B.C. stands for BlockChain! (May 04, 2017) – Pet Cat

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IT, blockchain, decentralized cryptocurrencies version of B.C. comic by Johnny Hart.

This episode is dedicated to our @barbro, a devoted catlover who together with @ramta has generously supported this comic.

bc050417dc - Pet Cat.jpg

Drawings: B.C. Team, Text: @lighteye



Ha Ha Ha SPOT ON @lighteye

''Holy Steem!'' Now it's my turn to feel honored. And proud.

This is going on the wall. Everyone who knows me, knows I love cats. What's not to love about them?

And now I have my own comic about it too. I have to show it to my old colleagues at the Geological Museum in Oslo, which I worked many years ago. There, we had a saber-thoot tiger in the exhibition, which I of course loved. No big and terrifying dinosaur or amazing fossil could measure up with my beauteful ''saber-toothed cat''! As you can imagine, this Steemit-cat-loving comic is perfect for me. You are the best. Thank you @lighteye!!!

I love ''B.C. is 4 blockchain''!!!

Have a nice day, @lighteye. Love from

You are always welcome @barbro. I'm very glad you liked it, and I am the one who should thank you. All the best!

Good post

Thank you @rucoin, feel free to explore other comics

Nice post. thanks for sharing

nice post ..voted & followed. see my post .if you like support me.vote me
thank you

Good post friends ,,, you always get a fantastic payment ... I'm new here, please help friends .. thank you very much @lighteye

this is nice and so cool. I like it very much. @lighteye. 🐈🐈

Kult at det er nordmenn på steemit.. har ikke funnet så mange enda :)

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