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Hi friend kaisey hai app saab dost.ajj maine app kye saath ik kabshurat cat kye photo share kero ko mere ajj kye post achi lagye gai.mujhe cat pasand hai aur achi bhi lagte hai.mujhe cat rekhne ka bhut shouq hai mere cousion kye pass bhi ik kabshurat cat hai woh uss ko apni pass rekthai hai aur jaab uss ko acha rate mel jatyaa hai woh uss ko sell kardta hai.pakistan maine loog uss animal ko bhut shouq sy apni pass rekhtai hai aur ghar maine rekthai hai mujhe bhi yeahi bhut achi lagte hai.

bhair kye country maine loog uss ko shouq sy apni pass rekthai hai aur uss sy pyaar karte hai aur maine bhi uss sy pyaar kartai hoo but woh uss ko apni pass rekthai hai aur uss sy unn ka time acha guzrehai jatyaa hai.mere choute sister ko bhi uss animal ka shouq hai woh uss ko ghar maine humere ik cat hai woh hum na phaile nhai howey bhair hai apna guzrehai karte hai.uss ko dekh kar khush hotey hai.


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