Growing Hemp For Fuel

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The University of Louisville is growing industrial hemp in order to research the possibility of using hemp to produce alternative fuel. This crop they are set to start growing will mark the second crop for the Conn Center for Renewable Energy at the University of Louisville.

By growing the hemp crops right on campus they hope that the project is going to inspire awareness with other students about what is going on at the center.

The research that is being conducted there is said to be focused specifically on the potential of using hemp to create biofuels and this makes them unique, that they are researching in an effort to solve certain energy problems.

Aside from the University of Louisville growing hemp, there are a number of other schools around the U.S. who are also experimenting with growing the plant. But those schools don't have the same objective for their research, with aiming for renewable biofuel.

Hemp is said to be much cleaner and cheaper to produce than oil, coal, and other resources. Making it ideal if it can be used to create fuel, it could help to solve many energy needs around the world.

At the moment, hemp is only legal in the U.S. if you are growing it in collaboration with specific state departments of agriculture, under legislation that has been passed detailing the rules surrounding growing.

The farming of hemp is still illegal federally, despite many states now looking at this crop as a potential for being able to provide jobs and much needed income.

The researchers are hoping that with their work they can eliminate much of the stigma that currently is attached to hemp. They want to educate the public on the benefits that can be provided, to be enthusiastic about the potential that this crop could provide.

Hemp has already been used for many years in order to successfully create biodiesel and bioethanol, is said to be superior in that it's environmentally friendlier to produce than crops like corn or sugar, and can pretty much grow in any climate.

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If this became a reality our world would be a much better place to live in.


Good one... Can they also use it for Barder when all hell breaks loose...??? @pocketechange

This is some amazing information, I will have to share this with others.

spent the last 15 years of my life advocating this to anyone when it comes up in conversation

Thank you for sharing this! I hope Hemp is the wave of the future (sooner than later). The organization I work very closely with and support is focused on this very prospect

It is inevitable commonsense to develop the benefits of cannabis. #nobrainer

Hemp Hemp Hooray!

I love this.

great article, thanks

The stupidity of the so-called 'war on drugs' is boundless, exceeded only by the ignorance of its proponents.

The history behind why hemp is banned in the U.S. is so ridiculous idk how it hasn't been over turned yet.

Awesome! Hemp can be used and aids in many ways, it surprises me that there are still many restrictions on it.

They grow it, I consume it... mostly for fuel.

It is amazing how we managed as a society to ban one of the most useful plants on earth.

Nice use of weed!!!

The prohibition of industrial hemp is all the proof you need that cannabis prohibition has nothing to do with protecting the public and everything to do with protecting entrenched political interests.

Very interesting post :) thank you!


Would it be illegal to use it as Barder...??? @pocketechange

So, we could make fuel for ourself at home? Nice :)

Hemp was great in the past, and should be the future!
Really hope that people will use brain...

I use hemp hand cream from the body shop (UK) . I m a joiner builder and it's amazing how it moisturises but also heals cuts . 👍

But you can grow cannabis for "that gas" right?

lol... What do they do, sell it and buy fuel...??? Just kidding... @pocketechange

Excellent post!
Upvoted! I am hereby following you and please follow me back and upvote my posts if you like them!

I Love it.

try to do it in Italy and have a look what will happen ahahaha

by the way nice post! Will see if they will have good results using hemp for fuel purpose. I think the best thing to do is use the renewable energy.

I hope this is accepted, it was used in the past, but the big oil guys soon stopped that.

So many uses for hemp no wonder governments try to keep it illegal.

Hemp itself, is a threat to many industry's witch includes the medical industrial complex , Wood Mills, GMO corn for livestock feed & The petrol dollar. The knowledge for hemp's benefits has been known for 1000s of years & now being re-learn after the darkness of Prohibition. The beneficial reason why the banned it, is because it cuts in to the profits & cant be monopolized.

Great post. I'm reSteem!!!
Thank @doitvoluntarily!
Follow you!

What a beautiful looking plant, hypnotizing to look at.

All too true, but we do not live in a sane world of Idealists.
We live in a cruel world run by an international clique of hyenas.
They didn't secure the oil worldwide to let that monopoly subside, much less Big Pharma, Big Farm, Big Chemical, etc.

Eisenhower's parachute was made from hemp.

We were using hemp for a lot of things when humanity had the option to do so freely......
We could produce a lot of existing product by using hemp, besides electrical stuff and similar. The picture already shows off a lot of possibilitys. All of them are real and at least of the same quality, the most even by better quality than the now existing moneyman controlled alternatives.....
defect or broken hemp products will become dirt.... plastic is swimming in our oceans.... we destroy nature to build pipelines for oil or dig for coal and stuff like this. We already have or had a lot of options to replace the fuel in the form in that we know it right now- just for example.... but mr oilguy doesn´t like this idea because the oil he owns or controlles would be worth less, thats why already a lot of projects just dissapeared that would have made this world a better, easyer and cleaner place...
The plant and everything about it could do a lot of good to humanity again. Even smoking the "blossoms" is ok, you wont see elephants running around or something like this, for most people it´s like for others drinking a beer in the evening in front of tv or with friends. dont believe the bad storys grandma might have told you, she was the one buying it 50+ years ago in the pharmacy for any kind of reasons, at least where i come from.....
Has and always had my support.

Hemp is a neigh magical material. It's use in construction, textiles, and plastics alone should be enough for people to get involved and invest. It's no wonder the corporatist America is waging war against it: Hemp could single-handedly end fascism.


Funny, in WWI hemp was grown and used to produce textiles that then became military uniforms. Was quite useful to da gubmint back then. It grows wild all over a couple counties in NW Indiana where it was once a cash crop.

Great post @doitvoluntarily! Cannabis should be decriminalized. Yesterday.

Filling the air with weed smoke rather than harsh chemicals shounds like a fantastic idea😂😂