Hemp Success Being Driven Mostly By CBD

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There has been a lot of progress made over the past several years in the way of educating consumers on the benefits of hemp. Along with an increased awareness in the potential rewards that can be reaped from hemp, we have seen that a growing number of consumers have come around to looking at hemp in a more favorable way.

The 2016 Hemp Market was estimated to be worth $688 million.

There are many people who have had a change of heart when it comes to hemp, not because they have tried hemp or cannabis for themselves, but because they have witnessed people they love and know reap great benefit from consuming either. Seeing the success that many individuals have had with using CBD and cannabis, has fueled passionate advocacy from many people not only around the US but around the world.

And it is often the parents of those who are suffering, who are the strongest and most vocal advocates for change when it comes to cannabis and CBD.

Many individuals see that there are a myriad of benefits that could be experienced if the hemp industry were to be encouraged and allowed to be supported.

At the moment, there are hundreds- if not thousands-of farmers across the United States who have expressed interest in growing this crop on their land. Currently, it's being grown in states like New York, Colorado, Washington, and California.

It's estimated that the hemp market will reach $1.8 billion by 2020.

There is hemp currently being grown in many states around the US, but the rules surrounding the growing of this crop, transporting, and selling etc, are nonsensically rigid and it's still prohibited federally.

The hemp market is growing by roughly 22 percent every year.

It is clear that there is a market for hemp in the US and that market is growing, as more consumers become educated on the thousands of potential products that hemp could be used to produce.

If there weren't unnecessarily strict guidelines surrounding the growing and production of this crop, it could contribute to the creation of vast amounts of wealth for the economy. The government at the moment is too heavily involved in this area and they are greatly impeding the process and potential for success, with all of their unnecessary bureaucracy that strangles the hemp and cannabis market.

3 main products are said to be driving the hemp market: food, beauty products, and CBD.

CBD is one of the main products that is driving the hemp market success at the moment.

The increase in popularity for this product is thanks to the high-profile media coverage that has shared success stories about sick individuals being able to find remedy and healing through CBD treatment.

It's estimated that the CBD market itself is going to experience growth by about 700 percent by 2020.

CBD doesn't contain the THC that gets you high so it is being used by children and adults alike. There are products available like CBD oil, CBD topical creams, CBD cigarettes, CBD lip balm, CBD spray, and more.

It's estimated that the CBD market alone might reach $2.1 billion by 2020. Clearly, CBD sales are contributing in a big way to the success of the overall hemp industry.

For now, CBD is still outlawed in several states and if that changes then it could contribute to even more growth. Others estimate that the CBD market could surpass $3 billion or more by 2020.

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All material on this post is provided for information purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction, diagnosis, or treatment.


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i smell weed sniff


I didn't realise it was that strong, sorry :P


The whole cannabinoid market will eradicate the opioid poisons fed to us for a profit. SMELL THAT WEED ITS GOOD FOR YA.!!!

CBD is an awesome alternative to THC. I vape it often and it gives me a lot of the ohysical benefits of marijuana wothout the high or cloudiness. Plus its not a problem woth employers since it doesnt give a positive drug test result

Upvoted & RESTEEMED!

I work in the health, weight loss, chronic pain, arthritis, ptsd, and anxiety communities. All of these people are poorly served by the current sick-care mess.

Anytime alternative help comes up -in my groups CBD oil is recommended by one or more happy users and then we go into lengthy discussions about where the people live and if they can obtain it legally.

I tried it for arthritis when I was in California and had immediate relief for multiple symptoms. The problem for me was cost which was extremely high but it was wonderful while it lasted.

I hope hemp can be made legal soon along with all of its byproducts. Even using the hemp oil for sold for cooking as a massage oil helped me. It is unbelievable that such a thing is illegal.

Now I am in Thailand where they are very harsh on drugs. Yet even here they have pilot programs for growing hemp and it appears it will be fully legal in the future. I hope this spreads and I am very glad to see your posts about it. I will be sure to come back and read the rest. Followed, upvoted and resteemed :)

Now if only Texas could get with the program. Love CBD and the medicinal benefits it has. Cannabis is the worlds most powerful plant.

It's sad and strange to see the bureacracy basically keeping everyone from being able to use these products when they could be so beneficial to all of its users...

CBD oil should be 100% legal over the counter like Tylenol. Less dangerous anyway. :)

I have a CBD vape pen, Hemp moisturizer, Hemp oil, Hemp soap and Hemp chapstick. Hemp FTW! :-)


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I'll mow that lawn with my teeth! I might add...I've used that hemp lotion pictured above and it rocks!

I use Hempz and have for years, now I am seeing it every where. I use to be able to only get it one place now I am seeing it sold in so many locations. Hemp products are great, but its cousin cannabis is even better.

As I study this paper is very interesting. In my place this plant is banned by the government, so if it is found that the planting can be put to death by death penalty.@doitvoluntarily


I don't smoke but make this legal! It is from nature!!!

great post

i spread to word

Great post. #the growth of hempz

Petrol dollar will be named Hemp dollar soon

Perhaps we should all invest in hemp stock. I will be better off perhaps if I did. Unfortunately they will tax it and destroy it somehow. It all goes back to money. Great article and true. - Troy


Potcoin 😁

Good stuff man! Hemps so useful and so easy to grow.. it's not logical to keep it banned anymore. It doesn't have thc so it truly lacks logic in all form to be illegal.
One thing that I dislike in all this cbd craze madness is that no one seems to care about the other 400+ chemicals and how the may enhance or increase the effect, or do something completely separate and good.. and Hempz original lotion is the best..

I like this post.
Very delicious if in consumption


I personally am a huge fan of CBD. I dislocated my shoulder earlier this year. And after taking perscription meds for a few days and dealing with slow healing I decided to try CBD. Within 30 minutes the pain had gone. I had mobility in my shoulder and it healed so quickly. Amazing stuff!

I would love to see CBD proliferate the markets.

I think it is a really good thing that it is growing this fast. I know people with chronical pains and it DOES help them. I only hope that the youth will smoke a lot of weed because I speak from my own experience, it makes you lazy and it's going to cost you your education if you don't know when to stop.

cbd on its own isnt that great.. all cannabinoids heal in a wholistic manner.. thc9 acid,dosnt even get you high unless its activated bye heat, so the best healing method is via eating the oil.. and no you will not get high..

Hemp has numerous benefits which most people do't know about like improving skin tone, stimulating hair growth and even bringing about an improvement in mental capability. Yes, consumer awareness is increasing and that is the reason for the increase in sales of hemp products.

Thanks for highlighting this - nice article!

This is crazy growth!

Despite the fact that the prices are constantly going up and cannabis is becoming cheaper to produce, the price to the consumer seems to keep increasing which is the sad thing.
Let's see if people are willing to reduce their profit margins @doitvoluntarily haha

I 💚 hemp. SO MUCH.

Appreciate all the facts, truth and beauty loaded into this post, @doitvoluntarily.

Intresting , i think in my country is forbiden :)

Great post. The benifts of Hemp are mind blowing. I watched the Billion dollar Crop

around ten years ago. With this I can never understand why people follow the governemnt BS about it. People are curing cancer and still it oooh Hemp thats bad. Rubbish.

There is one farm in the UK in Devon that grows it commercial that I know off. There are a lot of costs and liciences needed here too LOTS!

Hemp and cbd are at a all time high In sells.

Great post! Upvoted!

Very good post, over been buying hemp cream for ten years I think it's a good thing thank you for all the information!😀😊

Yay! Great article... expanding on the growth of this industry and savior of the planet regarding fossil fuels. Keep up the good work, promoting hope for the future and the positive healing trends of right now!

I love hemp! Cannabis is starting to be recognized by the mainstream. Can't stop cannabis anymore! I'm a lover of hemp as well. Love your post! **Following now!

good article mate, cheers. I review cannabis products on our youtube channel and can certainly say that a lot of our initial traffic was coming from cbd searches. Since then they have attempted to add more laws around its sale in the UK but its still available, just cannot make medical claims.

In one of the localities, from hemp, the factory made strong ropes, for ships. But the plant was closed. And the reasons are clear. Thank you for the article.

Sweet post I use cbd for my health condition

I run a medical marijuana dispensary and CBD products are hugely popular. We have CBD dominate strains like Remedy, as well as 1:1 THC:CBD products. THC and CBD are MUCH more effective when working in concert.



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have you tried the weed balm? man, they're pretty dope! there's one in Frisco.

I'd heard a little about cbd before thanks for the info! :)

Hopefully, we can just grow the plant instead of buying pills with concentrated CBD. You can bet that BigPharma is working on a way to get a patent in there somewhere, just to claim a private monopoly.



Easily test the cannabis you're using for CBD content, with this...

8-Minute DIY Home Test!! Clear and Accurate results!.

Best results from CBD usage kick in at about 3 weeks of daily usage!

Can Also Be Used on Vegging Plants! Accurately!!!

interesting article !

Good post! upvoted and followed :D

Any post about weed is a good post in my opinion, keep them coming.LOL thanks for sharing.