HashKings Beta is almost ready to Launch on Steem

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Hard work pays off

When I first envisioned HashKings for the Ethereum Blockchain I had already coded multiple ERC20 and ERC721 Smart Contracts and verified them on Etherscan(search qwoyn and hashkings).

Now! With our @canna-curate Partnership we are able to take my dream to the next level


Smart Contracts

What exactly are Smart Contracts? Here is a great Steemit article I found explaining them in detail.

In short, Smart contracts are Immutable pieces of code that have specific jobs which they perform uninterrupted by outside influence. If you create a Smart Contract that mints 1 token every 5 minutes until a cap of 10 million has reached the Contract will do its job until the cap has been reached. Coders can never go back and change the code and since they are truly decentralized their code is

  • Open Source and
  • Distributed on a blockchain.

(If you do not know what those terms mean please look them up, they are VERY IMPORTANT.)




I have already described erc20 briefly. These types of contracts are the token factories and govern the movement and distribution (among other things) of a given crypto-currency. Basically, ERC20 is money and fungible.



These are very powerful Smart Contracts which provide non-fungibility to tokens.

According to Wikipedia

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique; non-fungible tokens are thus not interchangeable. This is in contrast to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and many network or utility tokens that are fungible in nature.



Cryptokitties is a blockchain game written with smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. The basic premise of this game is to purchase Digital Cartoon Cats and breed them with other Digital Cats. Cryptokitties uses an erc721 smart contract which allows each Cat to contain a unique "genetic" code. When a user breeds cats the smart contract combines the "genes" and creates a new Cat with some "genes" from the mother and father cat.


Cryptokitties came up with a concept they refer to as Siring were, when you have a male cat, you can "sire" it out to be bred with. This is accomplished in a marketplace.


In Cryptokitties, Gen0 (1st Generation) Cats are the original cats produced by the smart contract, they contain all of the unique original "genes". These are the ones released by the cryptokitties smart contract and sold by Cryptokitties.


What does this have to do with Hashkings

HashKings has combined the above described concepts and is implementing them on the Steem Blockchain.

Before I begin I want to say that the STEEM Blockchain does not work in the same manner as Ethereum. I have not written smart contracts on the STEEM Blockchain because it is impossible for now. I have however utilized a similar technique to @steemmonsters to accomplish the different aspects of fungibility.

Fungible Tokens ("ERC20")

STEEM Blockchain offers an economy which has been integrated in to HashKings with the main currencies of HashKings being Steem Backed Dollars. Use SBD in our marketplace to purchase assets used in the game or accept SBD for assets you have for sale.

HashKings NFTs ("ERC721")

Bud Tokens

  • Created from completing full growth cycle seed to harvest
  • Can be sold on market or traded

Seed Tokens

  • 16k Gen0
  • 1000 of Each Land Race
  • Created by breeding
  • Carry genetic traits from mother and father
  • Used to make plants

Clone Tokens

  • Carry same gene as mother/father +1 Generation
  • 4 clones created every 4 weeks by mother/father

Plot Tokens

  • 25,200 Gen0 Plots
  • Can be subdivided +1 Gen
  • Rented out or Sold +1 Gen

Pollen Tokens

  • Acquired by growing male plants
  • Used to breed with buds
  • Can be sold in Marketplace


Keeping up with HashKings and Canna-Curate

Please take a look at our Weekly Updates to learn more about what we are up to.

This week we are focusing on testing the beta to get ready for Hashkings launch. We want to give you the best experience so we are thoroughly debugging the code. HashKings home is now solidified at Canna-curate.com and our interface is ready to be launched on our website. We have already begun land sales for outdoor growing (50% off for the next 12 hours) and am happy to report that they are already being purchased. We are launching seed sales on Friday as well to give those of you who are paying attention and opportunity to get in on the action early.




To show my appreciation for your support since the start of HashKings I am giving out 420 Plots of Land on [HashKings Planet] and 420 Gen0 Seeds for the next 2 weeks. It's really easy to participate.


  • UpVote this original post and ReSteem
  • Comment with the URL and hashtag #canna-curate on this comment
  • Post a way to contact you OR

_If you would like to DM me rather than posting a way for me to contact you please use one of the following:

Instagram @canna.curate
Twitter @canna_curate
Discord @dan/hashkings\canna
Email [email protected]_


Would you like to help us?

Please always use the tag, canna-curate FIRST in all of your cannabis related posts!

Thanks again,

Daniel Pittman, Founder HashKings

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Please join the Canna-Curate Server with HashKings and be part of this exciting new adventure! 2019 has arrived along with

Canna-Curate | The #1 Cannabis Curation Trail on Steemit

@jonyoudyer (@canna-curate)
@bluntsmasha aka CryptnoToad
@fracasgrimm (@greenhouseradio)
@qwoyn (@hashkings)

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This looks awesome. Kinda weird a bit to be breeding cannabis on the blockchain, but it kinda does look like fun. I keep thinking about buying some crypto kitties, cuz those kinda look fun, but I did get a bit turned off when they did those sports kitties or whatever it was.

The real question is what the price will be for the various things needed to play your game, and how fun it will be. I wasn't a huge fan of games like Farmville, because they take up way too much time. If it takes hundreds of dollars just to breed some digital pot, not sure it's worth it, whether or not you can make a little green from it. Of course, if you can make quite a bit of green, maybe it's worth it.

#canna-curate https://steempeak.com/canna-curate/@qwoyn/hashkings-beta-is-almost-ready-to-launch-on-steem

Guess you can contact me at geekpowered #3484 on Discord. Don't really use it a ton though, so hopefully I'll manage to catch it if you message me there.

Hey that is a great question. Ill make a post tomorrow on steemit about the low cost and free mode. Ill also be in touch on discord. Thanks again

Great concept. Now if I could just remember what it was I was doing before this caught my eye. I will study this later when my brain comes back online. Nice one lol

Thanks for your support!

Haha! Thanks

Yes they are! oh great to see you use the Partiko app, I'm going to be introducing it to everyone around my neighborhood.

Haha Im one of the most active german Partiko User :p

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Geil! Da muss ich auch mit machen. Vielleicht einmal in der Woche auf Deutsch ein post schreiben.

Haha I have nearly 16k Partiko Points now but have also spent around 10k already^^

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Hahah holy shit!

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz: pixabay.com
Nice, you got an awesome upgoat, thanks to @jonyoudyer
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You might want to check out the work of @shredz7.

He is creating all kinds of mechanisms for creating tokens on the blockchain. There is also some things put out by dlux-io.

They might be worthy to do. I know there were a couple of smart contract added to Steem although they are done through side chains.

Thanks for commenting actually I am using @shredz7 token creation and have been in talks with dlux :) All great people!

Oh wow, I didn’t even know that you were using my mechanism! This is an awesome project, great work!

Oh ya dude of course! Only the best for my community!

Also, where can I see the source code for the tokens?

Ill share it with you once we are finished testing.

@qwoyn how about giving @shredz7 a free plot and seed as thanks for the great open-source Code? :)

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what a terrific idea. @shredz7 please check DM's on discord.

Good looking out! Thanks

Thanks for the playing along, sending the promo now! :) @mrkhuffins please follow @canna_curate so I can send you a message. Thanks

Much respect!!

@mrkhuffins Thanks for your support. If you update your email address on your profile at canna-curate.com I can send you email updates. Thanks again. Stay tuned!

sending now! Thank you for your support

I'm having trouble with the "cart" checkout. It won't let me out without providing an email address but there is nowhere to put it. I am sure you know the way. Thanks again!

Oh sorry about that please use the steem connect option to pay. I will check in to it right now real quick and reply in a few minutes

Please make sure you are logged in via steemconnect

that did it! thanks!

Great thats good to hear. Stay Tuned! :) Thanks again for your support

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Oh yeah anybody who does a post will get a canna upvote!

Oh shit thanks man!!!

thanks dude, @charisma777 designed it for me.

Super excited for the launch, thank you for the give away.



Oh and my discord is tryp like my steem name. Can find me in the canna-curate server.

Hey thanks for your support ill send the promo over now :) @tryp

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I'd love to participate


I am a member in the canna-chat on discord and my name there is soofluffy as well.

cant wait for beta really excited to get some of those early plots and get started. lots of great ideas id love to see in action.


Hi, I was wondering if the plot and seed we got during this giveaway are still valid for the current launch?

That are wonderful news :) I am still a little overwhelmed on dlux.io. How do I redeem my voucher? I can only see the "lease" buttons and have been too chicken to press one yet.

If it is more convenient for you, you can also reply on discord. I would have posted my question there, but I am not sure which channel is meant for hashkings.

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