Breaking our own Limitations

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Many a times we do this, the things that we do not like doing or we find it difficult or they are unpleasant to do, we just keep them pushing aside for a later time. There are times when we are not sure about the outcomes and fear failure and hence we again push back on those things to do.

When we feel this, it is nothing but our fear and that we have perceived that we cannot do that particular task or that we are too confused about how to go ahead taking action. Out Limitations that we have set in our minds are just a boundary that we need to cross. It is a state of mind that we need to overcome. The limitations set in our mind can sometimes make us miss golden opportunities in life. Sometimes it's just that little extra push that we need to achieve our goals.

Most of the time our limitations are self imposed due to our own perceptions. Somewhere in our mind we fear confronting and hence we come to a conclusion that it is difficult for us to achieve. The biggest barrier to our limitations is the fear of Failure and the boundaries that we draw within our mind. To break through our limitations we need to:


  • Think Big If we set a limited vision we will always find obstacles and may not be able to see the path clearly. There are ample of possibilities out there, but if we narrow our visions we will not be able to see those possibilities.

  • Take Action Just thinking Big is not enough, we also need to take action. When we take action with a vision we will see how our limitations start dissolving and the confidence of achievement starts building up.

  • Shed off Lazziness This is one another big obstacles to break our limitations. Sometimes it's just our laziness which creates all the possible Ifs an Buts. When we are not focused enough to do a task we will always have excuses to not do it.

  • Release the fear March ahead positively, we need to think about the outcome but not fear it, when we start fearing the outcome, we start drawing lines of limitations within our mind.

  • Being aware of Thoughts Our Thought patterns determine a lot within us, if we keep our thoughts positive we will always have solutions then finding problems, but if our thoughts are always of doubts and negatives we will always see a problem in every situation.

  • Being around with people who motivate As important are our thoughts so is important are the people we move around with, when we have negative people around us, we will be influenced negatively and vice versa. The people around us can sometimes make us or break us. If we have weak minds, it is very easy to get in other people's flow.

We can achieve anything that we can think of. Nothing is impossible. Impossible is only the excuses that we make to not attempt. There are so many people who are completely handicapped and still they do miraculous acts and there are so many normal people out there who after being completely fit are handicapped in their minds setting their own limitations.

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Simply at the right time....I use to run away from @dtube simply because I hesitate to come in front of was kind of complex feeling but...somehow I managed to face the fear and now I am ready to make videos ...though still not 100 % confident...but the hitch to face the camera is slowly I am coming back to my rhythm. ...and pretty sure to make videos without any fear.....
It was just an example I shared which relate to your post @nainaztengra ....sometime you need to pump up yourself to make things work and push yourself hard to get over the limitation...

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Ohh you nailed it for me. I too have been running away from it. I have not done a single video till date and many times I have thought and again put it aside saying will do it later. I guess it is high time I do one.

Hello @nainaztengra. Much like you ( and @steeemflow) I know the feeling. It can be nerve racking and my train of thought can lose real quick in front of a camera, But through practice and doing again and again, well you get better.

I really look forward to seeing you do your first one. And will support you through the process. You'll do just fine and it does not have to be perfect at all :)

Thanx @robertandrew and @steemflow for this motivation. Yes I will do one soon with a relevant topic. Is there any post on a tutorial of uploading a video?

It is simple ..just make one and visit and upload there is nothing can upload a video snap upto 1MB size and choose 4 tags.

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Ok great. Thanx

Well people have started to use dtube like nothing...Soni am trying to settle as well...I hope to see you in your next adventure....and i can share my experience to help you lets do it together

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I don't watch vlogs often but yet I'm looking forward to one from you. How long am I supposed to wait?

Hope you won't disappoint.

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Very well said... Its like.. when we say... " It is not possible" or We say "It is possible"... Certainly we are right in both cases... So, try to say "It is possible".
Thanks for sharing this motivational post.. :)

That is indeed a good recipe or success @nainaztengra Basically if set goals for ourselves and try achieve it while trying to break our limitations we can surely get into our life goals.

Our mind is our greatest ally and our biggest enemy because our thought patterns determine everything. Limitations and pushing outside of the proverbial box can seem hard but it brings amazing rewards and benefits. Thank you for such a lovely reminder that we are the only ones who can break our limitations. Much love! 💚

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