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Respected steemit team !!@steemitblog,


First of all, a lot of love and affection to all the steemit community and steemit team. I will share the details about the Urdu Community
in this monthly community support program application today and we very much hope that this program will create a new spirit in the communities.

And I wish all the Communities success on the steemit blockchain and the Urdu Community
also plays and is playing an important role in this matter.

The monthly community support program is an excellent program and should not be underestimated as it will go a long way in developing and promoting communities. I will now provide information about the Urdu Community
in this application which will provide information about the future plans and current programs of this community.

Introduction and Community Purpose

Urdu community is participating very vital role to creating quality content, Urdu community is taking participate to make the steemit one of the quality content creator place.Urdu is a language spoken and understood all over the world. And Urdu-speaking Community live in Europe,US, in all over the world, India and Pakistan. Urdu community culture is very rich and has a distinct identity.

The culture, traditions and lifestyle of Urdu community people are very beautiful. The purpose of this community is to bring together Urdu community and those who understand and encourage Urdu speakers on the steemit.

Urdu-speaking people can beautify the Urdu community with poetry, novels, dramas, satires and many other great writings. About 30 different posts are being written on a daily basis in this community. These posts include cooking techniques, diary, tourism and various topics, about which users are writing posts in Urdu community.

Because the Urdu speakers were very worried that they could not understand or read English or any other language and no one was giving importance to Urdu an d now urdu community provide support to all language but also urdu community .

Hopefully, now the Urdu community will get a separate identity on steemit blockchain, and the steemit team has not been giving any support to the member of this community for four months and this community working very much hard to promote steemit to every corner of the punjab and getting success.

And now we have great hope that steemit team will start support to the Urdu community to encourage the members It came out of the trouble that they are not getting despite writing the best post. There is a beautiful addition to the Urdu community steemit.

The purpose of this community is to support positive and healthy and quality content in Urdu community on the steemit blockchain in every way.

The purpose of this community is to organise different types of challenges through different contests for every language speaker,writers,. It can also be a challenge to quality of content in urdu and other language . And it can be a great diary challenge, landscape,weekly contest,poetry,drama,novel, news,culture of urdu community.

The quality of content of every steemians is a challenge. The goal of the Urdu Community
is to create a quality community. And the formation of a quality and standard community. The goal of this community is to support all kinds of quality of content.

Because every person has different skills and turning these skills into quality of content is also a challenge of this community. Since the formation of this community, his team has given importance to the quality of content and has supported it.

It is also the mission of this community to make people involved in education part of the Urdu Community, no matter what sector they are associated with. And it is also the slogan of this community that steemit for all.

#Club5050 #Club100 Hundred % Joining

The community team informed all the community members about the power up and # Club5050 to club100 during the online meeting and meetup a few days ago and all the members will and are doing 100% power up according to # club100 for two month. so it is great , and hope there will be urdu community first whose member will power up 100%. there are few member who will power up #club5050 ,club75.


Our Frist Basic Purpose

The first main goal of the Urdu Community is to develop a quality of community on steemit and to promote , courage the urdu community, because there are many people who do not write, can not understand english so it was very much necessary to create community for Urdu community and also , to support new users and users of from all countries who speak urdu, but in this community other country people will be able to take participate in contest that will be held in this community.

welcome short diary writers ,poetry,drama,any contest, writting quality of content and quality of community. And to take the step that is to improve the steemit blockchain is the first priority of the community that helps build a quality community.

Community Team

Team of Urdu Community is very efficient. And this team has different tasks.

Keeping the most important task user active and verifying the new member of the community is also the goal of the steem Urdu community.


In addition, Below city representatives are teaching users in their area how to write a post and can tell basic guides face to face. The following users are working hard as a group leader in the Urdu Community. they are also being given the responsibility of city representative of their village.

@tariqkhanpti : Representative Sargodha Division Punjab

Tariq Majeed Khan is a famous political and social figure. And the representative representation of such personalities will make the public aware of this media. After consultation with Tariq Majeed Khan, he has been given representation in Sargodha Division.

@jessica566 : City Representative District Mianwali

@haseeb-asif-khan : City Representative & Group leader ,UC Tari khail/Village tari khail area thesil mianwali

@shehzad55 :City Representative & Group leader ,UC Shabaz khail, thesil Mianwali

@saleemkhana: City Representative & Group leader,UC, Chidru village chidru,, thesil mianwali

@sagar0 : City Representative & Group leader ,Uc Mochh village Mochh, thesil Mianwali

Are the team members paid or rewarded in any way from the community funds for their work in running the community?

At the moment, the community has no plan to reward the moderator in any way. Because at that time from admin to community group leader and community members want to add as many community curator account SP as possible, but in future all teams will be given monthly vote or liquid steem reward to all active teams. who Will be actively working in the community as a leader.

But for the active team members, an effort will be made to give extra reward in Best pick of days for their motivation so that they can be motivated and they can do more dynamic work.

what would happen to your community if you left or lost your keys?

At this time, all the keys of the Urdu Community curator are safe with me @yousafharoonkhan. And all keys are safe offline, print and hand written. These keys are with me and @jessica566. @jessica566 is a very reliable and trustworthy admin.

Community Curation Account

Urdu community curator account is growing very much fast.
@urdu-community is the community curation account and community link is urdu community


At present the total steem power of @urdu-community is +13,611.673 STEEM STEEM and 106 steem in liquid . And all members of the community and admins , group leaders have the same goal of increasing the Steem power of the community every month so that the community is able to increase the appreciation reward.


What is Community plans to grow the SP of the account?

I am proud to say that we had whats apps and group leaders met with users in their respective areas and all the verified members pledged that we would increase the community's steam power through the community fund and also delegation. so every member is taking participate in #club5050 and #club100 plan regularly to increase its power.

this all sp is collected through community fund and delegation, and if we get support we will be add more more sp .The community fund is the most unique program that has just started in the URDU community. In addition, the steem power of the community account will be increased through the Delegations program.

We promise that through the community monthly support program, our only and only goal is to increase the community's sp.

And the team will announce the best pick, contest from the community account and the reward for these posts will also be increased in Sp.

community fund collection report URDU COMMUNITY/STEEM CHALLENGE

UserJune W 1June W 2July W 3W 4
@shafiullahz22.000 STEEM+ 2.389 SBD1.486 SBD+2.698 STEEM5.459 STEEM+2.016 SBD3.478 STEEM+1.590 SBD
@khalidniazi48.000 STEEM20.000 STEEM1.164 SBD
@haseeb-asif-khan21.615 STEEM50.000 STEEM24.000 STEEM5.292 STEEM+2.180 SBD
@makniazi46.505 STEEM21.000 STEEM45.000 STEEM2.274 SBD
@amirhayat28.989 STEEM27.437 STEEM31.966 STEEM22.511 S
@saleembk30.468 STEEM23.000 STEEM4.000 STEEM +1.451 SBD4.054 STEEM+1.731 SBD
@1.877 SBD+3.410 STEEM1.394 SBD+5.765 STEEM5.687 STEEM +2.081 SBD5.124 STEEM+2.386 SBD
@2.566 SBD +1.740 STEEM+0.421 SBD7.671 STEEM+2.914 SBD5.205 STEEM+2.450 SBD
@2.589 SBD+4.702 STEEMnill3.686 STEEM+1.381 SBD
@48.195 STEEM
@ghulam1.974 SBD+3.584 STEEM5.375 STEEM+1.809 SBD5.038 STEEM+2.431 SBD
@naveed151252.840 SBD+5.214 STEEM1.669 SBD2.958 STEEM +1.094 SBD3.544 STEEM+1.673 SBD
@fazalniazi122.440 SBD+4.480 STEEM1.907 SBD+7.892 STEEM2.671 STEEM+0.941 SBD
@aslam20342.800 SBD+5.171 STEEM3.386 STEEM+1.248 SBD3.418 STEEM+1.621 SBD
@shehzad5531.000 STEEM +17.000 STEEM50.000 STEEM27.000 STEEM
@karim1341.636 SBD+3.022 STEEM0.961 SBD+3.9743.447 STEEM+1.315 SBD4.989 STEEM+2.370 SBD
@hammad4426.000 STEEM32.000 STEEM
@saleemkhana31.000 STEEM23.000 STEEM22.000 STEEM35.000 STEEM
@sajawalniazi34.800 STEEM
@mohsinkhan521.000 STEEM
@arbazkhanniazi27.236 STEEM
@hafizmunir78625.500 STEEM
@tanzilasarwar30.000 STEEM50.000 STEEM
@sagar031.000 STEEM30.000 STEEM
@abassimit29.000 STEEMnill5.832 STEEM+2.057 SBD
@yousafharoonkhan30.000 STEEM300.000 STEEMdone
@jessica56636.000 STEEM50.000 STEEM
@hafizullah10.000 STEEM
@salmanwains10.000 STEEM
@adeebkhan18.000 STEEM
@samikhana27.000 STEEM+3.000 STEEM17.000 STEEM23.000 STEEM22.000 STEEM+
@khang5725.017 STEEM w 33.415+1.433 SBD w41.955 SBD
@faizanaliniazinillnill35.219 STEEM33.000 STEEM
@zubairkhan422nill3.146 STEEM w 44.000 STEEM+1.472 SBD
@umair8nillnill30.000 STEEM
@tariqkhanptinillnill25.000 STEEM

Urdu Community Summary


subscribersActivity : 31,25
Total active poster : 83 Active

Engagement & Commenting

The strength of any community is its community and then there are the best and active members. We all try to read the post on a daily basis as much as possible as a team and community member and all the members write each other's post and words of appreciation.

As an admin, I try to use my voting power as much as possible. It will be mandatory for each member to read the post of the other member and at least three to five posts per day will be required for each member to comment. we made plan if any admin or mod not play good role , his name will skip from team.

Plans & Updates

The Urdu community has a plan to spread the Steemit blockchain to all corners of pakistan and where urdu community live, and all over the world and founder of the community @yousafharoonkhan has been associated with the Steemit blockchain since 2017 and he and all entire team plan is to enable the Urdu community account with the help of the Steem team to give the good reward.

In the future, new users and the community will be able to give the best reward and for this, community plans and updates will be kept informed over time. Because the whole community will work and doing practicality in this regards. community target is quality of community , not quantity of community, and not fake. we do not need fake, multi account user people, we want original writer , with quality content


I am also proud to announce that we have launched a steemit blockchain promotion campaign. We launched the campaign in about five areas in July, august,sep,october in every corner punjab area, we started it.

We have also used banners and charts for this purpose, we have flyers for distributing in the public to aware them about steemit . In addition, all group leaders are participating in the Steemit promotion campaign in their respective areas.

My target at the moment is female in this regard because educated women in our country spend more time at home and steemit blockchaik will be a great source of livelihood for them. In addition, I have a female institute in which female embroidery is taught.

My goal is that we will start a contest on embroidery in the Urdu community and will reward the students of this institution through it.


PromoSteemit Promotions Campaign By Urdu Community Members in different areas of punjab

This way each group leader will check the posts of specific users daily.
PromoSteemit Promotions Campaign By Urdu Community Members in different areas of punjab, pakistan Urducommunity

last two week ago, we made also campaign for steemit and community through advertisements in local newspapers and channels. But for this, community founder has given from own pocket until the community becomes strong.

Plagiarism & Abuse

***We have assigned a task to each group leader to check for plagiarism and abuse posts. We have divided the community into different groups to check this copy paste, plagiarism & abuse. All group leaders are responsible for checking the posts of one to ten users.**** it is strong team, there is no place for plagiarism writer in Urdu community , becasue we all community working in this area to check every post. our team is strong.

Thus, if any group leader is negligent or negligent in this matter, then this group leader will not be given a support vote.

Our entire team checks for plagiarism & abuse and the head of this team is @jessica566. Because there is no place for plagiarism and multi-account users in this community. When any member in this community writes or will write a post, we will check his / her history of content, behaviour and then the quality of the content will be verified after checking in other community. Thus this community is now a plagiarism & abuse free community.

Plagiarism checker team : @jessica566 @janemorane @yousafharoonkhan and all community leaders

Anything Else

I understand that the success of any mission is not the work of an individual and success always comes from teamwork. And I think at the moment the team and users of the Urdu community are actively participating. A practical example of this was to participate regularly in the community fund and as a team to participate in the promotion campaign of the steemit blockchain and urdu community.

steemit charity reward

In addition, an admin @yousafharoonkhan, he distribute 15% of his steemit earnings to the poorest of the poor in his area. And his mission is to distribute the steemit reward as long as he is alive, 15% to the poor and needy as a steemit charity reward.

Inshallah in the coming days the Urdu team and the whole community will prove in practice how we are working to promote our steemit blockchain. Inshallah,

#Steexclusive tag and every quality post will be given importance and is being given. And we hope and dream that the steemit team will include the Urdu community in its program so that this community and its team can achieve their goals in the best possible way. Inshah Allah

Last words

Finally, I'm happy to point out that the Urdu community is a community of active members,Growing fast, has object to power up and each member checks and comments on each other's posts in this community on a daily basis.

Each member of the community reads another member's post and comments. The Urdu community on the steemit blockchain is also an active community and the team is in touch with each member on a daily basis and the new member is also being guided.

We want support for this community so that the members of this community can be encouraged. More than 30 posts are published daily.

Love to steemit team

Urdu community members did not get single appreciation vote from any way, we request to steemit team, that Urdu community members need your support,hope hope this time we will get support, becasue it is one of the busiest community , but we need support to keep motivate every community members. there is no any support for Urdu community members, we have great hope this month our members will get support. because they are also part of the steemit. we are zero without steemit team. our power, support, and motivation all is connected with steemit team, our love , great wishes to steemit team.

Join Discord Group Urdu-Community
Join Whatapps Group :Urdu Community
Join our Facebook Group Facebook Urdu community



Quick Delegation Links




Our mission to promote Steemit in Urdu Community to all over the world
Stay together
Join the Urdu Community with more confidence.
Steem On

Thank you very much

Urdu Community & all team

 11 months ago 

This time our all community members along with moderators and admin, have done a really great job in making the community better and showing their support for #club5050.
We are hopeful to get the citation support for our community this month of November 2021.
Best of luck with the application!!

The progress and development of the community so far has been commendable. And since now all the members are also power up and are regular active. I hope this time the urdu community will get support. So that members can be motivated.

 11 months ago (edited)

The way all the members of the Urdu community are strengthening their account, how will we move forward if we are not encouraged and rewarded? And how will we power up and delegate power to the community? If all the members of the Urdu community get a good reward, then we will take the community to the very top.We urge the Steemit team to start a good rewards to all members of our community so that we can further enhance our own and the community's power.

 11 months ago 

i have no much steem, but i joined club100 and completed power up, urdu community is our home
میرے پاس زیادہ سٹیم نہیں ہے ، لیکن میں نے کلب 100 میں شمولیت اختیار کی اور پاور اپ مکمل کیا ، اردو کمیونٹی ہمارا گھر ہے۔

Congratulations 🎉🎉👏 Winners Especially @yousafharoonkhan

 11 months ago 

thank a lot for appreciating

Admins and Moderators are doing a wonderful job. Their efforts for the community is on next level. Good luck with your application.

 11 months ago 

thank respected

 11 months ago 

All urducommunity members are doing good job and deep interst and work hard and regular doing good work and all members are promote and support every one doing his community keep interest in and work honestly we should support and help everyone in community.All members of community help and support on an other in this community .we should doing work hard for his wishes for our community.

 11 months ago 

Urdu community is doing excellent job and it's all members are participating whole heartedly in welfare works of community.All members are showing qeen interest in powering up their accounts.
All community request for sport.

I pay tribute to the entire Urdu community for their 100% power-up despite the low turnout, which proves how sincere they are with the Steemit. And want to work in the future. The progress and development so far is commendable. I hope this time the Urdu community will get support. So that the members can be encouraged

 11 months ago 

The way all the people are working on steemit will be rewarded because urducommunity is our hope our determination and our strength.I hope we'll get our goal which is set by professor yousafharoonkhan

 11 months ago 

Team working very hard ...🙏🏼🙏🏼

 11 months ago 

Kudos to all the Admin team of urdu community. you guys are doing tremendous job. Admins and moderators are highly supportive and highly responsive. I wish this community gets support from steem curator 1

Good luck!! ❤️

 11 months ago 

Congratulations selecting for booming in this month.

The way all the members of the Urdu community are strengthening their account, how will we move forward if we are not encouraged and rewarded? And how will we power up and delegate power to the community? If all the members of the Urdu community get a good reward, then we will take the community to the very top.We urge the Steemit team to start a good rewards to all members of our community so that we can further enhance our own and the community's power

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