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Round 41 :

Top 15 weirdos: - 3 Steem each, for being our kind of weird.

  1. @spunkpuppet: Comedy Open Mic Round 41 : OVER THE SILVER SKY TO THE WORLD OF NEVER : Part 86 - Twenty Questions?
  2. @mineopoly: Stickman Working Dad (COM 41)
  3. @quillfire: "My First Date On Tinder" ... Writing Prompts Contest (Week 2) + ComedyOpen Mic #41
  4. @filotasriza3: The Bus Lunatics I Meet Daily! (Comedy Open Mic 41)
  5. @steemonkey: The Party - Comedy Open Mic round 41
  6. @emsonic: My Daughter doesn't wanna talk with me :O | Comedy Open Mic Round #41
  7. @belemo: Dealing with Grumps: Comedyopenmic 41
  8. @lordbutterfly: Project Milkbox Playlist Challenge| Entry // COM #41
  9. @brandt: MARCH OF THE ARMY ANTS — Comedy Open Mic Round 41
  10. @improv: Oncoming Winter Holiday Virus -5minutefreewrite (x3) Comedy Open Mic Round 41 -nuanced vocal work with imperfect mic.
  11. @doctorcrypto: Wayne Greyson bringing some much needed Entertainment COM 41
  12. @lucylin: Busted!!... Psychology behind 'Why the left can't meme'...and bra straps...comedyopenmic #41 or #42...whatever..
  13. @dirtydave: Cars and Women.... more similar than you might think
  14. @sharanaithal: Rap Of The Century • Comedy Open Mic #41(1)
  15. @aiskelzurita: Comedy Open Mic Comedy Contest - Round 41

Duplicate winners in Top 15

Lucky Moar Prize: 2 Steem, because 1 is never enough.

Stay calm, and laugh til you shit yourselves. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.

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Double rainbow all the way across the sky!

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