SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #4

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This post is intended to cover the server costs for and to enable me to continue my development in the future.

In case you missed the first part:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


Dieser Post ist dafür gedacht die Serverkosten für zu decken und mir in Zukunft weitere Entwicklungen zu ermöglichen.

Falls du den ersten Teil verpasst haben solltest:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1

Working naked under the roof

Since my apartment is on the top floor of this house and we are experiencing a really hot summer here in Germany I had to forgo my work wear in the past days... ^^ The temperature in my room is currently ~29° Celsius, even if it is midnight already. The fan which is standing on my desk is my best friend in these days... 😌

Nevertheless it has been a very busy week for me, not all went as expected, but I'm glad to be able to show you a few new things on SteemWorld.

New features

Settings now in tabs

Vote amount and rshares in all pie charts

User reputation next to the account's name

Account tooltips

By moving the mouse over an account's name and waiting for a few seconds the following tooltip will show up:

Thanks to @aiyumi for reminding me of the missing tabindex-attribute for some of the buttons on the site and the very interesting article about creating better HTML solutions for people with limited eye sight, who need to use screen readers when browsing the web.

I'm already thinking about a solution for being able to open the new tooltip without the need of a mouse ;)

Duplicate account operations fixed

I've made an interesting discovery regarding the field 'id' in the received account operations. One may think that the field contains a unique number for each operation but that is not always the case. It's an op index for one node and can sometimes even change in there, when the node's configuration changed and re-indexing has taken place. Other nodes may have completely different operation IDs for the same operations. Thanks to Steem master @vandeberg for the detailed explanation! The man is a machine... 😁

In the last time there was an issue regarding duplicate operations after switching to a different node and now it's clear to me why that happened. So instead of using the field 'id' I am now building my own IDs by hashing the operations data and adding the block number timestamp to it.

Caching the uncacheable

Sadly the planned caching feature for account operations can not be used. My solution works and SteemWorld would start ~ 3 times faster but there is a problem regarding to the default maximum local storage space of browsers (5 MB). I tried my best and added a string compression algorithm for the op data but it would not be fast enough for all devices/browsers.

One can change the browser setting '' (by visiting 'about:config' in Firefox) and set it to a higher limit but I can't do it programmatically. Since I'm now storing all settings in local storage there is a risk of losing the main configuration, therefore I can't activate the new caching logic yet. If I should find a way for separating the config from the other cached data (maybe through coming HTML5 methods) I will activate the feature in future.

Local storage instead of cookies

All settings are now being stored in the browser's local storage and I'm (by default) no longer using cookies on SteemWorld. The conversion happened a few days ago and I hope that nobody has lost his config during the process. For older browsers I've added a fallback to further use cookies.

Why the CSI is 'NA'

The CSI calculation works but I've found a way to trick the algorithm and influence the CSI by voting older posts. I think it is impossible to have a fast, reliable solution on the client side, therefore I need to implement it on my server. I currently have a lot of other more important stuff to realize but I will definitely bring the CSI back to life in future.


EN  |  What is SteemWorld?
-> Welcome to!

DE  |  Was ist SteemWorld?
-> Willkommen auf!

Thank you for supporting my work!

Positive thoughts create a positive world. It all begins with connecting our thoughts with emotions. We are the creators of our world.

Much Love,

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Delegating tab doesn't work.
Endless loading


For me it works:

Does your browser block requests to Are you using uMatrix? Please try to refresh the page.


Don't block anything explicitly.
And don't know what umatrix is.

Refresh didn't help much.

Okay, must be my own problem.


Which browser do you use?

@steemchiller I thank you for the contribution. 100 percent upvote!! :) Have a great day

How should I interpret the amounts for my future author rewards?

A. The $45.83 includes curator fee, correct?
B. 13.436 SP is excluding curator fee. In other words the net amount that I will receive. Correct?
C. 19.146 SBD is also net pay out amount excluding curator fees? Part of this SP will be paid out as liquid Steem right now. Correct?



Yes, that's correct. Part of the SBD (not SP) will be paid out as liquid STEEM (depending on the SBD debt ratio). I decided to add the liquid STEEM in the payout details in the coming days. The 'Steem Info' tab now shows the 'SBD Debt Ratio' and from that derived 'Liquid STEEM Ratio':

If my calculation is correct, we currently get ~ 61.6% from the SBD payout as STEEM ;)


Thanks for your answer!

How is your weekly post working out so far? Can you cover the server expenses?


My fiat bank account looks not so good currently. I'm still waiting for a STEEM price reversal to at least 1.35 USD, so that I can pay my other bills... I could not pay the rent for my apartment yet. Hard month for me and I've noticed that in most cases it's no good idea to make a crypto payout to fiat money at the end of a month.


If you have bad luck we will never see $1.35. Or it takes until Christmas 😩😥

May I suggest that you post just a bit more frequently? That might increase the amount of Steem you will earn.

Very cool that the rep is now showing, and the tooltips when hovering an account name are awesome! It's getting better and better all the time.

I love what you do! You'll always get a vote from me.

Great work and updated always help the users for better apperance in steemit platform. You have done it though there hot weather temperature.

The new features and you are awesome! 100% upvote!

It's great to know how all work under the hood. The account preview is great (you call it account tooltip). I'd like to give you some feedback regarding usability. But a comment is not the appropriate channel.

Thank you for all the great work. SteemWorld is the best.


Thanks! You can contact me via


Brauchst Du noch weitere diesbezügliche Unterstützung? Wäre ebenfalls dabei...

Nice work as usual @steemchiller! I love the new 'hover mode' to see details too :) Thank you again for such a wonderful program overall; I really don't know how I'd manage without it!

I saw that your post is older than 6 days - and I felt happy. To me it means you will have many comments of yours, which I can upvote, instead of just once for the article.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the next changes will be, but I also hope you do not ignore the many who have older computers/OS/Browsers


Thank you @arthur.grafo!

but I also hope you do not ignore the many who have older computers/OS/Browsers

Yes, I will do my best to keep SteemWorld working stable for all of us. The new reputation info feature might lead to some lagging on older devices, but I will keep an eye on that and I have already planned to add a few new settings soon, so that one can deactivate the more memory-hungry functions on the site.

If you should have any problems with an older device, feel free to report them here at any time ;)

Whoa, I'm glad you found my article useful!

Thank you for the new features! I really like the user reputation next to the username! A few months ago I was keeping track of those annoying spam followers that follow us the moment we publish a post (mostly low reputation accounts), and thought it'd be nice to be able to check the reputation without the need to visit the accounts' profile. Now, it came true! :D

Despite the 'aria-describedby,' my screen reader isn't reading the account tooltips (I don't know how other screen readers would behave, and don't have means to test). Sorry, no ideas for a solution at the moment...

Full 100% and resteemed :-) Good work.

Chiller. Aufgrund von Browsercache, Schlaf, Frühstück und ich weiß nicht was, habe ich eben erst deinen 2 Tage alten Weekly Support gefunden. Den solltest du fest in der Steemworld verdrahten. Da geht er mir nicht durch die Lappen (Lappen – @chriddi hattest du das schon?). Chill on.


Ist notiert... Hört sich spannend an, werde dafür nicht nach Lappland reisen müssen, obwohl mir das jetzt gerade ganz recht wäre.

Ich finde ein PopUp mit Werbung für den neuen Artikel nicht aufdringlich, lieber Chiller. Vielleicht sogar mit Pflichtvote, sonst zieht es sich nicht zurück ;-)
Viel eher muss ich mich nun an die neuen Kästchen zu den Usern gewöhnen. Sehen ja klasse aus, nur wenn man die Infos gerade gar nicht haben will, stören sie mich persönlich etwas. Aber ich kann jetzt schon weit links mit der Maus agieren und schon ist alles bestens. Reine Gewöhnungssache.

Schnell zum Frühstück,
schönes Wochenende,
LG, Chriddi


Persönlich störend? Dann stelle die Maus doch einfach woanders ab, @chriddi. Schau mal in der Küche neben dem Brotkasten. Da poppt garantiert nichts auf. Spaß beiseite. Wenn du kein Poppen willst, meide die Zeile. Und der Link zum Weekly Support passt gut in die Zeile zwischen Copyright und Herzchen by Chiller. Unten in der Steemworld. Du weißt schon wo, @steemchiller.


"Persönlich störend" hört sich so eng nebeneinander doch etwas anders an, als ich es ausdrückte. Ich war ja wie gesagt pfiffig und habe rasch gelernt, links auf den Pfeilen zu bleiben und die Namen nicht direkt anzufahren. Durchaus natürlich, wenn die rasche Info kommen soll. Dann ist das neue Gimmick klasse.
Solange die Maus nicht im Brotkasten ist, ist alles in Ordnung, den Rest verkneife ich mir ;-)
Der Link müsste auffälliger sein, wer scrollt regelmäßig ganz nach unten zu dem Herzchen? Vielleicht direkt in den Kreis mit der momentanen VP-Prozentanzeige?
Der Chiller wird's schon machen!


Frosch. Poppen oder nicht, Browsercache sucks, auf jeden Fall bei einigen Geräten. Auf meinem Android-Tablet halten die Browser sich auch nicht an die Angaben, die sie vom Server erhalten. Wahrscheinlich muss ich per JavaScript prüfen, ob die Seite noch aktuell ist und im Falle des Nicht den Reload erzwingen... Es wird sicher nie langweilig!

Falls es mal zu störend werden sollte, gibt es dafür auch eine Option:

Vermutlich werde ich die Wartezeit für's Aufpoppen auch noch einstellbar machen ;)

LG, Chiller


Vielen Dank, lieber Chiller, du bedenkst echt alles! Irre!
Schönes Wochenende,
LG, Chriddi


Dem Chiller sei Dank!

Great update, I like the rep number, small unobtrusive, and the mouse over information.

Fairly new to our Steem Community and to SteemWorld, just reading this post, with a link supplied by @abh12345.

Thank you @steemchiller (insufficient words, but all I have ...) for all of your hard work to create and maintain this very valuable interface to our Steem blockchain.

I hope to learn more about its capabilities in the future, but already find it to be an invaluable aide for day-to-day use.

Upvoted 100%, resteemed, and now following!

Thank you.
Resteemed :-)

Hallo, ich würde ein Empfehlung geben, und zwar, SP Anzeige sollte in 3 stellige Nummer sein, nicht 2 Stellig, nach dem komma, weil, es ist nicht korrekt, das der VP, beispiel, bei 45 Reputation ist nich 0.00$, sondern, 0.001$ oder 0.002$ und so änlich, und das sollte ersichtlich sein. Vorrallem, ist das super für neue Steemians, das die sehen, das der Vote nicht =0$ ist, sondern, eine gewisse Wert hat, auch wenn das 0.001$ ist. Kannst du das so in 3 stellig ändern zu zeigen? Beispiel, macht das so, bei Voting, mann siehet, das der Vote eine gewiesen Wert hat, auch wenn unter 1 cent ist, sollte ersichtlich sein. Gruss - Maya


Danke für dein Feedback! Ich denke, ich werde es demnächst einstellbar machen. Standardmäßig sollen die Beträge aber bei 2 Stellen bleiben. Ich weiß noch nicht wann ich dazu komme, aber ich denke in den nächsten 2 Wochen sollte das klappen ;)

lieber @steemchiller, eine anmerkung von mir, weil ich mittlerweile mit einem problem wiederholbar konfrontiert bin. die coming curation rewards laden nicht in safari. wenn ich firefox lade und es darüber versuche, geht es. ich bin aber eigentlich kein firefox-user und würde nur ungern ständig einen zweiten browser öffnen müssen, nur damit mir dort die rewards berechnet werden. aktuell sieht es unter safari so aus, das er anfängt, die rewards zu berechnen, es aber irgendwann hängt und selbst nach einer halben stunde wartezeit werden die 100% nicht erreicht. schau dir das doch bitte mal an. danke und lg.


Danke für den Hinweis! Das Problem mit dem Safari ist, dass er sich nicht an aktuelle Web-Standards hält (bzw. Apple bestehende User mit älteren Systemen nicht vernünftig mit Updates versorgt, wodurch sich natürlich mehr Geld verdienen lässt, da die Benutzer neue Systeme kaufen müssen). Das ist so ähnlich, wie es mit dem Internet Explorer vor Jahren mal war. Als Entwickler kann man dann Tage opfern, um etwas zu beheben, das eigentlich nicht kaputt war.

Das nächste ist, dass man schwer Zugang zur aktuellen Safari-Version hat, wenn man auf Linux arbeitet. Ich habe jetzt seit Monaten mal wieder eine Windows-Version (mittels VirtualBox) auf meinem Rechner gestartet, um den Fehler finden zu können. Nach zahlreichen Updates konnte ich Safari für Windows jetzt herunterladen, aber nicht die aktuelle Version. Dafür brauche ich wahrscheinlich Windows 10. Mit der Safari-Version für Win7 kann ich SteemWorld nicht mal starten.

Kostet also noch etwas mehr Zeit, bis ich dann endlich anfangen kann mich auf die Fehlersuche zu begeben...


3 Stunden später (immer noch dabei zu versuchen, die Bedingungen für die aktuelle Safari Version erfüllen zu können): Windows beginnt mit der Vorbereitungsphase vor der Vorbereitung der wesentlichen Vorbereitung der Updates... ^^

3 Stunden später: Windows 10 läuft jetzt bei mir, aber...

No way! Safari für Windows wurde eingestellt und die letzte Version kann mit modernen Webseiten nicht umgehen. Nicht mal Array.from() wird unterstützt (Standard seit 2015). Ich muss also versuchen eine Max OS X Version auf Linux zu installieren. So killt man Kleinunternehmer. Ich muss jetzt erstmal mit meiner Entwicklung auf SteemWorld weitermachen. Solche Firmen sollte man nicht unterstützen.


vielen dank für deine bemühungen, lieber Chiller!

You might consider running for a witness spot. That would enable you to earn enough for the upkeep of your service. And according to the amount of votes on this, you got a solid supportlevel.


That was actually planned, but I can't afford the two required servers (for the witness and seed node) this month... Since I'm doing the development work for SteemWorld in full time, I need all my rewards for paying my other bills (and even these rewards are not really enough and it's all a bit tricky for me currently). Hopefully I will get a chance next month.


Maybe opening up a witnessaccount is the way to go. Starting with promoting it as a donation taker for the hardware needed. You got a lot support, for a good reason.

@steemchiller steemworld is a great site! Thanks. I noticed some weeks ago when the market dropped and the SBD print rate went down that the estimated payout was wrong. You may well have fixed this by now but just in case. I moved to using steemit's estimated payout so it's no biggie but I do like the rich feature set you have provided. A lot of work I'm sure.


Thank you! I've just recently added the calculation of the liquid STEEM part for the payout amounts and it should now be much more accurate than it has been before. But I'm still tweaking my formula from time to time, so that we hopefully will have a 100% exact payout prediction in future.

Yes, it's indeed a lot of work to build something like this and to keep it working stable, but it's also a lot of fun for me ;)


Thank you @steemchiller. How did you work out the formula to estimate payout?


The easy part was clear to me after using Steemit for a while and reading some articles about author rewards. The more difficult part is the curation rewards calculation. I came to my solution by connecting what I already knew, trying out different things and watching the resulting values.

I don't show the gross amount as it is being shown on Steemit. I subtract the calculated curation and beneficiary amounts from the author payout sum, so that we can see how much we really will receive. It's not perfect yet, but it's already coming very near to the real payout amounts.


Do you know where in the source code of steem the calcs are done?


Not exactly but part of it can be found in 'libraries/chain/util/reward.ccp'. I didn't use anything from the official source for my calculation, because there are major differences between C++ and JS code / dependencies.

I guess it would take more time to convert the C code to JavaScript than just build it from scratch and the best way for me always is 'learning by doing' (without just copying existing code).

Thank you for the contribution!
Maybe I find a mistake. Recent Posts->Newest post->Transfers
I don't transfer about this post, but it views I had Transfer Amount is 1SBD😂

I checked this 4 times transfers, that are unrelated about my newest post.



Thanks for your feedback! There was a conflict between the title of your post and the used steem platform. 'Steempeak有更新啦,好多人期盼的功能出现啦!!!✨' becomes the permlink 'steempeak' (because special character are not allowed in permlinks).

My logic searches for transfers from your account with the permlink in the memo field. contains the word 'steempeak', therefore your last post has been found. I've added a few more tests on the sent value in the memo field and it should work now.


Great, It's working, Thank you!💖

Great stuff as always. Spotted the "rep" addition this morning and like it a lot.

Can't imagine my steem life without steemworld.
You've done a phenomenal job, 100% upvote... Keep up the amazing work...

Cooles Teil, das Du da zusammengebraten hast, @steemchiller

Mögest Du eines Tages fett dafür belohnt werden...

Tolle Arbei wie immer!
Ich glaub es hat einen bug bei "Coming Curation Rewards"... Ich sehe doppelte Zahlen.


Vielen Dank für den Hinweis! Ich bin gerade dabei meinen Code ein bisschen aufzuräumen und habe wohl etwas übersehen/überoptimiert. Ich hoffe, es läuft jetzt wieder ;)


Perfetto! Es klappt wieder ;-)
Schick dir noch ein bischen SBD... leider bin ich ein Kleiner Fisch.
Steemitri The Mannequin

Right now it's not midnight, it's the middle of the night!


😴 At the time of writing it was midnight. I think I should go sleeping now... ^^ Current temperature in my room is 27.6° C.


I grew up in South Russia at the time when A/C's were few and far between. I know the feeling.

Is the cold water cold? If so, cold showers really help.


It's not really cold but it's okay. I'm taking cold showers also in winter. There is no better way to clear the mind/remove negative thoughts and it has so many more benefits for body and soul.

Das mit der Reputation am Namen finde ich klasse!
Sah auf den ersten Blick aus wie ein TM (Trademarkzeichen)...
...aber auch nur, weil ich kurzsichtig bin! ;-)

Super Arbeit. Die Idee mit den Quickinfos finde ich total genial. Ich hoffe das Dir die Ideen unter deinem heißen Dach nicht ausgehen. Weiter so. Steemworld wird von Woche zu Woche immer besser.

You will always get my support @steemchiller, great work! :)

Excellent work, I like that now I can see the reputation of the steemian in the list of account operations

Wenn den Post, in mehreren Sprachen veröffentlichst, z.b deutsch, denselben Blog in Englisch, dann könnte ich 2x Upvoten.
Ich würde es tun 😁

Thanks for all the hard word y'er doin', matey!

Hey :D This is your header in polish :D


Ten post został stworzony by pokryć koszty serwera dla i by umożliwić mi dalszy rozwój w przyszłości.

W razie gdybyś przegapił pierwszą część:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1

Maybie someone would translate your whole tutorial. Have a nice day :)

I like to use this tool is the one that keeps me informed. Thank you

Hey @steemchiller

I'm wondering if another column would be of use in this table. Looks like it could be tight with regards to space, but what about the STEEM payout coming from authored content at present?


Cheers for the best tool for eyes on your account 👍🏾 👏🏽 😁


Thanks! Yeah, the missing liquid STEEM payout seems to gain importance. The producer rewards for witnesses are also missing in the table. The space is definitely not enough for adding extra columns. I'm thinking about solving it in one of the following ways:

  1. Convert the liquid STEEM payout to SBD and show it in there
  2. Display the title for 'Benef. SP' as dropdown button to be able to switch between Benef./Author STEEM/Producer SP
  3. Making the visible columns configurable in settings

The deluxe version would be the third point. Then I could set it as default instead of the beneficiary rewards...


I'm liking 2 or 3 :)

I think the majority of accounts wont be in receipt of benefactor rewards (i could be totally wrong!), and so 'hiding' this column / making it a dropdown, and adding the STEEM payout (without the conversion to liquid SBD) would be how i'd prefer it to be.

Seriously though, this is a killer tool - it's open constantly, and I suspect it's the same for 1000s of people :) I hope your weekly post goes some way to covering the time spent working on Steemworld. Cheers!

You should give some hint for the user (animation some kind) that hovering over the username it fetches full details of the profile.


Yes, I thought the same. Kind of an animation would be nice but it needs to be unobtrusive, so that it doesn't bother us when we are scrolling down a list and hovering over names without having the intention to open the tooltip.

Maybe a thin line under the name growing to the right while loading could be a good solution. Or a small rotating circle with a percentage in the middle which indicates when the info will show up...


Or a small rotating circle with a percentage in the middle which indicates when the info will show up...


Excellent work as usual @steemchiller! Like the new "hover" feature, and it's a nice bonus to have the reputations showing.

Hope these weekly update posts are serving their purpose of giving you the extra funding you need.


This is the most complete Steem tool I know! Very useful, thank you for developing and maintaining it!

You Rock!! Stay cool, it's going to get a little hotter for us over the next few days. Schöne grusse.

Its Excellent what you do , keep up the great work , loving the new mouse hover over the upvotes etc ...Nice :)

I am new to your post. But You have a great post. Steem is the best blockchain ever! I've never experienced an online community where my desire to create has been so uninhibited. I'm free to create content as I wish and others are free to read it. The beauty is in the simplicity and uncensored nature of this system that affords us a place to be free and explore.
There is no place like home and Steemit, to me, feels closer to home than I've ever gotten before as a creator. Truly a blockchain of opportunity and for that, I say thank you so much.

Thanks so much for your efforts @steemchiller on providing new features to us.
I would encourage you to make it mobile asap, you know...
Best regards

hi my best friend
i have a claim/ comment - defect in steemworld - my English is not so good - so please forgive me

since 2 days, i have noticed that, in the steemworld there is huge lagging to load the posts i am posting in my blog inside the recent posts .
i posted three posts more and still since 2 days the same details in recent posts not changed.
i have tried also my mobile to open the steemworld and the same result
i tried to use my friends mobiles and same result

please can you check this point - it is a defect


Thanks for your feedback! This is what I see when I open your account:

Can you please refresh the page (not just visit the site, use the reload button of your browser's navigation toolbar) and tell me if it's working now? If it should still be showing the old data, we can try the following:

  • Connect to a different Steem node in settings
  • Clear the browser cache

yea - it is now working better - i do not know the reason it is coming back but good is good

thank you

Thank you for your continued​ development of this tool.

Steemworld make my steemit activities more easy. It's completely !!! for checks everything that our need in steemit... Thanks @steemchiller

it is getting more awesome @steemchiller, keep going on my friend, you have done really great thing on this platform.

Irgendwas scheint nicht rund zu gehen schau mal ein wenig länger auf :/


Das scheint ein Bug in der Steemit-Node zu sein. Es wird jede Minute eine 'comment_options' Operation von deinem Account für diesen Post erstellt... Welche Plattform nutzt du zum Posten?

Am besten wechselst du in den Einstellungen zu einer anderen Steem-Node. Dann sollte es nicht mehr auftreten ;)


Danke für deine rasche Antwort, ich habe für diesen Post genutzt.

I feel for ya bro... last summer we had a huge drought here in Argentina, and temperatures on my area reached 40ºC on some days... I had to live in the bathtub. The climate is going to hell....

Sometimes it feels like @vandeberg is the only person actually working @ stinc.

Wunderbare Quickinfos! Hier bin ich mit mein kleines upvote um Steemworld zu unterstützen...!

Das sind ja grossartige Neuigkeiten. Also, weiter so! :-D

Thank you for your contribution to the world and the STEEM community. Danke schon:)

What is the procedure for reporting/processing bugs for Steemworld?


Thanks! You can contact me via or report bugs/feature requests directly here in a comment ;)

awesome updates. makes my work a lot easier . tyvm


nope, it appears i spoke too soon :(
now with tooltips i can only collect 1/4 of the data i was earlier due to chrome getting nommy with the ram :'(


now with tooltips i can only collect 1/4 of the data

What do you mean? Do you get an error message or something like that? Are you using a mobile device?


are you on discord? would make things a lot easier. - short answer is im on an old pc. if there was an option to turn off tooltips, that would be awesome


I'm not on Discord but you can reach me on

if there was an option to turn off tooltips, that would be awesome

There is, for both the reputation and account info on hover:

I guess it is because of loading the reputation info in background.


aah, sweett XD tyvm. i guess i didnt look hard enough.

welcome back productivity XD

@steemchiller Your post was selected and voted by the curator @pataty69 project that can be followed on my trail at Steemauto.

I am surprised I haven't come across this amazing site till now . Amazing work dude :) Very helpful . I wanted that Curator stats very badly , thanks .

SteemWorld is my daily tool, here is my upvote

Well done dear! I am amazed to see the new development when I opened while starting steemit because I can't work without opening This is the most useful app on steem platform.

I am really thankful for your work on Steem World.
I use it ever time I use Steemit.
If I had more power I would give you more of my voting power.
Please go on, and Thanx again.

Da mein Vote noch nichts wert ist schicke ich dir zusätzlich in Gedanken eine kühle Brise :)

This service it's great, helps a lot to use my account, congrats for your excellent work.

Hello, i just upvoted your post. Also, $10 - $160 Reward is waiting for you in GBYTE crypto, please
follow instructions in this post: .
Join our Discord & enjoy happy STEEM community:

Wow, cool


Excellent work, I like

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