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By popular demand: The Bidbottophant is back... This is a repost of the original downvoted and ghosted post.

If you see this post you have either been downvoted - you come here to use the Bidbottophant yourself - or maybe you are just curious.

1. You have been downvoted

In short: you have received a downvote because you used bidbots to boost your reward.

Bidbots are bad for the following reasons:

  1. Steemit is based on proof of brain. No brain is needed to buy a reward and move to the trending page. Rewards should be based on what the Steemit community considers to be quality made from talent and hard work, not who pays the most to large profiles.
  2. Bidbots are middlemen in a system that was supposed to get rid of middlemen. By buying votes you support this abusive extra layer of expense on Steemit. Everytime someone uses a bidbot value is taken out of the reward pool and given to an automated service - just like banks, Paypal and the like.
  3. Bidbot create unnecessary inflation and pull money out of the reward pool. The value taken out of the system could be used to help small accounts and newcomers making Steemit more attractive and eventually making the community grow. The injustice of bidbots have already made many good Steemit bloggers leave the site.

The Bidbottophant is made by @katharsisdrill, but the downvote you have received might not be from him. If the downvote is blatantly unfair he is sorry, but the complaint should be directed at the downvoter.

See below for more info on how to use the Bidbottophant yourself.

The Bidbottophant was hurt in a drivebot attack by the bidbot Booster. He did talk in alliterations before the incident, though. (See the original post here)

2. You want to use the Bibottophant yourself

If you want to use the Bidbottophant you simply copy the code below and put it in a comment on the page you downvoted. It will automatically provide a link to this page.

Remember that it should only be used when people are buying votes from bidbots, and please be fair and respectful. The Bidbottophant is not meant for flag wars, harassing and the like and also remember that some people can't appreciate humour when simultaneously loosing money.

You paste this code into the comment:


It will look like this:

And link to this page.

All artwork on this page is made by Katharsisdrill and is licenced Creative Commons -by. You can use, resample and sell it, but you are obliged to mention the artist.

This work is licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Attribute - Katharsisdrill - Link to:


A little typo help @katharsisdrill, in 1st sentence, just under #1 ...

"In short: you have recieived a downvote"


Thanks a lot! I hate typos.

Hey, happy to help here and there @katharsisdrill! Found my way here via a comment I saw @slobberchops made, utilizing your great new (old?) image. I am starting to use my downvote more and I like the idea of utilizing it. I appreciate your artistic efforts (since I don't have any ... 😉)!

P.S. A little slow on the response here, as I don't spend as much time on our Steem blockchain as I used to ...

Cool, I'm glad you decided to repost. We can't let the bullies win!
This time around we'll make sure it stays above water!

And if not, he will be reanimated as Bidbottozombiephant.

Get yourself on the @ocdb whitelist and I'll help with some extra insurance. I tried already, but you haven't been whitelisted yet. You certainly deserve to be.

Posted using Partiko Android

I've no idea how to get on a whitelist :)

They have to curate one of your blogs.
I dropped one of your blogs into their discord hoping they would take the bait.

Well, thanks! I never was an expert in promoting myself, so when people help me I am more than grateful. Let's see. I think things are changing, suddenly the one sided power play has turned into a real fight. I could see that @celestal even came on the trending page after being revenge-downvoted.

I have some people who do not post here anymore but has small stacks. I'll write them with daily downvote orders.


This post has been manually curated, resteemed
and gifted with some virtually delicious cake
from the @helpiecake curation team!

Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


Manually curated by @scrawly.

@helpie is a Community Witness.
For more information about our project,
please visit this month’s UPDATE post.

Thanks. More manual creation by the people!

bs bidbots are beter then curation trails...

which are a place for people to bandwagon without reading the content..

So instead of making others curate your post for you it is better that you do it all by yourself? :)

What about guys like this who every time they make a comment on one of their post they upvote themselves rather handsomely....I've seen him upvote his comments as high as nineteen cents, this is one where he voted his comment ten cents...

Personally if you guys thought mysearchisover was raping the reward pool through bidbots this guy is doing it by posting upwards of three, maybe four articles a day with some post lasting merely two minutes with no valuable attached what so ever then raking in over twenty bucks a post a day plus if he comments he upvotes his comments substantially. I know he has a curation trail but can it be looked at to see (as I have no idea how to do it) if the majority of his reward is his own self upvoting followed then by his curation people and are all his curation people legit or are there bots involved. I don't think he should be driven away but I think there is some legit concern that he is carelessly posting some stuff just to up his take from the rewards pools and that should be brought under control.

Yes, that is fucked up! The amount of abuse is endless. This is the Bidbottophant, and I have mostly concentrated on downvoting bidbotted posts (including short comments with up to 17$ rewards from bidbots), but I also downvote selfupvote-comments like these.

You could maybe go to the SFR discord channel to report this or find out how to do it. Here's an invite:

People there discuss how best to use the downvotes (it is generally not big stakeholders but middleclass accounts like mine.)

I did do a call out to SFR on upvoting his comments. I like countering the issues on his site but the lacks attitude towards the rewards pool by posting multiple times a day with some appearing to be of little substance combined with his habit of upvoting his comments appears deliberate and selfish towards the rewards pool. I think if he modified his behavior in those regards his contributions would fall much better within the scope of the platforms intent when it came to the rewards. Thanks for taking the time to give it a look.

I just checked it out. When you mention SFR in a comment underneath the violator you should add this string:

comment self-vote violation.

Then it will be noted and you will be given some kind of token as a thank you for reporting it. I have not yet found out how to use the token, but hey ho :=)

Fucking hell! The new Bidbottophant looks like my last colonoscopy report when I had too many blueberries and didn't bother doing a bowel cleanse beforehand.

oh shit... I guess it's enema time for me

Hahaha! yes that is true. From the mournful look of the original (I am not mad, but I'm sad... and disappointed), he now expresses despair and anxiety. Strange things happen when a comic funny animal gets some bad real life experience.

Come to think of it, he does remind me of a Blueberry.. heh..

there is an error in your code
You scan transactions and not the voices of bid-bots.
I didn’t buy a vote, but I received a bouquet of flags thanks to your code!
I love people who think they know best how others behave...
how many purchased votes did you count?

Right. You did not buy that vote. Let's see.

ocdb's and theycallmedan's downvotes happened 13hrs ago.

before ocdb downvote:

Attempt to buy a vote from minnowvotes, failed only due to timing

Attempt to buy a vote from upmewhale, failed only due to timing

Attempt to buy a vote from rocky1, failed only due to timing

token burning and trading, probably for upvotes as well

So yeah. Apparently you were not buying any votes. Not at all.

I checked the honesty of the bots by sending them specially expired links! I did not buy a single vote! As you can see, all bets are returned! But the bot flager algorithm counted me as a pest)))

doesn't it seem absurd to fight algorithms with algorithms ??? want to train people to curate manually by setting flags automatically? LOL

There is no code here - I do not write code, I scan nothing and have no idea why you think I do. Why not ask the people who downvoted you? As far as I can see it is @ocdb and @theycallmedan.

Next time try to do some research before you accuse people of things they have nothing to do with.

I was just trying to see how this bots thing works

I might now be the right person to say this to. I didn't downvote you, only made this post for everybody to use. But using bidbots is tempting, sadly it has also had a very negative effect on this site , almost destroying it.

If you just stop using them and try other means of getting attention to your posts you will be far better off. Commenting on other peoples posts is the best way to get attention. I just checked your profile for example.

Ok Mr. @katharsisdrill, for your back reply. OK then that may be my misunderstanding.
Yes it is I have realized that.Yes, I am trying to comment on good posts as much I can thanks a lot for your advice.

Sure! Hope you find your way here. The first time here can be hard without any earnings, but if you see it as a long time project you might actually earn a lot. Just remember to power up all you can in the beginning. People are drawn to wealth :|

Ya you are 101% right @katharsisdrill.
Its been hard time here Hope once this platform goes to moon.
yes I have to just increase my SP as much as I can thanks a lot for the conversation.

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