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Hello, Respected Steemit Team and Dear Steemians!

november application cover.png

Steemit Azerbaijan Community, one of the fastest growing communities of the Steemit Platform, is making this application for the November Support Program.

First of all, we'd like to thank all the Steemit Team for supporting us in the last two support programs. We are trying to do our best each time!

Without further ado, we'd like to introduce you to our community again.

com purpose.png

Steemit Azerbaijan Community is the only community that represents Azerbaijan as a country on the Steemit platform.

The aim of our community is to bring together the users joining the Steemit Platform from Azerbaijan and to represent our country Azerbaijan here in the best possible way.

Although most of the writers in our community are Azerbaijani and Turkish writers, we are for everyone who produces quality content regardless of their language, religion, gender and race. Especially, after the growth of our community and the launch of our Steemit Student project, the number of foreigners abroad joining our community has increased considerably.

Regardless of the language they write, everyone who writes quality content in our Community, within the framework of the rules set by the Steemit Platform and within the framework of the rules specific to our Community, is rewarded by our community's curation account and our other users with a big amount of SP.

Even you can not find any post that is quality, but did not get an upvote!

community team.png

Steemit Azerbaijan Community has 4 management members: admin-@revan746, moderators-@cameron99, @nurengizbagirova and @famil. All management members of our community are from Azerbaijan and they can all speak Azerbaijani, Turkish, English and Russian very well.

Despite 4 management members, we have some plans for managing the community from this month. We explain these in detail in the Plans & Updates section below.

Considering all possible worst-case scenarios, our community's management members shared their account passwords with each other. Thus, we are confident in the reliability and security of our community management.

On the other hand, we also considered the possibility of our admin leaving our community. If such a thing happens, our admin will hand over his own admin to one of the current management members, with the votes of everyone in the community through an election.

com cur account.png

The Community Curation Account of our community is @steem-azerbaijan.

steeemit azerbaijan cover.png

As Steemit Azerbaijan Community, our biggest goal is to become a fully self-sufficient community. Of course, the first requirement to be a self-sufficient community is to have more and more SP. Knowing this, we have a strong, clear plan and strategy to collect more SP which worked very well in the past months.

As we stated in our application last month, we built a strong SP collection policy that is called "2+1" SP Collection Policy.

The main lines of this strategy are as follows:

Sp policy 2.png
Plus Sign for Steemit.png
Sp policy plus one.png

In addition to this strategy, all posts to be shared from this account will be shared with #club5050 starting nowadays.

In conclusion, thanks to these strategies and plannings we have established, the amount of SP in our community curation account has increased by 10,000 this month alone and reached at 25,031.

Of these SP, 23,459 SP are delegations and the remaining 1572 are its own SP.

Let us show you a comparison of SP figures for September and October:

comparing sp amount.png

If we sum up, thanks to the strong sense of reliability and the strong education system we have established within the Steemit Azerbaijan Community, the number of members joining and delegating to our Community is constantly increasing. Of course, The Forming Trust and Credibility is always the most important priority for us!

We'd like to introduce you to a statistic too. While the number of members who delegated to our curation account was 13 in August and 44 in September, now it has reached 55 in October.

Here is the list of our delegates as follows:

Delegator The amount of Delegation
@raul93 3,377 SP
@deniz-ismayil 1,897 SP
@isa545 1,274 SP
@orkhanus 1,022 SP
@zaxar22 1,010 SP
@revan746 1,005 SP
@aliya96 1,002 SP
@nergiz2001 1,001 SP
@murik77 1,001 SP
@nergiz2001 1,001 SP
@nermin2003 1,001 SP
@sefa86 1,001 SP
@miri97 859 SP
@khagani 802 SP
@arifko 580 SP
@yusif79 577 SP
@nurengizbagirova 573 SP
@bextiyar97 500 SP
@vasifalibeyli 490 SP
@orxan-m-50 380 SP
@kriptoqraf 331 SP
@ceylanmumoglu 300 SP
@tugbabeauty 251 SP
@edik055 200 SP
@famil 200 SP
@gulaybagirzade 200 SP
@mehman1 190 SP
@elvin.xelilzade 156 SP
@ispin 150 SP
@zeka313 145 SP
@mandello1 137 SP
@baycan 130 SP
@ugur21 125 SP
@elcinaxmed 105 SP
@aydanismayil 105 SP
@aga93 100 SP
@habil007 100 SP
@rasim7582 100 SP
@meryem20 97 SP
@sefayet 90 SP
@taryel059 90 SP
@elyaz63 90 SP
@afer1952 90 SP
@afer1952 90 SP
@uzercanan 87 SP
@aybenizmemmedova 80 SP
@cameron99 75 SP
@ebulfez85 64 SP
@likmekani 58 SP
@miniklady 50 SP
@subconsciousness 50 SP
@ulvi93 50 SP
@melisa2020 45 SP
@imdad81 20 SP
@emil.agayev 17 SP
@juve87 10 SP

We POWER UP almost all the rewards from the posts shared by our main account.Of course, If needed, a very small portion of incoming rewards is stored in liquid Steem to be distributed in community contests.

On the other hand, since we have won the booming support program in the last two months, we POWERED UP all rewards coming from the posts upvoted by booming.

Furthermore, we also have a clear strategy for funding our contests. In order to fund these contests with less cost, we demand 100 % upvotes from every user who wants to participate in the contest. In this way, we conserve more rewards coming from the posts and dedicate almost all of them to Powering Up.

All admins and moderators of our community have access to our curation account and its voting , but since each admin and moderators have their own task in the community, we elected @revan746 and @cameron99 (from this month) for setting and adjusting the whole voting process. On the other hand, all of our admins and moderators participate in choosing poscess of daily best posts.

The current Voting CSI score of @steem-azerbaijan is 10.0 ( 2.84 % self, 291 upvotes, 86 accounts, last 7d ).

plagiarism and abuse.png

One of our greatest achievements is that no posts within our Community have received any plagiarism warnings until this time, more exactly during the whole support program in the last two months.

This is absolutely the result of our regular awareness-raising policies and our individual approach to each post within our community. That is, we urge community members on our Discord and Telegram channels almost every day to be careful about plagiarism and abuse. On top of that, we also regularly share contents about plagiarism and abuse on our Curation Account and Steemit Azerbaijan Youtube channel.

You ask who are specifically responsible for checking the posts shared in our community. All of our management members are responsible for this important task. One of our admins, @cameron99 specifically works on this hard task and also some volunteers helps him to deal with this task.

On the other hand, you ask how we check plagiarism and abuse. We are trying to use cutting-edge tools for this purpose. We mostly use Google Search and SmallSeoTool.


During this October, Steemit Azerbaijan Community gained the highest participation and engagement rate of all time and broke last month's record.

engagement rate.png

The percentage ratio of the number of subscribers to the active posters was around 13% in August, was around 18% in Spetember and this figure increased by 3% once again and reached at 21% in October. This means we gained 3% growth compared to the last month. If we consider that our community is not even more than 6 months old, this is a pretty good number. We are constantly growing!

The figures above were about the overall engagement performance of our community. Now we will now tell you about the role of our community team in this engagement and commenting.

All posts shared within our community are carefully checked daily, especially because of the danger of plagiarism and abuse, and so, all of our team members try to comment on each checked post as far as we can as well.

Especially, in terms of commenting, after we launched Steemit Student Project, our community has gained a great amount of commenting and engagement. We are really happy to mention this fact that Students added big colourfullness into our community. Thank you very much, dear Steemit Students of Steemit Azerbaijan! :)

On the other hand, as of this month, the number of people joining our community from other communities has increased, that's why the number of posts in our community reached an incredible amount, even 1500's.

Furthermore, starting this month, we are organizing competitions called The Most Active User of the Week just to increase activity in which the winner is awarded 20 STEEM.

most active user of week.png

Also, most of our users organizes independent FORUM's. In these forums, various issues are discussed in the comment section. This is really working way to increase commenting.

Currently, our most active users are @orxan-50, @nurengizbagirova, @ceylanmumoglu and our dear student @aybenizmemmedova.

plans & updates.png

Recently, Steemit Azerbaijan Community has made incredible progress. In particular, the increase in foreign visitors and the start of the Steemit Student Project have a great role in this process.

With the growth of business in our community, we have identified some plans to further organize things for the next month and we'd like to share those plans with you.

We have 4 most important plans for the next month:

  • Further promoting #club5050 within the community
  • Selecting and training a moderator from among the Students themselves to help us with our work on the Steemit Student Project.
  • Giving everyone the opportunity to organize competitions in the community. In these competitions that we will fund, both the organizer of the competition and the winner of the competition will be rewarded with 5 steems. Each account will have the right to organize this type of competition once a week, not more.
  • Prepare regular, detailed reports on Steemit Student and #club5050 every weekend

In general, almost all the plans and updates related to the community are shared by our community curation account - @steem-azerbaijan. Of course, some news might be shared by our team members.

Furthermore we share the latest and fresh innovative crypto news and some of our live trading on @smartmtoken in order to give our community members up-to-date information about the cryptocurrencies used in Steemit. Thus, our community members access the latest news about Bitcoin, Steem, SBD and Trx in our native language.


Steemit Azerbaijan Community has made a huge progress in Promotion this month by launching the Steemit Student Project.

Before going into detailed information about our Steemit Student Project, we would like to introduce you once again to the general Promotion Plan of the Steemit Azerbaijan Community.

Steemit Azerbaijan Community carries out its Promotion Plann through two main channels: 1. digital channels, 2. traditional channels.

We have conducted our digital marketing policy mostly on Facebook and Youtube only, but from this month we also launched Instagram page of Steemit Azerbaijan.

social media channels.png

Now Steemit Azerbaijan Community has its own Facebook page and Youtube channel and Instagram page.

On the online side, we have an existence on Telegram and Discord. With the start of the Steemit Student Project this month, we also established the Steemit Student Telegram channel, which consists of only students. Thus, we currently have 2 telegram and 1 discord channels. The links of the channels are as follows:

Steemit Azerbaijan Telegram channel
Steemit Azerbaijan Discord channel
Steemit Student Telegram channel

Innovations and new plans for our community are first discussed and announced on these channels with the participation of everyone. Also, these channels help us educate people about Steemit.

Coming to our traditional marketing strategy, as you know, we have had some projects in this area, we do not want to talk about them again. You have already seen it in previous applications.

group meeting.png

These projects include face to face meetings with people wherever we go, weekly meetings with community members, distributing T-Shirts with Steemit Azerbaijan Community written on them and creating "Walking ADS" effect, Banner ads with Steemit Azerbaijan Community written on them, stuck on cars and so on.

From this month, we started a magnificent and large-scale project called Steemit Student in order to introduce Steemit to the large student audience in our country.

steemit student logo.png

Namely, since March of 2020, all the courses have been conducted online in all universities of our country due to the pandemic. After a hiatus of almost 2 years, our country finally returned to the offline education system last month.

Considering that there is a large audience of high-quality students, we decided to bring this audience on Steemit. Before launching this project, we started a poll in our community and everyone supported the Steemit Student project.

In short, we would like to provide information about the project.

What is Steemit Student?

Steemit Student project is a project that aims to give students a scholarship of 31 dollars (50 azn in Azerbaijan currency) every month in return for the quality blogs they write on Steemit Platform.

To participate in the scholarship program, students must go through 2 stages: 1. verification stage in which they must prove that they are a student to us, 2. they must write 12 blogs on Steemit every month under the guidelines we have determined.

NOTE: currently, we have started the Steemit Student project only for students from Azerbaijan. This has been an experiment for us and the experiment period finished successfully. Foreign students from the next month will also be able to participate in the Steemit Student Scholarship Program.

The verification process of students is carried out by our admins via Telegram and Discord. To get approved, the students need to provide us with a photo of their student card. Furthermore, after the verification process, we offer Steemit-related lessons to all approved students via telegram and discord. While these lectures are only online at the moment, we will also have live meetings, seminars in the near future.

Approved students have a Green Checkmark next to their Steemit Profile. You see the example below:

mary aghazade.png
tik nargiz.png

On the other hand, we created a tag called #steemitstudent to control all student posts. Students should use this tag without exception in all their posts written for the scholarship program.

Although we started the project recently, now over 10 students have already joined this Scholarship Program and are sharing their posts in Steemit Azerbaijan Community.

You can now see the list of those students, the date when they joined and when they will get their scholarships below:

steemit student excel list.png

Respected Steemit Team, if we have succeeded in launching the Steemit Student project today, the support we have received from the booming tier 2 in the last two months has played a major role here. After we explained to our students the importance of your support, they prepared a THANK YOU video for you! :)

Thank you very much again, dear team! :)

You can get acquainted with the details of the Steemit Student Project from our announcement about the Steemit Student Project. The announcement post is as follows:

We Launched Steemit Student! - Steemit Student Təqaüd Proqramını açıq elan edirik || Announcement

After the Steemit Student Project, our next goal is to start our Steemit Cafe project which we plan to open in the capital Baku.

As we mentioned in our previous applications, the only obstacle to starting the Steemit Cafe project is that we do not have a larger audience number. Despite this, a large crowd is about to gather in our community, especially thanks to the Steemit Student Project. We hope that we will start our Steemit Cafe project very soon.

This cafe will not only be the place where our community members will gather, but it will also be the place where all the great writers, bloggers and thinkers in our country will gather and will introduce Steemit Platform and our community to all people coming there.

anything else.png

In this section, we will first answer these questions: " Why should Steemit Azerbaijan Community be chosen?", secondly "How does our community support Club5050?", and lastly "How do we control #steemitexclusive tag in all posts?".

Why should Steemit Azerbaijan Community be chosen?

We have listed 3 main reasons for you why you should consider our community:

  1. As you saw above, Steemit Azerbaijan Community is really doing successful projects and works. We have clear strategies and plans that lead our community to be one of the greatest communities on this platform. As you will see the statistics below, we use all the support of you in a very efficient way.

  2. During the last two months of winning the Booming support program, our Community has tried to use this support to the maximum extent. That's why, in the last 2 months, the amount of SP in our community curation account has increased more than 8 times - from 3000's to 25,000's.Nearly everyone in our community has converted the rewards coming from Booming posts into SP and delegated them to our curation account.

    No need for any words, the figures and statistics show everything. So, the community curation account of Steemit Azerbaijan Community-@steem-azerbaijan is currently ranked 18th in the "List of total sp of curator account of all communities of steemit"published by @toufiq777. But we were in 22nd place in the last application.

    comparing last app.png

  3. Steemit Azerbaijan Community is one of the most active communities on the Steemit Platform. Here too, we want to talk with the figures and statistics.

    Below you can see the number of subscribers to the active posters in the Steemit Azerbaijan community this month. Although the rankings have declined, our community has seen a 4 % increase compared to the last month.

    active user ratio.png

    The Data above was taken from an article called "List of Communities according to Subscribers and Active posters"published by @toufiq777.

One of the most important things that make our community special is the Trust and Credibility we have earned among our community members. Everyone is sure that the upvotes are distributed fairly. All members believe in the future-oriented initiatives and activities of our community. That is why the number of our delegations and the number of joining from other communities is constantly increasing as well.

How does our community support Club5050?

First of all, we would like to state that we fully support the #club5050 project and thank you very much for starting the project. __

Even before the #club5050 project, as we mentioned above, almost everyone in our community was converting their awards into SP and making them a delegate to our main account__.

Our community is new to #club5050, so not everyone posts with #club5050 tag. But we started to raise awareness about this project in our community. Some of our members have already started to share posts with this tag and this number is increasing day by day. Some of those posts are below:


You can be sure that one of the two biggest topics discussed in our Community's Telegram and Discord channels lately is #club5050, and the other is Steemit Student. Everyone in our community knows the importance of SP, which is why almost all of the rewards are POWER UP. Now it is our duty to make these POWER UP-s official in our posts with the tag #club5050. As a result of our encouraging policy, our goal from next month is to see the tag #club5050 in all posts in our community.

Do we encourage only #steemexclusive posts in your community?

Yes. We assure you that all posts shared in our community have the #steemexclusive tag. Our admins, moderators are regularly reviewing all shared posts. We have no concerns regarding this important issue. It is our first tag all the time.

Dear Steemit Team, we believe that we deserve to win the support program with what we have done and will do. The development of our community and the projects we have done are before the eyes in numbers. :)

Thank you very much for your time and attention!


Steemit Azerbaijan Community

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