Chalan Beal

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Chalanbail a large bail of Bangladesh. It is spread across Rajshahi, Nature, SIrajganj and Pabna districts. There are 47 rivers and other waterways flow through the Chalan Bail. The volume of sedimentation is shrinking in the bail. Chalanbail is a large bail of Bangladesh. One of the hottest swamps in Bangladesh. The largest bail of the country is the collection of several small bails connected by the canal and Bail. In the rainy season, they all form together in a water channel of about 368 square kilometres. The Bail is located in three districts adjustment to Rajshahi Pabna and Sirajganj.
Four districts of Rajshahi Division 8 Upazilas 60 unions spread over 1600 villages and 14 rivers. Chalanbail extends most of the place in Chatmohar Upazila of Rajshahi-Pabna districts of Sirajganj district. It is located in Singra Upazila of Nature district and on the north bank of Gomani river. The southeastern edge of the bail extends up to Ninth Ghar of Pabna district, up to Astimania. When the Brahmaputra river changes its flow, it takes the form of Yamuna, then the creation of Chalan Bail.cb005.jpg
It was probably a backward area until it became a wide-ranging lake through the inclusion of abandoned course of the Karatoya and Atrai rivers. Chalan Bail formation is historically related to Atari Baral river shrinking. The Atari river was the main feeding system of Chalan Bail, which drained the water of Dinajpur area in the northern part of greater Rajshahi district.
cb004.jpg BaralBail works as a water drain from Chalan Bail, and the Yamuna carries water from Bail. At the time of compilation, the movement of the Bail was about 1088 square kilometres. On the southern edge of the Chaklan Bail, Gomani river which flows the water of the Bail and goes to the big Bail and finally falls into the Jamuna. When the height of the water increased due to the flood of Jamuna, the Baral kept the Bails slightly and the water of the bail increased; The height of the water does not decrease till the Jamuna water goes down.
In the dry season, the larger part of the bail is dried and it becomes a water cistern of 25.9 to 31.08 square kilometres, which can be said to be the main part of the Bail. The main part of this is, however, deprived of continuous water supply, but some shallow water bodies, which are connected by every large zigzag canal.
There are two concentric odd oval areas surrounding the main part of it, where rice grains, which are known as regional rice floating rice, are produced. Motion Bail quickly fill is going to be. Every year from the Ganges slit and read the due to the last Fifty years of the Bail South side of from at least 19.32 kilometres away is. At one time the bill had water throughout the year.
Due to various recovery programs in the 1950s, the movement of Chalan Bail has decreased only 35.9 square kilometres. In 1987, it was seen that in the dry season, Chalanbail turned into a water-less humid area where there was nothing left expert on the small pond of the water.
It is obvious from the fact that there is a fast falling. The land is recovering and villages are being developed with Bail marks. Without the deepest part of the centre, all the small-and-large Bail of dry season are dried. Boro and high yielding paddy are cultivated during the dry season in the coastal areas outside the centre. During the rainy seasons, deep water Aman paddy was cultivated in shallow areas. In the northern part of the country, the fish needs to be filled with the bail of fish.

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