Ghosts And Gothic Novels | Comic Update #14

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I've been trying to incorporate many classic elements of gothic literature (think Jane Eyre, Frankenstein, Wuthering Heights, etc.) into this project and you'll be hard-pressed to find a gothic novel without the supernatural. Whether it's actual literal ghosts and ghouls or a metaphor for a character's breakdown, no true gothic tale would not be complete without something a little spooky going on.

Imelda's visitor in this page will be a reoccurring element throughout the comic, showing up at various points in the story as the main character struggles to find her place in Victorian society, breaks into the spiritualist movement, and attempts to reconcile with the traumas of her past.


So that's the last of the pages of this project for now; I set a personal goal to get these first 8 pages done by a certain time and I'm happy to say I actually accomplished that goal. I'll still be working on it at a slower pace but probably won't be posting any updates for a little while. I think I'll make one last post however with all the pages together so ya'll can see how the pages flow in sequence.

Thank you for sticking around and following me through this project. I appreciate all of your feedback and help thus far.

[insert comic name here] is a gothic style story set in the 19th century about an immigrant houseworker who uses the spiritualist movement to rebel against the societal pressures of the time. If you would like to read the previous updates about this story, you can find them in the links below:

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Thanks for Reading!

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Perfect ghost for the style and tone. I also like the close-up at the jarring panel shape.

Love that smile at the last panel * ___ * DEFINITELY VERY CHILLING * __ * you nailed it so well omg im like nooooooooo gowai scary lady~

and the panels that lead up to it are so lovely <3 the way people dressed back then! and how she had to prepare for her bed hahaha~

Always such a treat to see you post <3



I'm glad it gave you chills, I'd call that a success! And yeah, the amount of layers ladies in the Victorian era wore even during the summer is insane. Like many of the things they did back then, idk how they did it!

I'm REALLY into the visual style of this. It might be the stark lines, but something makes it powerful

How come your content is not viral? I don't get it. I just found your work and it is absolutely stunning. What a treat to see such talent in this community, Wow! Hat's off to you @la-fumettista. Voted and resteemed.


Thank you so much! That made my day :')

Wow, amazing work! I'm a fan. Following now :D