Tell us a story of your city! “A City a story” photo weekly contest #15 FLOWER + Winners of #14!

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“A City a Story” photo contest!


What is “A City A Story”? 什麼是 “A City A Story”?

If you have read my blog before, you know that I like to share the story of my home town HK with photos. I like to share the community, history, culture and art of my home town to let you know more about my home. It gives me the inspiration to hold the contest. I wish you may also share the stories of your city.

如果你有留意我的文章,你都知道我很喜歡利用照片去分享我的家 – 香港的故事,我十分喜歡分享我家的歷史、社區、文化、藝術等等,讓大家更認識我居住的城市。這個比賽的靈感就來源於此,我希望每一位都分享屬於你們城市的故事!

Why do I hold this contest? 舉辦這個比賽的原因

For me, culture is the most important element of humans. Culture builds history, ethnics, nations, home and love, as well as the cities we are living. I wish there are more steemians sharing the stories and the culture of their hown town, their cities, and I can see more posts related to culture in Steemit!


Winner of #14 HOME 第十四回的勝出者!

1st Place - A City a story” photo weekly contest #14 CHINESE NEW YEAR 一個城市的故事“照片每週比賽#14農曆新年 @prch

I like this post telling CNY in different view! Yes Hong Kong is one of the most hard working city in the world. Some of them can only rest for a few days in CNY!


[A City a story” photo weekly contest #14 CHINESE NEW YEAR 一個城市的故事“照片每週比賽#14農曆新年] (

2nd Place - A City A Story Photo Weekly Contest #14 Bring you the good luck by the Spring Festival couplets 帶來好運的春聯|月旦評 @catwomanteresa

Spring couplets is a treasure of Chinese culture. I am sure everyone finds it’s so beautiful and artistic! Although we seldom write spring couplets now but we can still see a lot during the CNY!


A City A Story Photo Weekly Contest #14 Bring you the good luck by the Spring Festival couplets 帶來好運的春聯|月旦評

3rd Place - A City A Story Photo Weekly Contest#14.2 -【CHINESE NEW YEAR】~小城故事相片比賽#14.2-【 農曆新年】 by @kona

I would say lion dance is a kind of Chinese arts, martial arts, culture arts and also cultural heritage! I am happy to see that we still have lion dance now. And yes! We can see lion dance everywhere during the CNY!


A City A Story Photo Weekly Contest#14.2 -【CHINESE NEW YEAR】~小城故事相片比賽#14.2-【 農曆新年】

“A City a story” photo contest #15 Topic 題目

FLOWER, representing your city, your culture


Prizes 獎金

1st Place – 50% of the payout (minimum 5 SBD, if the amount is less then 5 SBD)

2nd Place – 30% of the payout (minimum 3 SBD, if the amount is less then 3 SBD)

3rd Place – 20% of the payout (minimum 2 SBD, if the amount is less then 2 SBD)

(Sorry It’s the maximum I can support. I wish you may upvote my post to raise the prize pool!)

第一名:50% SBD Payout (不少過5 SBD)
第二名:30% SBD Payout (不少過3 SBD)
第三名:20% SBD Payout (不少過2 SBD)

Rule 規則

  • Your entry needs to be related to the topic
  • Tell us a story related to your entries and your city in your post (no matter how long or how short the story is)
  • Please include “A City A Story Photo Weekly Contest #” in your Post’s Title.
  • Entries must be original work
  • Add the tag “citystory” (no need to be the first tag)
  • Let us know your camera and your city
  • Deadline is 27th Feb Tue 21:30 (UTC+8)
  • Each user may have up to 3 entries to be considered
  • 你的作品需要與題目相關
  • 在你的文章中講一個和提交照片與你的城市有關的故事 (不論長短)
  • 文章的標題請包含”A City A Story Photo Weekly Contest #”
  • 只接受原創作品
  • 加上 “citystory”的Tag
  • 告訢我們你使用的相機及你的城市所在
  • 截止日期是2月27日晚上9:30 (北京時間)
  • 每人最多可提交3個作品

I Need Your Support! (And your sponsorship) 需要你的支持及贊助!

  • It’s my great pleasure if you can sponsor the contest!
  • You can upvote and resteem the post!
  • I am also looking for guest judge. Please contact me if you are interested!
  • And of course, joining the contest is the best support!
  • 尋求善長人翁贊助比賽 T_T
  • upvote及resteem是無任歡迎的!
  • 如你想成為客席評審,請隨時聯絡我!
  • 當然啦,參加比賽才是對我最大的支持!

Promotion Time 廣告時間 – Steemit World Map

All entries in the “A City a Story” photo contest is about a city. Do you want your entry to be located on a map? And let others can search your entry in a world map? Steemit Worldmap is a great application that you can connect to all travelers from all over the world and share you city stories to them through a world map!

每一篇“A City a Story” photo contest 的文章都是關於一個城市,你希望你的文章能被印記在一張地圖上,並讓其他人在這張地圖上搜尋你的文章? Steemit Worldmap是一個很偉大的程式,它能讓你連接世上每一位旅行者,讓你在一張地圖上分享你的城市故事給他們!

For more information about Steemit Worldmap, please check:

更多關於Steemit Worldmap, 請到:

It will be great to see your work soon! Submit your work!


Thanks for spending your time to read my articles. I like to share stories of Hong Kong. I wish you may support me and I will keep going!


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“A City A Story” photo weekly contest #15 FLOWER 春风和煦,美如壁画 This is my entry. Thanks for hosting this contest. It gives a chance to share some story about my hometown.
I planned to attend the #14 New YEAR theme contest. And I went to our ancient city wall to take photos with new year decorations. But I found it has already ended. If you are interested, the photos are posted here. (#^.^#)

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Big thumb to all the winners! Happy Chinese New Year!🎉🍗🐟🍾️🏮🎊

Happy CNY!!!

Hi, here is my entry:


Thanks Aaron for hosting this contest! :)



Thats a great contest. I hope to participate

join it!

多謝 aaron 前輩及各同仁支持


下個題目對我有D難度...不過明日開工都無乜mood 睇下有冇奇花能夠吸引我注意 桃花處處 haha


过年好!cn区点赞机器人 @cnbuddy 谢谢你对cn区的贡献。倘若你想让我隐形,请回复“取消”。

“A City a story” photo contest #15 Topic :FLOWER:photograph022

Your contest was added to Steemit Contest Compilation (19.02-25.02): Win free SBD and STEEM
Thank you @aaronli for giving Steemians a chance to win some SBD.

Thanks for your work!!!

thanks a lot!
congrat. to all winners!👏👏👏

Congratz for winning a prize again :)

congrats to all!!!

THX...come to join!

good post i enjoy it most

thank you~