Images of Loumen City Walls in Chinese New Year 姑苏风光-娄门城墙 | Suzhou Scenery

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"娄门,本号疁门,东南,秦时有古疁县,至汉王莽改为娄县。 "《吴地记》载。

I went back to work since last Thursday! It feels super great to return to work, and I'm loving having a team of people to work with. I've been drinking and eating too much during the winter holiday, and I realize that I may need go out and enjoy some sunshine. Happily, the weather is quite good today.


Last night, I read a post shared by @justyy saying that some people are living a happy and easy life, while life is very difficult to others. It is lucky for me to travel and enjoy life at weekends. And the place I visited is Loumen City Walls. As my workweeks are full, I am trying to be a master of the weekend adventure.

昨天晚上,看了一篇 @justyy 分享的帖子,说有些人岁月静好,有些人负重前行。能到处散心旅游度假是一件幸运的事情,今天转悠到了娄门。

My son is getting bigger. It's hard to believe that Ivan are turning to 5! I even didn’t get married when I started to write a blog. And tomorrow would be his first day of school this year.



Before i arrived there, I'd heard the rebuilt project for the old city walls. Suzhou is a city that holds onto its past history. After the rebuilt and repair is finished, the city walls stand unchanged, and open to everyone. It really is like being transported to the ancient history.





South Railway Station Square





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Wow it's really beautiful..... Beautiful photography

Thank you.



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哇, 这墙可真是古时的。


Oh I loved this one too!