings of the day Steemit Team!

We are happy to place our application for the month of November and hoping for the best for the Steemit Iron Chef community!

SIC Communities Support Program Application November 2021

Best Regards!

@club5050 great initiative.Will certainly try this out.

Un saludo cordial, por medio de éste, quiero dar mi apoyo total a la comunidad #Scouts, ya que ha Sido una gran familia, totalmente transparente, muy bien organizada y esforzada para hacer crecer está comunidad, llevando múltiples temas educativos, concursos, etc.

Un saludo cordial, por medio de éste, quiero dar mi apoyo total a la comunidad #Scouts, ya que ha Sido una gran familia, totalmente transparente, muy bien organizada y esforzada para hacer crecer está comunidad, llevando múltiples temas educativos, concursos, etc.