New Feature Updates: Notifications are now live!

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Hello Steem community! We’d like to announce that we have added our notification feature!

In our bottom menu bar you will see a new section titled “Activity”. 


The Activity section will include two features - Notifications and Chat. The Chat feature is currently not available and will be coming soon. 

The Notifications feature will notify users when any of the following activities occur:

  • Upvote, Comment, or Reply on your posts
  • New followers
  • Any commission rewards received from your post
  • Weekly Top Creator or Top Post rewards
  • Inquiries on any products you are selling

* BUZZi is still in BETA and commission rewards are not available. Creators will receive commission rewards for revenue generated from their content after BETA is complete and this feature is available. 

Please remember to turn on push notifications for BUZZi on your phone settings and update the BUZZi app in order to access BUZZi Activity. 

BUZZi Rewards Events

As a reminder, BUZZI is holding a Top Creator and Top Posts Rewards Event for the month of September. To learn more about our Rewards Event you can read our Rewards Event post HERE.

Additionally, we have launched our new Reviewhunt Campaign with a new Top Creator Quest. To participate in our Reviewhunt Campaign visit our campaign page HERE.

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I made a new Bidbottophant so it will lead to a non-ghosted page:

The face is even more sad and disappointed, So if you prefer the old one it is easy to put in the code. Just tell me and I'll do it.

Flagged for bid bot abuse @steemflagrewards

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Thank you for reporting this abuse, @luegenbaron.

  • bid bot abuse
    You bought votes to increase the rewards of your post above the value of its content.

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Downvoted for the bot stacking, no engagement after 15h, etc.

buzzi I like this idea a lot, I hope everyone like me buzzi will benefit greatly from this idea......

Are people able to earn any decent money with your app, or only dust?

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