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Your mission, should you choose to accept it


  • Record yourself reading it (voice over artists)
  • Turn it into a song (musicians)
  • Expand on it (poets & writers)
  • Draw a picture using it as inspiration (artists, doodlers, illustrators)

image source

Two important things to remember:

  • Cite the poem and author in your blog
  • Add your link in the comments section below. We will post a weekly collaboration newsletter.

There are so many ways to collaborate on a piece

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Here's a piece that came across my feed. Steemfest Butterfly by @mariandavp

Challenge accepted. Cherish the Sun using Memories of the Sun by @ericvancewalton as inspiration.

I love it that we all get to play together in the ways we most like to play. Together we just keep making things better and better. Love what you're doing here. Will be back soon to play with you.

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