Introducing BUZZi - A Steem based UGC to Commerce platform

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Where did our idea come from?

Everyday hundreds and thousands of pieces of UGC is created in the form of social content, blogs, or reviews. All these types of content have the potential to change the way consumers shop. They can discover new products, they can research about products, and they can share their experiences with products by creating content on social media. Consumers trust UGC more than any other type of media content. While there are tons of UGC online, there is no efficient or effective solution to easily connect consumers to the products they wish to purchase from UGC. This is because creators have no reason to include product information in their content and consumers are stuck in the same purchasing behavior shopping from the same sites they are accustomed to. We made BUZZi to resolve this by motivating creators to share product information in their content and providing an easy solution for consumers to purchase products from a creator’s post.

What is BUZZi?

BUZZi is a reward based UGC to commerce platform allowing creators to share their product experiences and consumers to purchase products through UGC from the sites they normally would purchase from.


Key features of BUZZi

Earn Rewards
Similar to other Steem based applications and websites we will reward creators with Steem for any engagement on their posts. Since UGC commerce is an integral part of our service, we will also reward creators for any product sales generated from their post.


Share Product Experiences
We want to make it easy for creators to provide honest product reviews to help our community members find the right product for them. BUZZi has made it simple to rate the quality of the product, the price, and add pros/cons just by answering a few questions with a tap or a swipe.  Based on user ratings, we will create a BUZZi Score that will represent the cost performance value of the product, making it easy for our community members to decide which products are worth purchasing.

Discover Products
Our Discover section is made for users to find the most trusted and valuable products used by the BUZZi community. Users will be able to see the top products and top creators allowing them to know who the product experts are and which products are being used the most by BUZZi members. We will also recommend products from members with the same interests.

BUZZi Community
Easily connect with community members that have the same interests as you. Follow members to see which products they are using and connect with them to ask questions, share stories, and give advice. We believe in a strong community of users being a central part to the success of BUZZi.


BUZZi Launch Plans

BUZZi will first launch with BUZZi Kids, allowing members to share their stories and product reviews for Baby and Kids products. Future categories will include Tech, Beauty, Fashion, and Home & Living.   

BUZZi Kids BETA will be available on Android devices by mid July and will make another announcement with the official launch date shortly.  We will keep everyone posted on the iOS launch date when ready. 


Please stay tuned for more updates on official launch date, our reward ecosystem, and feature updates. We would love for your guys to use our app and provide us feedback on what you like, don’t like and how to make it better so you can get the most out of our service. We are excited to start this journey with the Steemit Community!

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That's Amazing!

do you have a discord / tg channel up ?

Our Discord and Telegram accounts will be up and running soon. We will make sure to keep you posted when they are up.

And... what is UGC?

User Generated Content :)

Thank you.

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This sounds cool. excited for your growth and development (Y)

do you guys have official website?
Awesome move :D

Our official website will launch around mid July. Will make sure to keep you posted!

Cool :)

It would be great to see purchase options other than Amazon so I hope that Buzzi will help decentralize the marketplace. I think that this will help the producers of the products that are being reviewed since they may be able to sell through their own platform.

Perhaps there will come a day when a person's first place to look, for quality information and reviews, will be Buzzi.

Thanks for your interest in BUZZi! We will have many merchant options and will also allow users to connect their post to any site they choose.

You all should make your own token on steem-engine and give rewards beyond just steem/sbd. I can help answer questions about it here:

cool project :)

Looks interesting, but I don’t see a link to any website or landing page.

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We will launch our website and BETA version of our app around mid July. Will make sure to keep you posted!


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The idea is really ripping.Hope that this project will get success.

Is this for steemit users only or everyone ?

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Users will need to sign up or login with a steemit account.

That's going to be a major issue as it takes so long to create a new account. Consider developing a solution where buyers don't need a Steem account while sellers do because it's going to be a major hurdle for buyers to create accounts in a process which takes more than a week. Ain't no one got time for that when they want to buy something, right?

Thanks for your feedback. Users will be able to purchase without having an account and we are exploring options for users to create a non Steem account. We will make sure to keep our community updated on new developments.

This sounds cool!

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Sound interesting.

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Very good idea is a very good project!

Congratulations @buzzi!
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hoping to see your site up soon and with a token economy too, or buzzi will be making use of steem?

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Currently we will be using Steem until we issue our own token. We will keep you posted on that and other new developments!

Great ideas. Interested to see how this develops as this is something I’d be interested in. Having access to plenty of models/dancers.

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How will a user pay for something they buy through the app? Must paymets be made in STEEM/SBD? Can they pay in a fiat currency? If so, are you converting the fiat payment into STEEM? How do you deal with tax liabilities revolving around crypto/FIAT interfaces? If users can not pay in fiat currencies, and must pay instead only in STEEM/SBD, what plans do you have to grow a sizeable userbase? How will you overcome the hurdle of adoption of a new form of currency for a payment on an unknown app?

UGC to commerce platform allowing creators to share their product experiences and consumers to purchase products through UGC from the sites they normally would purchase from.

OR, your intention is only to be a "review" platform, where users can link to the product?

Currently there will not be any transactions directly through our app. All purchases will need to be made on our retail partner sites.

@buzzi, Welcome team and we are excited to see how this new Ecosystem will add value here. Good wishes from my side and waiting for the Official launch. 👍

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User generated content

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