How much does HashKings Cost?

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HashKings is Cheap

@canna-curate has made it possible for everyone to play HashKings at very little cost at our Dispensary. We have developed a few different modes of Gameplay with various price levels. Below is a breakdown of the basic in game items you will have to purchase.

Collectible Price Breakdown


$5 in Steem or SBD equivalent

Landrace Gen0 Strains include:

  • Indica
  • Sativa

Please see this leafly article for a complete list of Landraces we have chosen

Please keep in mind
Only 4 Strains of Indica will be sold which are only 25% of the total Gen0 seeds

Plots of Land

$5 in Steem or SBD equivalent

Only a total of 25,200 Gen0 Plots available
Plots include 6 Regions:
Africa, Asia, Jamaica, South America, Afghanistan/Pakistan, Mexico


Farm Equipment

Variable Price in Steem or SBD equivalent

Farm Equipment Includes:
Indoor Starter Kit: $4
Nutrients: $1 10 uses | (Free in Free Mode/Single Use Bottles)
4 Plant Tent: $1
6 Plant Tent: $1.50
8 Plant Tent: $2.00
Cloning Kit: 1.00
Water: 0.10 (No Cost in Free Mode)
Grow Light: $1
Buckets: $0.25
Soil: $1

As you can see I have added a free mode with only an initial investment of either land or a indoor grow kit which both of which can be reused and of course a seed to grow.

With that in mind the minimum cost to grow from seed to bud is only 10 Dollars for Gen0 Seeds. (This is 4 months of minimum gaming time) All Modes of Play require a minimum purchase of a seed and a piece of Property or Indoor grow kit.


Game Modes

Free Play

After going to our Dispensary and Purchasing your first Seed and Property or Indoor grow kit you can begin to grow your plant at no additional cost and grow from seed to bud or pollen. Just follow the basic guidelines that I have provided in my grow guides on steemit and your plant will not die.


So you want to earn more than discounts at the dispensary and powerup the steem spent on growing your plant? Well this is the mode for you and comes with some advantages:

  • Earn 4 Clones per Month
  • Earn Dividends from Powering-up

Powering Up??
When you Mother or Father a plant you will need to provide continued maintenance on your plant. This means at a minimum watering your plant 3 times and week and purchasing a cloning kit. You will also need an additional grow tent for strictly for mothering/fathering. The cost of these items gets powered up by you and if you decide to powerdown then you stop earning the clones and your plant dies.

This Technique allows us to give an incentive to growers who wish to help uphold our ecosystem and keeping the strains alive.


How can growers Earn and how does Canna-Curate earn?

HashKings earns by:

  • initial seed and plot sales
  • 2.5% Fee on all transactions in our marketplace

Users earn by:

  • Staking aka powering up and Mothering/Fathering
  • Seed Sales
  • Clones Sales
  • Pollen Sales
  • Equipment Sales

I hope this guide was useful and keep in mind some CryptoKitties have sold for over 100,000 Dollars


Would you like to help us?

Please always use the tag, canna-curate FIRST in all of your cannabis related posts!

Thanks again,

Daniel Pittman, Founder HashKings

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Super cool. I want in.

Thank you @berniesanders for resteem and bringing this to my attention.


Hi, thanks for your interest. Go ahead and visit


Very cool idea. Cant wait to see how this project works out.

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@mulletwang and @pvinny69, Had a small issue with checkout on the website. All fixed now!

Had a small issue with checkout on the website. All fixed now!

Calling @originalworks :)
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Nice, you got an awesome upgoat, thanks to @canna-curate
BuildTeam wishes everyone a bullish new Year!
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Damn thanks @canna-curate

Do you have any incentives for delegators? If not, you should consider it.


Actually great idea! I'm still new to delegation and curation but maybe @canna-curate and @jonyoudyer can help us with that!


Yes if you delegate to @canna-curate . Depending on how much you delegate I will put you on auto vote with a % depending on how much you delegate.




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