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RE: HashKings Beta is almost ready to Launch on Steem

You might want to check out the work of @shredz7.

He is creating all kinds of mechanisms for creating tokens on the blockchain. There is also some things put out by dlux-io.

They might be worthy to do. I know there were a couple of smart contract added to Steem although they are done through side chains.


Thanks for commenting actually I am using @shredz7 token creation and have been in talks with dlux :) All great people!

Oh wow, I didn’t even know that you were using my mechanism! This is an awesome project, great work!

Oh ya dude of course! Only the best for my community!

Also, where can I see the source code for the tokens?

Ill share it with you once we are finished testing.

@qwoyn how about giving @shredz7 a free plot and seed as thanks for the great open-source Code? :)

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what a terrific idea. @shredz7 please check DM's on discord.

Good looking out! Thanks