Inculcating Book Reading Habits in Children helps develop their Focus and Attention span

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I remember as a Child I was very fond of reading books and the books which had visuals was all the more exciting. Specially the pop outs of characters from the comic books was something I enjoyed the most. The fairy tales books was something I would not stop reading. I would cover up myself and read with a small light hiding myself in the bed cover. As I grew up the habit of reading also started getting stronger and stronger, which I feel has helped me develop a lot mentally.

But in the recent times I see that not many children have connection with books and reading. There is a sharp decline in the number of Children who have interest in reading. It is a sad thing. I personally believe that reading does help develop a lot of mental abilities for children.


As walking is an exercise for the body so is Reading an exercise for the Brain. In today's time we are technologically driven people so Reading has also shifted from Hard cover books to Kindle and ebooks which is not wrong as far as the Reading practice continues, but reading a book has it's own benefits over reading an ebook.
The difference I find in ready a paper book vs. a ebook is that I have observed in reading ebooks the attentions drifts very fast, you sometimes skip on content and get onto something else. The focus on reading gets lesser compared to reading a Paper book. The other major reason is reading ebooks for very long can strain your eyes and may not be good in a long run, specially for children who start doing it at a very young age.

But overall inculcating the reading habits is very important for Children for their Mental growth.
The few benefits of Reading are;

  • Reading a variety of books help increase knowledge
  • Helps in improving vocabulary and language.
  • Helps in bringing focus and attention.
  • Higher Intelligence level
  • Memory Improvement.


Also I feel when parents and children read together there is a special bond that develops. When my son was young every night we used to remove sometime for story telling. some days I used to read and narrate to him and some days I would encourage him to read and narrate and I could see the difference in his concentration levels building up. We always had some time during the day allotted for reading. Then as he grew up in his teens he somewhere left the practice and I also could not keep up to it due to heavy work schedules. And then again in the last few years I picked up on books and then he too got motivated to start getting on to reading again. I could see how as parents we can influence our children.

Reading activity should not be forced to children, it should be something that can be introduced to them. If we force them to read whatever they read will never be absorbed by them. Having a small space to set up as a Library at home with a variety of books applicable to the Child's age is one good idea to develop reading habits for children. When there are variety of books at their disposal it will increase their curiosity to read, but if there is nothing around they will never feel encouraged.

Reading is a fun activity and it should not be made very serious. So having books applicable to the Child's age or having books with topics that interest them the most will encourage them to read. Once the habit of reading sets in automatically they increase their periphery. A good book is like Magic in the hands; where you can jump through time and space exploring new realms and being away from the mundane.

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The new age has changed lits of things, children no longer read the way they are suppose to they're been distracted with other that things
So it's the responsibility of the parent to start teaching or making them have interest for books at a tender age

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It is true that teaching our youngsters to read will get them the discipline of having a good attention span and the proper use of their time. It will also make them smarter and learn new things plus it fuels their imaginations and and probably boosts their creativity potentials @nainaztengra so it must start at home.

You are so right... Nowadays people has moved to digital media for information and all. They dont like to read about what they are looking for instead they go to YouTube or such other media to get the information. That is what impacting children too. They watching their parents stick to Mobile phones ,laptops, not reading any paper book at all, and I have seen some parents they play some videos on youtube and give it to their kids and they don't know that they inculcating this habit.
Reading is very important for brain as when we read our brain has to work to understand the whole scenario but when we waste time in watching TV or videos on YouTube all the time, It has very deteriorating effect on the brain and it is not only for the children but adults too. For brain development, reading is great. All the successful people have this habit in common.
Thanks for reminding me too. I will start reading and I have been thinking about it but now I will start.

Ur right, even new born baby need YouTube for the finish breakfast 😂

That's true..we have grown up reading many books...that includes comic to other magazine or news paper. It is also a great way to make you a good orator ...who can speaks properly. The more you read the more sharp you need to have interest about...I still believe we can help our kids to get some interest reading physical books as them to get out of digital world..

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Hi there ! Definitely something I want to teach my children 👶. I used to loooove reading books 📚. And guess what ? I still do !

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I think it is also the individual
Part nurture part nature
When I was growing up I loved reading.. anytime I went missing while shopping my Mum would know exactly where to find me... sitting in the book corner, trying to read as much as I could before we had to leave
My brother on the other end only picked up reading in his 40's and during his potty time

Even with my kids, my daughter loves reading...but my sons, they only want to read stuff that relates to their online games like MineCraft and 5 Nights at Freddy's...And even then not like my daughter who devours her books
Having said that, I do find they get a lot of information off the net... stuff that even I am amazed at ...
Kids do consume their information differently... and I have come to terms with meeting them half way I guess :D

But yes, reading is amazing...

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons


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I am horrible at reading habits but once I start, hard to stop 😎

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