I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat

in #busy3 years ago

Quoting Tweety and sharing cat pictures...that's it, I'm officially old! Next thing you know I'm going to be sharing those horrible, glittery Tweety pictures that have a quote from the bible...

But I just couldn't help myself...Look how incredibly cute she is ♥.♥

I took these a while ago when I was helping my friend do project for uni, she had to shoot a horror short film at the kittie's house (which was very beautiful too btw) but my favorite part was the cat, she was born to be a model, I mean just look at her ♥

Sadly I don't always share cat pictures (boo), here are my last posts:

-Batman saving an old canvas

-When #IWASAKID Challenge 👵🏼📖

This ones are quite cool too, you should check them out...in the mean time I'll check myself in a retirement home

-Selling Out by @william-syrus

-You Don't Need Upvotes to Earn Money From Your Steem Blog by @shenanigator


Can I watch the short horror somehow when it is finished? :D

I have watched so many horror short films in youtube and all of them were total crap :D I think this genre is not create for this :D

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so cute i love cats very much

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