Cut creases and Bang demons

in #busy3 years ago

Oh hi, the bang demon got me again...And no, a bang demon its not a sexual thing, is just that little voice that tells you right when you're about to sleep:

BD: Hey, you know what you should do tomorrow? CUT YOUR HAIR! And don't even go to a salon, I mean how difficult can it've done it before!

Me: But bang demon I hated bangs last time, it's uncomfortable and when I sweat I look like a crazy woman.

BD: Do it, do it you'll look cute. Do it 😈

And you do it and love it aproximately a week...then you hate it, patiently wait (like 100 years) for your hair to grow back and the cycle repeats itself until you die :)

But I ain't dead yet so let's just do makeup...

(really smooth transition Bárbara...just great)

Ok, so...I was bored the other day and decided to show you guys the process to make a really simple eye look into a more interesting one with just concealer! You can make this with any eye shadow colour you like, I chose earthy tones because I use those often.

🏵First you apply some eye primer and/or a base colour to get rid of any oils that might be on you lid.

🏵Grab the lightest colour of the scale you've chosen. I'm doing an orangey look so I'll start with a yellowish tone.

🏵Blend in a darker shade in the middle, and then the last one close to eyelash. Remember to clean the edges with a makeup wipe (Do your eye mekeup before everything else!) The angle of the edge is going to help you put on your eyeliner later.

🏵Ok now the tricky part! With a small sythetic brush -preferably a pencil brush or maybe even an angled one- grab a high coverage concealer and start definign your crease. I have hooded eyes so I go a little higher than my natural crease line.
With your eyes open put a little dot of concealer to mark the highest part of your crease, then put another one on the inner edge so you know where it ends. Then take a deep breath and trace the crease.

🏵After you've sucessfully finished this part 🙌 clean the remaining concealer off the brush and put a little translucid powder on the newly drawn crease to set it. Yaay now we can do the rest of our makeup without having a panic attack!

🏵Lets put the same scale of colours on our lower lashline.

🏵Then add some white eyeliner on the water line.

🏵Some black eyeliner and mascara and we are DONE...with the eyes. For the rest I followed my usual foundation rutine :)

Hope you guys liked this look, I still feel a bit weird uploading makeup related things here, but if you want I still have some tips left (like a DIY makeup spray!)


Btw, why is it that theres no makeup people on Steemit? I mean its like the perfect place for it...I only know @claritagigi, @kiki.tan, @miss.bozena and @mvd ♥ If you know anyone else please let me knoooooow, if not go follow this lovely ladies thanks ♥

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Wowww muchas gracias por el voto chicos ( @cessarespinozaa @mandolincarls), un honor que el senpai dropahead se haya pasado por acá! ❤❤❤

That is such an awesome look, Barbara, I would've never thought to use my concealer in such a way :O
And by the way, you look awesome with bangs, so quit complaining :P you have thick hair which usually looks nice, I have like super thin hair and I look like a bald man desperate for cover whenever I cut my hair in bangs (which is rarely) :D

HHAHAHAHSAJDHASKJD Omgggggggg somehow that reminds me of that Seinfeld ep where George gets a wig and Kramer fix him up with a bald woman 😂😂
I'm sure you look finee! My hair is actually not that thick, I just cut my bangs a little behind the part my hairdresser used to make so the bang has a lot more hair on it

Congratulations on this amazing post! You are so talented and I love the final look, I love the negative space on your eye, it looks so cool!

I love everything about this. THe Bang Demon gif alone is worth the price of admission. Bang Demon visits my wife as well, the struggle is real!

Your eye makeup is stunning, your writing is clever and original and the gifs are inspiring me to up my post illustration game. Top notch! You rock!

Much love - Carl

Hahaha Good to meet a fellow survivor, that demon has no mercy for our hair!😂 I'm so glaaaad you liked my post Carl ♥

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Hi @purplevision :)
I've just discovered your account! And I love your makeup tutorial and how it has turned out on you! - love it :)

And also thank you for mentioning my article on your post :-*

No worries, I love your posts too ♥♥ Thanks for stopping by!

Hey hey heeey! I am soo happy to find you here! Finally I found someone who writes about make up and beauty! Wish we could connect! Upvoted and followed you! Great content!

Hey girl!🙌 I wish Steemit had some sort of useful chat thing, but in the meantime I followed you too so don't worry about connecting! Btw, loved those last tips you shared♥

Awwee <3 Thank you! You're so sweet <3

Thank you so much for sharing my post, it is such a sweet and kind gesture. :) I really appreciate your support you have for not only myself but for the other bloggers also!!

Glad you like it @adayat523 ❤❤ I've been doing it for a while and I find it to be a very cool way to share content from other users you like!