Singing In The Bird Bath 🐦

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This cute little birdie wanted to clean up in
my sandy pan of water on the deck. I set this
pan up to take photos of rocks and flowers.
Little did I know a bird would come take a bath!
This photo was taken through glass window.


It's been raining a lot in Alaska and other
places, those who need rain is California!
Right now there is some major fires going.
Towns being wiped out, been a number of
them burning up the last few years.

Fire list & map

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by me @shasta

July 30th 2018
4:04 PM Alaska

Take Good Care Everyone
Enjoy ❤ღ And Stay Awesome




Aw, look at that cute photo. You can't even tell that you took the photo through a glass window. Yes, send your rain and mine to California.

I have some great photos myself of birds taking a bath at the end of my driveway. : )

Thank you @whatisnew! ❤ :-)
Hard to tell it's just a plastic tub lid with
sand lol, zoomed out it looks not as cool haha
I await your birdies bathing in the driveway! 🐦

Totally unreal on those fires the one in
Mendocino is now 181 thousand acres, Shasta
fire is 145 thou ac. Many others going across
the western states.

You might have a long wait for my birdies bathing at the rate I am going. Something always stands in my way of posting as much as I would like to. AARRGGHHHHHH!!!!

OMG!!! That is so sad about those fires. : (

I know the feeling and been calling it

Distractions LOL

That needs to be a prompt eh

What is even more sad is the many things
heard about the whys and hows.

That would be a great prompt! I see something happening in the future with that one.

I know all about that...the whys and hows. Very disturbing!!!

What a darling little feathery friend <3
Yes, please, send me some rain! The fires are so devastating. Hugs

I was lucky catching the little sweety! 💕
A lot times will see something, grab camera
and then poof 💨 they split lol

Really is to much, all the fires down there!
Seen some stories of this and that about it
all is quite kRaZy.

So cute! :) Little birdie enjoying the water. Anyone would specially on a hot day, like here. Makes me want to put a basin too outside forthe winged visitors. This morning there's one yellow big bird drinking on one of the hummingbird's feeder. Been getting these yellow ones every summer sharing the drinks with the hummers this past 2 years.

Thank you so much @happyfree! 💕
They sure do love it, use to set many pans
of water out for birds in Calif. number of
years back, they sure used them and
even had bath fights pushing others out
who had to much of a turn haha

I wonder what the yellow bird is you see?
Only one that comes to mind right now is
a Meadowlark. It got to 73 today and it sure
felt hot to us in Alaska. But do remember those
triple digits and jumping in some big pan, pool
of water ourselves! :-)

Hummingbirds are so special to see and hear
their motors going, so many pretty colours
flashing they are like flying flowers eh 🌷

I use lids off tubs like big rubbermaid tubs
or garbage cans, anything that holds a inch
is good, even large planter pot bottoms.
Sometimes I put a nice rock in the middle,
keep pan from blowing away when water is
low and it's windy and the birds like to play
king of the rock and perch on it haha

Nice catch!
Naive bird, does not even suspect that the paparazzi is hiding nearby))
By the way, how the pan can help with flower photographing? Or it is just difficulties with my translation?

Thank you very much @sustainit! ❤
Paparazzi lol I'm the critter paparazzi to funny :-)

The pan of water was nice with some potted
flowers leaning over it for reflections and
shadows. Zooming in where the edges are
not seen makes it kinda look like the water
feature could be real big, yet being real small.
Also put some small standing stones in it for
a shadow rock around the clock! 🕒

Wow! It is really a creative miniature! Hopefully will see the pan-pictures soon ;)

Bird taking combo shower / bath. >_0

Had to sneak up on the birdie so Loki 🐱 didn't see lol

The banner looks great on your post :) thanks for your support @shasta!

Most welcome and thank you very much @photocircle! ❤
It is really awesome you make these for the photographers
and supporters! I do like that it is nice and KISS, Keep It
Simple Sweet and that it's not animated lol 👍

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